Nightwing ongoing 2002 (issues 63-74)

Nightwing 63

Cover Date: January 2002
Subtitle: Red, Fright and Blue
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Trevor McCarthy, Karl Kesel
Storyline: Blue Beetle and Robin cleaned up a few more Jokerized goons, including Fleeter. Dick continued to blame himself for going too far against Joker. Flash visited him and reminded him who he was.

Nightwing 64

Cover Date: February 2002
Subtitle: On a Christmas Evening
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Trevor McCarthy, Rob Leigh
Storyline: Nightwing took down a holiday thief and donated the money to charity. Officer Grayson took one of his assigned Letters to Santa personally - a girl wanted her father to get a job so he wouldn't have to do mob work. He tracked the little girl down and saved her father from the goons who were after him. Afterwards, he told the man where he could get a job.

Nightwing 65

Cover Date: March 2002
Subtitle: Bustout! - Bruce Wayne: Murderer? part 3
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Trevor McCarthy, Rob Stull, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: [continued form Batgirl 24]
Officer Grayson heard about Bruce's arrest while at work. He got himself reassigned to prisoner transport. He dropped off his inmate at Blackgate and visited Bruce. He went to Oracle after Bruce refused help. In Lockhaven, Soames and Tad slipped some drugs into Aaron "Amygdala" Hellzinger's food, contradicting his medication. Amygdala lost control and went berzerk. A fire was started.
[continued in Gotham Knights 25]

Nightwing 66

Cover Date: April 2002
Subtitle: The Unusual Suspects - Bruce Wayne: Murderer? part 9
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Rick Burchett, Rob Leigh
Storyline: [continued from Detective 767]
Nightwing visited Oracle before going out on patrol. He checked out Mallory Moxon, and crossed her off their suspect list. Oracle informed him that Lockhaven was in flames and he rushed home.
[continued in Gotham Knights 26]

Nightwing 67

Cover Date: May 2002
Subtitle: Madhouse
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Trevor McCarthy, Rob Stull, Mario Alquiza
Storyline: Nightwing battled it out with Amygdala inside the burning Lockhaven. As the guards attempted to round up the prisoners for transport, Soames and Tad made their move. Nightwing finally took care of Amygdala; at least three inmates escaped, including Soames and Tad.

Nightwing 68

Cover Date: June 2002
Subtitle: Time & Motion - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 6
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Trevor McCarthy, Rob Stull, Robert Campanella
Storyline: Nightwing visited the Manor and cave. He spoke with Alfred and found some inconsistencies on the surveillance footage. He took what he found to Robin for better analysis. Nightwing was sure the person broke into the cave three times. Soames and Tad prepared for their new crusade; Hella struck looking for Lunchmeat Deever. She learned he was in Arizona in the witness protection program. Dick broke into GCPD to examine their evidence.

Nightwing 69

Cover Date: July 2002
Subtitle: Ins & Outs - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 9
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): William Rosado, Rob Stull, Marlo Alquiza
Storyline: Alfred's plan of "smoking the hull" worked - by emitting infrared gas from the cave, Nightwing found some possible entrance points. He tried the biggest one, which was located in an abandoned barn on the estate, and made his way successfully into the cave. Along the way, he found their first physical evidence. Bludhaven PD went in on a warrant. The perpetrator offered them half a million in cash to let him go. Officer Amy Rohrback was threatened when she didn't wish to cooperate and shot the other officers.

Nightwing 70

Cover Date: August 2002
Subtitle: Dangled
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): William Rosado, Rob Stull, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Hella arrived in Desert Plains, Arizona and went after Deever. Nightwing arrived as she attacked him. He was able to keep her from killing him and captured her.

Nightwing 71

Cover Date: September 2002
Subtitle: Where's Freddy Minh?
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Rick Leonardi, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Officer Grayson met a former FBI agent, Catalina Flores, while teaching a self-defense class. After his shift, Nightwing called Oracle - BPD set up a bomb in the hotel room of Mary Wallmer. As he tried to save the woman from her "guards" (also BPD), she shot him. He watched as Mary's escort shot it out with unmarked officers. His pursuit came up short - she hopped on a plane. Oracle informed him that Mary was Police Chief Redhorn's wife.

Nightwing 72

Cover Date: October 2002
Subtitle: Roman Holiday
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Rick Leonardi, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Dick landed in Rome and began his search for Mary Redhorn. He found her and saved her from an attack by Italian police. He spoke with his partner, Amy, on the phone - she'd heard a rumor about a masked vigilante in Bludhaven. Amy introduced Assistant DA Mateo Flores to her group of "clean" cops. Nightwing saved Mary a few more times and jumped on a train she'd caught.

Nightwing 73

Cover Date: November 2002
Subtitle: Cherches la Femme
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Rick Leonardi, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Amy stopped by to check on Dick (who was "off work with the flu"); Oracle sent the Flash to pose as him. As Nightwing confronted Mary's followers, her husband got a call from his boss - Roland Desmond. Nightwing got the information he needed - Mary had kept a journal detailing her husband's "friends." After evading police near the Eiffel Tower, Dick decided to go the subtle route with his target.

Nightwing 74

Cover Date: December 2002
Subtitle: Midnight Madness
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Rick Leonardi, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Chief Redhorn was found dead in his office. The phrase "Truth is not an option" was written in his blood. Dick and Mary, on a boat to London (he posed as a waiter getting fired to get her sympathy), were attacked by Lady Vic and Brutale. Dick grabbed Mary's journal and leapt from the boat. Nightwing took care of the assassins and had Alfred convince Mary that "Richard" was an Interpol agent assigned to guard her. Nightwing handed the journal over to Sgt. Amy, who was hesitant to deal with the vigilante.

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