JSA: Stealing Thunder

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2002 (original material), 2003 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns, David Goyer
Artists(s): Leornark Kirk, Stephen Sadowski, Peter Snejbjerg, Keith Giffen, Keith Champagne, Andrew Pepoy, Al Milgrom
Collects: JSA 32-38
JSA #37: Death Duty
A new Crimson Avenger, driven to murder by her guns and the spirit of those done wrong, went on a new case - she'd kill Ted Grant. He'd framed an innocent man for rape and murder.
JSA #32: Stealing Thunder prologue
Dr. Mid-Nite put Powergirl through some tests. He didn't believe she was a time traveler or that her powers were magic-based.
Nabu told Hector to go to Gemworld for more answers about his wife.
Johnny Thunder, cured of his Alzheimer's, returned to the JSA. He told Jakeem he was taking the Thunderbolt back. The Ultra-Humanite had taken Johnny's body.
JSA #33: Stealing Thunder part 1: Wish Fulfillment
Sand was awakened from a Matrix-style tube by Icicle. They'd been imprisoned for an unknown amount of time after the Ultra-Humanite gained control of the Thunderbolt. They made it outside to find huge skyscrapers and flying cars. Gray versions of current-era superheroes attacked Black Lightning.
Jakeem Thunder found them and led them to the base of the remaining JSA: Powergirl, Captain Marvel, Hourman, and Crimson Avenger.
JSA #34: Stealing Thunder part 2: Troublestruck
The group showed the new recruits how everything worked - the Ultra-Humanite had telepaths captured and were using them to control the other superheroes through a neural implant. They planned their strike.
The Humanite was holding Sentinel (who he was using for constructs), Dr. Fate (he wanted his artifacts), and Wildcat (couldn't break him) separately.
The new JSA made their move, but were found by the mind-controlled superheroes.
JSA #35: Stealing Thunder part 3: Lightning Storm
The heroes did battle against their mind-controlled allies. Jakeem was able to wake up Mr. Terrific, then the rest of them by shorting out their neural implants. The Ultra-Humanite (now in a younger version of Johnny Thunder's body) and his great white apes burst in.
Wildcat and Dr. Fate made their move, but were stopped by Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
JSA #36: Stealing Thunder part 4: Time-Bound
Hourman turned to "plan-b," a visit with his father. When the android Hourman left, he bestowed upon Rick two things: the time-vision (where he could see one hour into the future) and one hour with his father, Rex - the original Hourman. He'd been taken from the timestream and given one hour with his son. Ninety seconds had been used.
Rex told them that there were two options, one: confuse the Ultra-Humanite about his true identity. Since he was a body-hopper, it could work. Two: a lightning rod could stop the Thunderbolt.
Back in real time, Captain Marvel and Hourman fashioned a lightning rod to strike the Thunderbolt while Mr. Terrific gave the confusion a shot. The rest battled the apes.
Wildcat and Hawkman fought through the skies and crashed into Sentinel's cell. He returned with a vengeance; all the constructs in Ultra-Humanite's city fell apart.
Captain Marvel hit Johnny's body causing an explosion.
JSA #37: Stealing Thunder part 5: Crossing Over
After the battle was over, Flash found Ultra-Humanite's brain. Sand and Icicle went to it. Icicle tried to kill it, but Sand wouldn't let him. Crimson Avenger appeared and shot it, avenging the original Crimson Avenger's death.
Johnny Thunder died, but the thunderbolt attached his soul to the magic, forming Johnny Thunderbolt. Jakeem had him negate all of the Ultra-Humanite's wishes.
Captain Marvel and Hourman (Rick) joined the JSA. Sand visited Icicle in the Slab; Icicle told him he was going to kill him when he got out.
JSA #38: Father's Day
Powergirl and Mr. Terrific finished the new security system and got everyone online. Jakeem blew a fuse in his aunt's apartment setting his new equipment up. He called upon Johnny Thunderbolt and asked to meet his father (it was Father's Day). The man was well adjusted and had a family of his own. He never knew Jakeem's mother was pregnant. Jakeem didn't reveal himself and wished himself back to JSA HQ. There, he bumped into Hourman, who was back from spending a few minutes with is dad. They went to a movie.


  • The Ultra-Humanite's world existed for around six months per Jakeem Thunder in issue 35.
  • Jakeem met his father, but did not reveal himself. The man had no idea his girlfriend was pregnant when her mother forbade him from seeing her.