Jack Kirby's Forever People

Date: March 1971 - November 1972 (original material), 1999 (collection)
Writer(s): Jack Kirby
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Vince Colletta, Mike Royer, Frank Giacoia
Collects: Forever People 1-11
Storyline: Chapter 1: In Search of a Dream
The Forever People (Big Bear, Mark Moonrider, Vykin the Black, and Serifan) arrived on Earth looking for their friend, Beautiful Dreamer. Darkseid had her captive hoping she could reveal the anti-life equasion. Jimmy Olsen got photos of them and showed them to Clark. Superman sought them hoping they would take him to Supertown (the place on New Genesis where they were from). Superman was attacked by Darkseid's Intergang. When other creatures attacked, the Forever People summoned Infinity Man with their motherbox. Superman saved him and Beautiful Dreamer, but decided against going to Supertown due to the possibility of Earth being attacked by Darkseid.

Chapter 2: Super War
Darkseid met with Mantis, who was planning on taking over Earth. The Forever People set up base and let loose Infinity Man when they got word of Mantis. Mantis was defeated as Darkseid and Desaad watched. The Forever People returned.

Chapter 3: Life vs. Anti-Life
Glorious Godfrey began recruiting humans as his "Justifiers," preaching anti-life. The Forever People saved one of their new friends from one who'd been sent to capture them. They chased the Justifier to its base and summoned Infinity Man. He infiltrated the compound, but Darkseid banished him and returned the Forever People. They were captured.

Chapter 4: The Kingdom of the Damned
The Forever People found themselves prisoners in Desaad's fake amusement park, Happyland, alond with dozens of innocents. Desaad experimented on their motherbox, but it disappeared (he believed it committed suicide). The motherbox appeared in the possession of a man named Sonny Sumo.

Chapter 5: Sonny Sumo
Sonny Sumo defeated a giant robot constructed to spar with him in front of an audience. Motherbox healed his injuries / burns and teleported him to Happyland. He helped free the Forever People, who realized he had part of the anti-life equasion.

Chapter 6: The Omega Effect
The group got everyone clear of Happyland and destroyed it. Darkseid unleashed Omega Blasts, displacing each of them in time except for Serifan, who made it back to the super cycle.

Chapter 7: I'll Find you Yesterday
Highfather sent out Alpha Bullets to the Forever People, who returned to their rightful places.

Chapter 8: The Power
A man known as "Billion Dollar" Bates had his compound infiltrated by Darkseid and his group after they learned he could influence the minds of others (and thus he had part of the anti-life equasion). The Forever People arrived to stop Darkseid, but Bates was killed. Darkseid once again spared them and they found themselves back on their super cycle.

Chapter 9: Monster in the Morgue
A morgue attendant, Doc Gideon, prepared his own Frankenstein monster, but he awakened Boston "Deadman" Brand instead of his creation. The Forever People encountered a former circus medium who let them board in her home. Doc Gideon, another of her tenants, saw Serifan use his blue cartridge, which animated inanimate objects. During one of Trixie's seances, he was able to steal the cartridge. Magruder called forth Boston Brand, whom she'd worked with at the circus. She told him he'd been chasing the wrong man - his murderer had a hook in place of a right hand. Gideon used the cartridge on his monster and it began wreaking havoc on the city. They stopped it and told Deadman they'd help him.

Chapter 10: The Scavengers
The Forever People created a "follower" for Deadman to inhabit. The director of a group called the Scavengers found out about this and sent someone to steal the follower. Brand tracked them and entered the follower. After the director and his men were captured, the Forever People bade Deadman (still in the follower) farewell.

Chapter 11: Devilance the Pursuer
Devilance the Pursuer tracked and attacked the Forever People. They were evenutally able to summon Infinity Man. Infinity Man and Devilance were both destroyed in combat, leaving the Forever People trapped where their savior had been. They seemed to know they'd be there for an eternity. Darkseid and Desaad watched the battle.

Chapter 12: The Young Gods of Supertown Introducing Lonar
Lonar uncovered a war horse while searching ruins.

Chapter 13: Raid from Apokolips
The Forever People stopped a group of Apokoliptians who'd invaded New Genesis.

Chapter 14: Lonar of New Genesis and his Battle-Horse Thunderer
Lonar showed Orion his new companion, Thunderer.


  • The "Young Gods of Supertown" shorts take place before some of the other material.

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