Jack Kirby's Forever People

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: square-bound
Date: 1985
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, D. Bruce Berry, Mike Royer, Greg Theakston
Storyline: A new age was dawning. The slums of Apokolips revolted against Darkseid. Automated sentries replaced living ones. As Himon nursed Orion back to health, Darkseid was introduced to a new doomsday weapon called the micro-mark. Himon burst in and stole it, but several more were already in production.
Highfather spoke with Lonar - New Genesis was being spoiled by attacks from Apokolips. Lightray visited Orion on Apokolips and met his new love, Himon's daughter, Bekka. He reprogrammed one of the robots to detonate and destroy an entire squadron. Orion attacked Darkseid's lair, but his father escaped. Esak, Metron's former ward, was killed.
Highfather allowed New Genesis to be destroyed, as their flying city was able to sustain them in space. Apokolips looked on in horror knowing that one micro-mark could destroy their planet, and they had no failsafe.
Darkseid killed Himon, but not before he helped Orion free his mother. Orion, Bekka, and Tigra escaped.
Metron found a planet for his people.


  • This appears to be an outside of continuity "book-end" for Kirby's New Gods saga. Anything since appears to have ignored it unless the new planet became New New Genesis.