Batman / Nightwing: Bloodborne

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: prestige
Date: 2002
Writer(s): Kelley Puckett
Artists(s): Toby Cypress
Storyline: Dick Grayson got a call from Alfred on the anniversary of his parents' death - Batman was missing. The WayneTech jet that was flying him got shot down. He recovered and defeated the terrorists that shot it down. Within a short time he'd found Batman, barely alive. Nightwing learned that Batman was infected by a horrible virus, but found the virologist who built it. He demanded she take him to the cure. On the way she double-crossed him; there was no cure, only a vaccine. Nightwing took the vaccine and had her do a blood transfusion between himself and Batman. Goons attacked the lab while the transfusion was taking place. Nightwing was knocked out (or passed out). When he awakened, he was in the Batcave and everyone was fine.