JSA Presents: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. volume 2

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 1999-2000 (original material), 2008 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Lee Moder, Scott Kolins, Chris Weston, Dan Davis, John Stokes
Collects: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 0, 9-14
issue 0:
Star-Spangled Kid and STRIPE worked with Starman to take down the Icicle. The original Starman thought about the last time he saw the original Kid.
issue 9:
Pat's son, Mike, and his dog, Patton, came to live with the Dugans. He'd just gotten himself kicked out of military school. Pat told the kids how he'd not aged:
He and the rest of the Seven Soldiers of Victory had been displaced through time in a battle against the Nebula Man after the Spider betrayed them. He'd spent time as a slave in Ancient Egypt. When he was finally rescued by Batman, Hourman, and Starman, he found that forty years had passed.

issue 10:
Courtney cheated on an IQ test and got the attention of Dr. Graft. He had minions kidnap her and two of her friends. As an added bonus, she changed into her Star Spangled Kid costume before getting grabbed.
When she awakened, she learned their plot - her brain was to be placed int a giant mosquito. Sir Justin, the Shining Knight, rescued her.
issue 11:
Shining Knight and the Kid did battle against Dr. Graft's creatures until STRIPE arrived and helped them with the finishing touches. They went in search of the missing kids and were attacked by a robot. STRIPE destroyed it while Justin saved Winged Victory.
The Dragon King got word to the principal, who attacked Courtney's mom. Courtney and her new stepbrother accidentally broke the cosmic converter belt. Shiv and goons attacked their home.
issue 12:
The Dragon King's goons set off an explosion in the Dougan home and fled, leaving a trail for the heroes to follow into their trap. Pat gave Courtney Sylvester's old belt, though his son objected.
Below the city, Justin, Kid, and STRIPE found the Dragon's lair. The Dragon King set off a series of events that gave him mind control over the kids of Blue Valley. Star Spangled Kid attacked STRIPE.
issue 13:
Shining Knight broke free and battled the Dragon King. The Kid broke free of the mind control and the group destroyed the King's hideout. He was lost in the battle after falling from his Dragon. The mind controled kids were freed; Shiv was recruited by a man with a red mask.
Sir Justin bid STRIPE and the Kid farewell. Flash arrived needing Courtney. She left with him - one of her friends' mothers died.
Mrs. Dougan told Pat she was pregnant as the doorbell rang. It was Courtney's father.
issue 14:
The JSA finished off the British Bat, leaving the Star-Spangled Kid and STRIPE free to head home. Courtney was thrilled to see her father, but he split after taking her grandmother's necklace. He said he had to help his (nonexistent) brother.
Pat told his son, Mike, that he'd hoped he would take over the STRIPE legacy someday. He then gave Courtney a car he'd rebuilt. The two went out for a drive.


  • The Shining Knight returned from another journey through time.