JSA Vengeance from the Stars

Issue #1

Cover Date: April 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 1: Beware the Savage Skies
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Rick Burchett
Storyline: 1950. Ted Knight (Starman) opened a new observatory. An old man interrupted the ceremony with doom-and-gloom end of the world talk. He gave Knight an old star chart; Knight investigated it later that night. As he looked through his telescope, a constellation appeared to attack him. A week later, he called the Flash. He and Jay discussed the situation - it had virtually destroyed the observatory and Knight believed it had also destroyed some power stations across the country. He revealed to Jay that he was in a wheel chair. Flash went out to the location they discussed to find the culprit. After he left, a man stepped out of the shadows and congratulated him. Knight called him "master." Flash warned workers at the Boulder Dam that they might soon be under attack. A monster of electricity took shape and began wrecking the facility. Flash and the workers slowed the electric monster, then it changed shape: from a man to a dog. Flash was taken down and power was lost throughout the entire country.

Issue #2

Cover Date: May 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 2: The Sack of Gotham
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Grant Miehm
Storyline: As the power outage continued, Black Canary faced off against some looters in Gotham City. She tied them up and left them for the police. Her police scanner picked up more trouble nearby. She found a wrecked police car and got the officer out. He described four men in suits. Inside a nearby museum, she found looters matching the description. After taking some down, Solomon Grundy appeared. With Orion already on the loose, the man in shadows let loose Sagittarius from Knight's observatory. Black Canary was eventually captured by Grundy and the other goons.

Issue #3

Cover Date: June 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 3: Dead Air
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Mike Parobek, Rick Burchett
Storyline: Unable to broadcast due to the power outage, GBS manager Alan Scott gazed out a window to see an energy being atop a nearby building. He changed into his Green Lantern outfit and went to investigate. The monster attacked him as Black Canary was knocked out below. As they fought, Green Lantern realized the creature was Sagittarius. The men who'd stolen artifacts from the museum (and Black Canary) notified their boss. Vandal Savage continued to taunt Knight. Sagittarius turned into an eagle. Grundy helped it defeat Green Lantern by throwing a telephone booth at him. The eagle grabbed up GL and Canary and flew away.

Issue #4

Cover Date: July 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 4: Evil of the Ancients
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Tom Artis, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: Carter Hall found some cave paintings at an excavation site in New Mexico with items identical to others he'd seen across the globe. Hall explained to his companion the theory of "racial memory." When the ground began to shake, they feared they'd been caught in a bomb test, but looking up, they realized it was much worse - a giant being of light stood above them. It was Andromeda. The two archaeologists split up - Carter got into his Hawkman costume. As they did battle, Andromeda turned into a giant winged horse. It stole three test bombs and knocked Hawkman out of the sky. Flash caught him as the horse flew away.

Issue #5

Cover Date: August 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 5: Doublestar Rising
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Mike Parobek, Rick Burchett
Storyline: Flash whipped up a Geiger counter while Hawkman got patched up. They teamed up with Carter's colleague, William Wildeagle, and went after the constellation. Savage continued to taunt Ted Knight - the "stolen" electricity was being funneled into his scepter. Flash and Hawkman chased the star creature to Knight's observatory where they realized it was setting up an energy battery - the facility had a pyramid being built around it. When Orion showed up, the two constellations crashed into each other trying to grab the Flash. They were immediately drained - Hawkman realized that's why they were so far apart in the sky. With two of his creatures down, Vandal Savage flew out of the observatory and toward the two mystery men. Using Starman's cosmic rod, he took down Hawkman and the Flash. Wildeagle shot it out of his hand, damaging it. Grundy appeared on the horizon as Will aimed at Savage.

Issue #6

Cover Date: September 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 6: Danger Flies the Skies
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Tom Artis, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: A biplane approached the giant eagle that was carrying Black Canary and Green Lantern. Doiby gave GL his lantern. Alan got himself, Canary, and the loot free. Doiby caught Canary; GL constructed a parachute for the loot. The bad guys were watching from below and nabbed it. When they realized the bird was soaking up GL's energy, Black Canary told Alan to try and turn the tables on it. It worked. The bird shrank into GL's lantern until it absorbed into the pyramid being built around the observatory. Canary and GL arrived in time to see Vandal Savage standing above Flash and Hawkman with Solomon Grundy approaching.

Issue #7

Cover Date: October 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter 7: The Return of the Justice Society
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Grant Miehm, Rick Burchett
Storyline: The Justice Society went into action against Savage, Grundy, and their goons. As Knight watched on from his observatory, he thought about the end of the war and giving up the superhero life. The JSA took down Grundy. Savage hopped in the jeep with his men, grabbed Grundy up, and headed back to the observatory. He tossed Knight the cosmic rod and told him to repair it. The rest of the Society compared notes on what was going on. Hawkman threw a native American weapon at the pyramid and it opened up to reveal Savage dressed in Egyptian garb. He called forth his constellations, but they'd been somehow corrupted by Knight - he'd turned them into television personalities.

Issue #8

Cover Date: November 1991
Subtitle: Vengeance from the Stars chapter: Battle of the Stars
Writer(s): Len Strazewski
Artists(s): Grant Miehm, Rick Burchett
Storyline: The Justice Society battled it out with Savage and his constellations-turned-television stars. Savage regained control and the constellations returned to their original forms. Ted Knight showed up with a newly built cosmic rod. He attacked with the Justice Society. GL took down the pyramid structure. Hawkman repositioned the telescope. The constellations were returned to the sky, Savage and Grundy were taken down. The Justice Society was again victorious. Starman officially returned to active duty with the team. As the celebrated, McCarthy's investigation on un-American activities was announced on television.


  • This item takes place on Earth-2 in its year 1950
  • Many of these issues take place during the previous, leading into the same scene.
  • In issues 7 and 8, Flash mentions he's engaged.
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