Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle

Date: April 1971 - October 1972 (original material), 1998 (collection)
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Vince Colletta, Mike Royer
Collects: Mister Miracle 1-10
Storyline: Chapter 1: Murder Missile Trap
Aging escape artist Mr. Miracle (Thaddeus Brown) and Oberon, his assistant, work working on a comeback show. As they practiced, a young man named Scott Free watched. Miracle was attacked by Intergang thugs, but with Free's help, they were defeated. Steel Hand, who called the hit, was not happy and took over the job.
Miracle and Oberon took Free in with them to thank him for his help. He showed them some tricks of his own using gadgets he'd been left at the orphanage where he'd grown up. Steel Hand hired a sniper; Miracle (Brown) was killed during his next trick.
Scott took over the name and costume - he went after SH. He was arrested after confessing to the shooting of the original Mr. Miracle.

Chapter 2: The X-Pit
The head of the orphanage where Scott grew up, Granny Goodness, sent some of her goons to recapture the new Mr. Miracle. They got Oberon and Scott's "follower" robot instead. He suited up and gave chase using aero-discs, which allowed him to fly.
Oberon and Miracle were captured in Granny's "X-Pit," but Scott got them out buy using mother box to destroy Granny's overlord device.

Chapter 3: The Paranoid Pill
Mr. Miracle sought Dr. Bedlam after learning the villain was on Earth. He found him in an office building; Bedlam would leave if Scott could get to the lobby of the first floor. Bedlam dropped a paranoid pill into the duct work, causing everyone inside to go crazy. Miracle was attacked by the inhabitants, tied up, placed in a crate, and thrown down a stairwell.

Chapter 4: The Closing Jaws of Death
Barda, a member of Darkseid's task force, found Oberon. Upon learning Scott Free was battling Dr. Bedlam, she went to his aid. He'd freed himself from the falling crate, but explained to her that she couldn't help him - due to his pact, he had to escape on his own.
The two made it out and Dr. Bedlam vanished as he'd promised.

Chapter 5: Doctor Vundabar and his "Murder Machine"
Barda helped Scott with his new toy, a Civil War era cannon that he was going to use in his act. While he practiced, Vermin Vundabar's men captured Barda. Mr. Miracle found them rather quickly. He survived their deathtrap and saved his friend.

Chapter 6: Funky Flashman
After testing another stunt, Scott Free hired a new promoter / publicist. While he was working on the show, Barda was attacked by Stompa and Mad Harriet - Female Furies sent by Granny Goodness. They phased away when Mr. Miracle arrived on the scene.
Scott decided he was going back to Apokolips to face trial by combat.

Chapter 7: Apokolips Trap
Using the mega rod, Barda and Scott made it to Apokolips. An assassin named Kanto captured them, but let them go. Granny Goodness's goons captured Scott and sent him to Section Zero.

Chapter 8: The Battle of the Id
Barda returned to the Female Furies and took command. Mr. Miracle was placed in psychic combat with Lump. Barda defeated Granny and rescued Scott after he'd defeated Lump.

Interlude: Young Scott Free
Young Scott Free is punished for failing Granny Goodness. While incarcerated, he met Metron for the first time.
Metron appeared to Scott again as he and his fellow aero-trooper cadets were fed drugged food. No one else could see Metron as Scott spoke with him.
During an aero-disc training session, Scott took down a para-demon.

Chapter 9: Himon
Wonderful Willik sought out Himon on Apokolips. Young Scott free helped him escape. Himon introduced him to his friends, who were buildilng mother boxes. Big Barda and the Female Furies burst in and captured Auralie. Another mob broke in - Himon was captured making sure everyone else escaped.
Himon later escaped and met up with Metron. Himon's group was all captured and killed. Scott, in defiance, escaped and was sent to Earth via boom tube.

Chapter 10: The Mister Miracle to Be
Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, and the Female Furies emerged from the boom tube in a desolate land. They were soon ambushed. Scott was separated from the rest and captured. He uncovered a plot to release chemical weapons via a rocket.
Barda and the Furies escaped their captors and began searching for Scott. Scott was placed on the rocket, but escaped and instead put the group's leader (a dismembered head) on the rocket. It exploded after blasting off.
The group finally made it to their original destination - Oberon's house.


  • This collection is in black and white. It includes a foreward by David Copperfield, an introduction by Mark Evanier, and a cover gallery.
  • Scott mentions growing up in an orphanage in issue 1. Issue 2 shows him with a mother box. Issue 2 also shows a bust of Darkseid.
  • The "Young Scott Free" stories and "Himon" are set before the other issues - Scott is an Aero-Trooper cadet on Apokolips. Issue 10 picks up from the previous issues.
  • The remaining issues of this series are collected in Jack Kirby's Fourth World featuring Mister Miracle.

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