Legends: The Collection

Date: November 1986 - April 1987 (original material), 1993 (collection)
Writer(s): John Ostrander, Len Wein
Artists(s): John Byrne, Karl Kesel
Collects: Legends 1-6
Storyline: Book 1: Once Upon a Time
Darkseid, content with the order on Apokolips, turned his attention to the heroes of Earth. He launched Operation: Humiliation. One of his demons, Brimstone, appeared in a laboratory overseen by Professor Martin Stein. Stein merged with Ronnie Raymond in hopes that Firestorm could stop the towering beast. Firestorm was no match for it.
Across town, the Flash (now Wally West) took down Deadshot and headed back to Titans' Tower where he talked to Changeling about the pressure he was feeling to live up to Barry Allen's legacy.
Billy Batson summoned Shazam and became Captain Marvel when Macro Man attacked. Another of Apokolips' towering giants, Macro Man grabbed him. Using the Shazam power again, Captain Marvel reverted back to child form. The lightning bold destroyed Macro Man. Batson vowed never to become Captain Marvel again after he realized he'd killed the creature.
Amanda Waller began Task Force X with Colonel Rick Flag.
Cosmic Boy, a member of the future's Legion of Superheroes, was visiting 20th century Earth when he heard Brimstone. He, too, was no match for the behemoth. The Justice League of America (Vibe, Elongated Man, Vixen, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Gypsy, and Steel) arrived to help him.
Book 2: Breach of Faith
Billy watched in horror as a media monger spread his ideas about heroes being the downfall of civilization. Darkseid watched with a smile - his pseudo being rigged with explosives had removed one hero from the equation. The Phantom Stranger attempted to reason with him.
The JLA continued their battle against Brimstone. Task Force X recruited Deadshot - they told him if he lived, all charges would be dropped. Batman and Robin (Jason) helped Gordon's men take down some kidnappers in a shopping mall. The shoppers turned on the vigilantes; Gordon got Batman to safety and promised that his men would do the same for Robin. In Chicago, Blue Beetle accidentally busted up an undercover police operation. The drug dealer said the vigilante was on his side and the police opened fire. Beetle got to his ship safely. Green Lantern (Guy) also experienced some of Darkseid's poisoning: he saved an airliner from crashing, but was attacked by motorists when he had to put it down on a freeway.
Superman met with the President, who placed a cease and desist order on all costumed heroes.
Robin was found beaten to a pulp by the police.
Book 3: Send for the Suicide Squad
Changeling and Flash were held hostage in Titans Tower by Sarge Steel while protesters picketed outside. Bronze Tiger and Deadshot joined the rest of the Suicide Squad, Captain Boomerang, Blockbuster, and the Enchantress. They went after Brimstone and defeated him. Using an experimental laser weapon, Deadshot destroyed the beast. Blockbuster was killed.
Bruce visited Jason in the hospital, he was beaten up pretty bad.
Darkseid prepared to unleash his warhounds - mechanical dogs.
Book 4: Cry Havoc
Black Canary stopped Count Vertigo's attack on some police officers, but the cops turned on each other when one tried to arrest the hero. In their struggle, one was accidentally shot.
Batman ignored the President's mandate and took down the Joker, who'd killed several to impress a girl (then took her hostage). Blue Beetle also continued on. He thwarted a heist by Chronos, but the would-be thief got away when the cops tried to apprehend the hero. Kent Nelson got fed up with all the reports about the heroes and became Dr. Fate.
Colonel Flag freed the members of Task Force X. Captain Boomerang was the only one to quit, and he quickly went on a rampage. Flash (who he referred to as Kid Flash) and Changeling attempted to stop him, but they were met by Warhounds.
Book 5: Let Slip the Dogs of War
When one of his friends was injured by rioters, Billy Batson once again called upon Shazam. Dr. Fate recruited him, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Batman, Changeling, the Flash, and Superman. When G. Gordon Godfrey (the media monger who was actually one of Darkseid's agents) grabbed Captain Boomerang, Task Force X was called in to either kill their former member or save him. Godfrey's mob headed to Washington intent on overthrowing the government.
Young Jason Todd got fed up with the images he was seeing on TV. Despite casts on his arm and leg, he suited up as Robin and went in to help.
Darkseid and the Phantom Stranger looked on, realizing the end of the ordeal was soon.
Book 6: Finale
Martian Manhunter joined Dr. Fate's team and told the rest that the Justice League had disbanded. As they battled the Warhounds, Parademons from Apokolips flew into the fray. One snatched the helmet of Nabu from Dr. Fate. The Suicide Squad rescued Boomerang; Godfrey enchanted Bronze Tiger. The Amazonian Princess Diana joined the fight as Wonder Woman. Guy Gardner got a good taste of her abilities as she took down some Warhounds.
Martian Manhunter, posing as the President, took down attackers planning to overtake the White House.
Even with the tide turning in their favor, the heroes were surrounded by civilians under Godfrey's spell. He ordered them to kill. Led by Robin, a group of children stood between the rioters and their heroes. Godfrey attacked one of the kids and the tides turned a final time - the rioters realized what was happening and turned on Godfrey. Godfrey put on the helmet of Dr. Fate and was knocked down by it's power.
As the rioters regained their senses and left, a new Justice League was formed.


  • Blockbuster was killed working with the Suicide Squad against Brimstone.
  • Wonder Woman made her first appearance to many of the world's superheros.
  • A new Justice League formed: Dr. Fate, Captain Marvel, Batman, Blue Beetle, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern (Guy Gardner). Superman and Flash agreed to help them when needed.
  • This series crosses over into several other titles:
    1. Batman 401
    2. Detective 568
    3. Legends #1
    4. Green Lantern Corps 207
    5. Legends #2
    6. Cosmic Boy 1
    7. Justice League of America 258
    8. Secret Origins 10 (Phantom Stranger)
    9. Firestorm 55
    10. Legends #3
    11. Cosmic Boy 2
    12. Justice League of America 259
    13. Firestorm 56
    14. Blue Beetle 9
    15. Warlord 114
    16. Cosmic Boy 3
    17. Legends #4
    18. Justice League of America 260
    19. Blue Beetle 10
    20. Legends #5
    21. Warlord 115
    22. Superman 3
    23. Adventures of Superman 426
    24. Action Comics 586
    25. Cosmic Boy 4
    26. Justice League of America 261
    27. Legends #6
    28. Secret Origins 14 (Suicide Squad)
    29. Wonder Woman 8
  • This series spawned the following: Shazam! miniseries, The Flash, Justice League, Suicide Squad.

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