Issue #1

Cover Date: June 1984 (reprinting March, May 1971)
Subtitle: (1) Orion Fights for Earth; (2) O Deadly Darkseid
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Vince Colletta
Storyline: (1) Orion returned to New Genesis and met with High-Father and Lightray. The Source instructed him to go to Apokolips then Earth. On Apokolips, Metron told him that Darkseid was already on Earth and had been experimenting with humans. Orion freed the humans and returned with them to Earth through a boom tube.
(2) Upon hearing the news, Lightray wanted to assist Orion, but High-Father refused to let him. Orion encountered Darkseid and Brola, but they escaped. Darkseid and Desaad tested their sonic fear machine. Orion found and destroyed the source of the fear.

Issue #2

Cover Date: July 1984 (reprinting July, September 1971)
Subtitle: (1) Death is the Black Racer; (2) The O'Ryan Gang and the Deep Six
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Vince Colletta
Storyline: (1) Lightray was attempting to outrun the Black Racer (death) when Metron opened a boom tube and saved the New God. The Black Racer appeared on Earth. He saw some gang shootings going on and intervened. Orion got some Earth clothes and went out with one of the human's he'd helped escape from Apokolips - a private investigator. They broke up an intergang plot where they'd been given some Apokoliptian weapons.
(2) High-Father told Metron a new god had been killed. On Earth, authorities pulled Seagrin from the ocean. Orion found some information using mother box. His friends infiltrated inter-gang and found Apokoliptian equipment. Orion burst in and destroyed it. He found himself in the sea facing Slig, the creaturn who'd killed Seagrin.

Issue #3

Cover Date: August 1984 (reprinting November 1971, January 1972)
Subtitle: (1) Spawn; (2) The Glory Boat
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Mike Royer
Storyline: (1) Orion defeated Slig and Shark-seed. Kalibak boom tubed to Earth.
(2) A leviathan destroyed ships. Orion's mother box led him to a raft of refugees (a man, his son, and his daughter). He attached to them and continued on to mother box's next destination - a strange ship with a lifeform aboard. Orion freed Lightray. Inside the ship was an Apokoliptian "sender." Lightray turned it into a "caller" so the Deep Six would return. Jaffar was first to arrive. He killed one of the refugees (the son) before the New Gods could return. Orion killed him and sent the daughter to safety aboard his flight sled. Shaligo was the next to attack, then Gole. Orion dispatched them both. Lightray forged his "caller" into a weapon and they flew it into the leviathan, killing it.

Issue #4

Cover Date: September 1984 (reprinting March, May 1972)
Subtitle: (1) The Pact; (2) The Death Wish of Terrible Turpin
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Mike Royer
Storyline: (1) Darkseid used his uncle Steppenwolf to engineer a war with New Genesis. A young couple, Izaya and his wife Avia, were attacked by Steppenwolf's hunting group. Both were left for dead, but Izaya survived. War broke out between the sister planets. A battle on New Genesis saw the rematch of Izaya and Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf was killed. After seeing the devastation of his home world, Izaya vowed to never fight again. Some time later, to bring peace, Darkseid and Izaya (now "Highfather") traded sons - infant Scott Free was sent to Apokolips; Orion was sent to New Genesis.
(2) Kalibak attacked Orion's Earth friends, hoping to lure his nemesis. Police opened up on him, but their guns were useless. Orion and Lightray arrived and began their attack. Dan Turpin, a Metropolis cop, used a power surge to take Kalibak down. Lightray saved his friend from the same fate.

Issue #5

Cover Date: October 1984 (reprinting July, September 1972)
Subtitle: (1) The Bug; (2) Earth - The Doomed Dominion
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Mike Royer
Storyline: (1) A man named Forager led a group of "bugs" on a scavenger hunt for food on New Genesis. Their colony was later invaded by Mantis. Forager was exiled and ordered killed after he protested the sacrifice of their "prime one." He unknowingly jumped into a boom tube and was sent to Earth.
On Earth, Orion and Lightray came face to face with the police when they checked on another friend.
(2) Mantis led his bug forces to conquer Earth. Forager arrived before them in hopes of warning the "earth folk," but he was arrested and taken to the same police station where Orion and Lightray were being held. When they heard what he had to say, the three escaped and went to hold off Mantis. Lightray saved the day by sending a hypersonic wave out, driving the bugs back into their boom tube.

Issue #6

Cover Date: November 1984 (reprinting November 1972, new story)
Subtitle: (1) Darkseid and Sons; (2) Even Gods Must Die
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, (1) Mike Royer, (2) D. Bruce Berry
Storyline: (1) Kalibak escaped and called out for Orion. Lightray went after him, but was quickly defeated. As Orion met Darkseid's son in battle, the Black Racer emerged. Darkseid watched the battle from Apokolips and killed Desaad after learning he was helping Kalibak. During the battle, Orion realized he and Kalibak were brothers. The Black Racer took Kalibak.
(2) Orion returned to Apokolips to find it defended by mekkanoids, not warriors. He plowed through the first front, but was overtaken. Two children helped him escape.
Elsewhere, the Female Furies went against the "Universal Automation" law and began destroying mekkanoids. Granny Goodness objected, but they were all killed by watching engineers.
Darkseid was given a device that could ressurect the dead. He brought back Desaad, Kalibak, Steppenwolf, and Mantis - though they were simply "shells without identity."
Lightray joined Orion, who was on a quest to find his mother. Together, they got Orion into the location where he confronted his father, Darkseid. Darkseid's troops shot him full of holes and he fell into a pit of fire.


  • This series reprints Kirby's original 1970s series in its entirety (1-11) plus an "all-new conclusion" story only published here.
  • The TPB edition was done in black and white and excluded the "conclusion" story, but added some 2-3 page stories (which do not play into the other stories).
  • "The Pact" takes place years before the rest of the events, as it depicts the origins of Darkseid and High-father.
  • "Even Gods Must Die" takes place an undisclosed amout of time after the rest of the stories.