JSA: The Return of Hawkman

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 1999-2001 (original material), 2002 (collection)
Writer(s): David S. Goyer, Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Stephen Sadowski, Steve Yeowell, Buzz, Rags Morales, Michael Bair, Keith Champagne, David Meikis, Paul Neary, Rob Leigh
Collects: JSA 16-25 (incorrectly states 26), SFO 1 (pin-up only)
JSA #16: Injustice Be Done part 1: Divide and Conquer
The Thinker, who'd been a part of the JSA's computer system, tipped off the Injustice Society of the team's civilian identities and activities. Count Vertigo attacked Dinah and Pieter. Killer Wasp and Geomancer went after Sand and Wildcat. Rival, an old teacher of Jay's who'd gained access to the Speed Force in the '40s, attacked Joan. Icicle, Shiv, and Tigress attacked the HQ.
Sentinel was hit with a wooden arrow made from Blackbriar Thorn, who'd been thought destroyed since the Injustice Society's previous assault on the JSA HQ.
Black Adam joined the fight against Wildcat.
JSA #17: Injustice Be Done part 2: Cold Comfort
Mr. Terrific did emergency surgery on Sentinel. Dr. Mid-Nite took down Count Vertigo. Flash and Rival did battle within the Speed Force. Sand stopped Geomancer. Hawkgirl took down Tigress. Star defeated Shiv and Icicle while taking Thinker offline.
Elsewhere, Sand, Mid-Nite, and Canary entered the Scarab's dimensional gateway. Johnny Sorrow showed Mid-Nite his face.
JSA #18: Injustice Be Done part 3: Sorrow's Story
As Johnny Sorrow prepared to unleash the King of Tears, Sand thought back of the time he killed him:
Sorrow had been a silent film actor who'd turned to crime afterwards. He stole a vest which allowed him to use dimensional portals. Sandy the Golden Boy (Sand's original moniker) shot him in the vest with an arrow placing him in one of his portals with no way of getting out.
Sandy woke up later tied up on a stage. Several local heroes were dead in the audience. The JSA arrived in time, and the Spectre stopped the King of Tears. Sorrow vanished.
JSA #19: Injustice Be Done part 4: Into the Labyrinth
Black Adam took Wildcat to the Rock of Eternity. He wanted to change sides. He called upon the Spectre as their only hope against the King of Tears. Sorrow told Sand the King of Tears would soon envelope the world - it was already unleashed upon New York.
Terrific got Sentinel to a hospital. Flash joined Canary and Mid-Nite (due to his sight condition, he was not killed by Sorrow). He'd defeated Rival and brought in JJ Thunder. The Thunderbolt was unleashed upon the King of Tears and its attacking creatures. The Spectre appeared and was the visage of a skeleton in the green cape.
Dr. Fate found his wife, Lyta, in a hospital in Canada.
JSA #20: Injustice Be Done part 5: Godspeed
The Spectre rebuilt himself and announced that he could not help - the King of Tears had no soul or conscience. He instead, helped the citizens caught in the melee.
While Sand kept Sorrow from thinking straight, Terrific brought forth a plan:
The Flash would uses some of Black Adam's speed and what he'd gained from Rival to go as fast as he could and hit Sorrow before the King of Tears could be fully unleashed. The plan worked, but when Jay came out of the Speed Force, he appeared to end up in ancient Egypt.
Throughout the ordeal, Kendra / Hawkgirl made comments about "Carter" and the original JSA. She appeared to be possessed by previous Hawkgirls, or seeing her previous lives for the first time.
JSA #21: Guardian Angels
Black Adam wanted to join the JSA, but Sand didn't think it was a good idea. He confronted Kendra about her past and the scars on her wrists. She flew off.
Wildcat visited the Golden Wasp in the Slab inquiring if he was his son, Jake. The Wasp said he was not, that Jake was raised by his father and was now dead.
Jennie visited her father and told him Todd was not dead.
Kendra happened upon Zauriel. They spoke about her concerns and past. Zauriel threw out the option that perhaps Kendra's soul escaped during one of her suicide attempts and that another had replaced it.
Pieter and Dinah had another date.
Prince Khufu and his people showed Jay a Thanagarian ship that had crashed in Egypt.
Mr. Terrific, Jakeem Thunder, and the Star Spangled Kid did some charity work. Jakeem didn't feel he was where he should be.
JSA #22: Lost Friends
Sand met with Speed Saunders, who told him Kendra's back-story. She'd been pronounced dead after one of her suicide attempts, only to return ten minutes later. When she did, her eyes were a different color (green to brown). Kendra fled Zauriel and went to her parents' grave site. The JSA was there. Black Adam gave chase, but Hawkgirl disappeared in a flash of light.
In ancient Egypt, Khufu told the Flash about the Nth metal and gave him the Claw of Horus. It would be needed during a battle in his time. Borrowing Teth Adam's speed, he returned to his own time as Kendra vanished.
Hawkgirl found herself on Thanagar.
JSA #23: Ascension
The Thanagarians showed Kendra the devastation on their planet brought forth by Onimar Synn. They were attacked by the seven devils. She took her weapons and destroyed them. Afterwards, she was taken to the Well of Spirits to summon Carter Hall.
On Earth, Hector left his wife with Dr. Mid-Nite. The rest of the team prepared for their journey to Thanagar. Flash insisted that Black Adam go with them. Dr. Fate opened a portal for them.
JSA #24: Icarus Fell
Hawkman arose with all the memories from his past lives. After a brief reunion with the JSA, they all took to the skies to do battle against Synn's forces.
Dr. Fate was struck so that he could not speak. A monster ate Atom Smasher. Flash's frictionless aura was removed. Sand was blown apart. Black Adam was thrown to a nearby moon. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were stripped of their wings and thrown from Synn's floating city.
JSA #25: Seven Devils
Hawkman crashed into one of Synn's flying undead and stole his wings. After saving Hawkgirl, they met up with the rest of the team. Mr. Terrific had found a flaw in their cell and Flash vibrated it into an opening for them.
The sandstorm they'd been experiencing finally pulled itself back together as Sand. Atom Smasher broke himself free of the stomach he'd been imprisoned in. Black Adam reappeared and smashed Synn into Thanagar's surface.
Onimar Synn pulled together all the Nth metal into a new body for himself, but Carter and Kendra's kiss took control of it, destroying the construct. The victorious JSA returned home.


  • Though this book states it includes issue 26 and also uses its cover, it does not. 26 is included in the next volume, Fair Play.
  • Jakeem Thunder is 12 years old.
  • Carter Hall, the original JSA's Hawkman, returned.