JSA: Strange Adventures

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2004-2005 (original material), 2010 (collection)
Writer(s): Kevin J. Anderson
Artists(s): Barry Kitson, Gary Erskine
Collects: JSA: Strange Adventures 1-6 (of 6)
part one: It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Johnny Thunder finally got a job writing Pulps when sales began to bottom out. He was also voted Official JSA Historian by his team.
Two mechanically-aided men took control of the antenna atop Apex Communications in order for their master, Lord Dynamo, to get his message across. Alan Scott, an engineer at Apex, suited up and went after them as Green Lantern. Starman worked with him. They chased the attackers off, but a huge dirigible appeared in the sky. It drained their ring and gravity rod.
The pair recharged their weapons and called for backup.
part two: Ray Guns and Bug-Eyed Monsters
Lord Dynamo's Zeppelin struck again. He drained the power from the office where Johnny was working with his new partner, Jack Williamson. Hawkman and Hawkgirl did battle against it while Flash, Wildcat, and the Atom worked against its ground troops.
After the fight, Dr. Midnight and Mr. Terrific evaluated the hardware. It appeared injured / dead soldiers were being reanimated using robotic parts.
The Zeppelin appeared again: this time, Lord Dynamo promised new scientific discoveries, cures for diseases, the defeat of Hitler, and other marvels. His price was Green Lantern's ring and Starman's rod. These power sources would be much better than terrestrial means.
part three: The Lurker in the Clouds
The JSA discussed giving up the ring and the gravity rod to Lord Dynamo. In the end, they decided to go with that was asked of them. A trail led the team to Eastern Europe, but they knew no one with powers could go in or the Spear of Destiny would use them. Wildcat and the Atom went in and found Dynamo's castle. Inside, they found bodies and robotic parts.
Sandman followed a trail - the Zeppelin was creating its own cloud-cover. A soldier literally fell out of the sky and on to his car. Before he died, the man told him he had been a British soldier. Lord Dynamo put him back together after finding him on the battlefield. He demanded servitude, but when the man refused, Dynamo threw him out.
Johnny spoke at the conference on the ring and rod. He swayed public opinion against Lord Dynamo, causing his forces to attack the city.
part four: All in Color for a Dime
The team split up - the fliers attacked Lord Dynamo's ship and the ground-based heroes did battle against his robots and helped civilians get clear. Dr. Fate conjured a storm that blew the ship out to sea. The Thunderbolt was lost in the battle - sucked into the apparatus that drained power from everything else.
Johnny received another setback later - a letter from Jack Williamson. He was heading home and would no longer be writing with him. Williamson was abducted by Lord Dynamo.
part five: Life of a Madman
Williamson was brought before Lord Dynamo. He would write the would-be dictator's biography: a child prodigy who passed his teachers by age eight, Erich Donnerstein set out to learn everything. He fell prey to a debilitating disease. He was able to cure himself by re-energizing, but each time was less effective. He needed more and more power to stay alive. The Nazi's took control of him, but he circumvented them with one of his inventions - his Zeppelin power battery.
Williamson was able to find the Thunderbolt and get a message to Johnny - the JSA was needed at the Hoover Dam. Lord Dynamo was going to drain the power grid.
part six: Thunder and Lightning
The JSA got to the dam as Lord Dynamo began to drain the grid. The battle began; Green Lantern got Johnny aboard the ship. He freed Williamson and the Thunderbolt. While the rest of the team destroyed the robots, the Spectre made sure Dynamo was on his ship when it crashed into Lake Mead.


  • This is set at an undisclosed time during World War II. Hitler has the Spear of Destiny.