Jack Kirby's Fourth World featuring Mister Miracle

Date: December 1972 - March 1974 (original material), 2001 (collection)
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Mike Royer
Collects: Mister Miracle 11-18
Chapter 11: The Greatest Show Off Earth
Dr. Bedlam struck again. He lured Mr. Miracle onto a ship and blasted it off at the moon. Miracle was able to gain control of the ship and escape. Bedlam was in an animate when it struck the moon.

Chapter 12: Mystivac
An alien with mind controlling capabilities masquerading as an ancient robot challenged Mr. Miracle. Miracle escaped him and the alien was killed when a shootout erupted.

Chapter 13: The Dictator's Dungeon
After working out a stunt, Ted was captured by a strange flying ship. Mr. Miracle and Barda were able to get on board. They found themselves near Mt. Everest and were ejected from the ship. They made way and finally caught up with Ted, who'd been abducted by Nazis. They defeated their leader, who would be brought up on war crimes charges.

Chapter 14: The Quick and the Dead
Oberon and Mister Miracle go after some Satanists when they saw them recapture one of their own. The cult turned out to be gunrunners who were being led by "Madame Evil Eyes." Miracle defeated her by sending feedback from motherbox through his own eyes into hers.

Chapter 15: The Secret Gun
Detective Driver placed a boy named Shilo Norman in the custody of Scott and Barda. He was the only witness to his brother's murder. The boy escaped (they knew he would) and they tracked him to the location and took down the killers. Miracle and Barda took the boy with them to train - he had no other family.

Chapter 16: Insecto-Sapiens
While being trained, Shilo believed he saw a giant insect. The creature captured Barda and Oberon. It was discovered they'd been shrunk to super-small size. Shilo was next. He uncovered the insecto-sapiens plan and was knocked unconscious when they expanded him. He awakened to find the whole thing had been a dream.

Chapter 17: Murder Lodge
Mr. Miracle, Barda, and Shilo stopped at a motel. The manager set some traps for them. Shilo helped Barda and Scott get free while the manager came face to face with the group he was supposed to be killing. Miracle's group came out on top and notified the authories when all the villains were captured.

Chapter 18: Wild Wild Wedding Guests
Virmin Vundabar and his goons attacked Scott and Barda. After escaping, they realized they loved each other and planned to wed. Granny Goodness then attacked. She placed them all (Scott, Barda, Oberon, and Shilo) in a deathtrap. Orion and Lightray arrived and saved them. Scott and Barda said goodbye to Oberon and Shilo and were married by Highfather.
Darkseid arrived too late to stop the wedding. The New Gods were already en route to New Genesis.


  • This collection picks up from the Mister Miracle volume.
  • Mr. Miracle takes on Shilo Norman as an apprentice.
  • Scott Free and Barda are married by Highfather.

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