JSA: Savage Times

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2002-2003 (original material), 2004 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns, David Goyer
Artists(s): Leonard Kirk, Patrick Gleason, Keith Champagne, Christain Alamy
Collects: JSA 39-45
JSA 39: Power Crush
Da Bomb (or sometimes D-Bomb) escaped Blackgate and went after the object of his desire: Power Girl. She was giving a speech when The Force attacked. Da Bomb had been able to destroy his power inhibitor and escape. He took down The Force and made a move on Power Girl, who fought back. After blowing up a few things, he ended up back in Blackgate, obsession still intact.
JSA 40: Do No Harm
Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific did surgery on the original Shadower while his grandson held a school hostage. Captain Marvel and the Star-spangled Kid were on the scene. Star lit up the school while Marvel went in after him. He stopped short - the Shadower knew he was coming. His abilities not only allowed him to sense through those near him (he heard the conversation with a police officer), he could also transfer his feelings to others. He threatened to let the children feel his pain if Marvel hit him.
The surgery failed and his grandfather died. The children expressed their desires to grow up and the Shadower broke down and gave up.
JSA 41: The Unborn Hour
Hourman had a flash-forward and saw the team battling at Tylerco in one hour. He got the group together - Mr. Terrific told them the original Mr. Terrific once fought a time traveler named Black Barax.
Right on time, the villain appeared. He spouted about research that could not be completed at the current location / time. He used future-tech to stop Black Adam and Captain Marvel. He then disappeared with Hawkgirl and Mr. Terrific.
A flash hit a building in front of Mr. Terrific in 1944.
JSA 42: Paradox Play
Terrific and Hawkgirl found themselves inside Barax's time cube. Captain Marvel was trapped between times, half there, half elsewhere. Hawkgirl found sand - Black Adam was back in ancient Egypt.
The pair escaped and bumped into the original Mr. Terrific. Black Barax was looking for the Human Bomb to restart his time cube. Terry Sloan grabbed a pistol and threatened to kill himself in order to stop Barax - he bluffed him into believing his was his ancestor, and if he died, Barax would never have existed. It worked. Barax returned; Michael and Hawkgirl then appeared in Egypt at the feet of Vandal Savage and Metamorph.
Dr. Fate traversed through Gemworld looking for a cure for his wife. He learned the history of his amulet.
JSA 43: Yesterday's War
Captain Marvel, who'd been in Egypt a day or two, rescued Terrific and Hawkgirl. He took them to Prince Khufu. His people were preparing for war against Vandal the Savage. Marvel met the original Black Adam; Hawkgirl met her former self; Khufu knew Hawkgirl was his wife reincarnated. The battle began.
Mordru, in the amulet / Gemworld, tricked Dr. Fate into using the skull of his former self.
JSA 44: The Tears of Ra
Savage was using the Orb of Ra for power; Nabu had the two disciples of Shazam use their magic to conger him and ask for his help. It worked. Adam killed the man who'd been the Metamorph - he'd destroyed his country and killed his family.
With the time cube gone, the only way for the heroes to return to their own time was enchanted sleep in sealed sarcophagi. Someone in their own time - either himself or Adam - would awaken them.
It worked. In the present, Black Adam awakened Marvel, Hawkgirl, and Mr. Terrific. Though Marvel felt a new bond to Adam, Adam refused to acknowledge him as a friend.
The skull awakened the woman Hector thought was his wife, but another spell - one of concealment - had been in place. The woman was Dawn "Dove" Granger.
JSA 45: Peacemakers
King Kobra was freed during his trial. After Power Girl took out a bomb his acolytes had placed, he told the court he controlled his people - if he was not set free, he'd kill them all. After being teleported away, Black Adam and Atom Smasher left the team. They wanted vengeance and death to those like him.
Dr. Fate revealed himself as Mordru.


  • The original Shadower died of complications from pancreatic cancer.
  • Billy Batson is 16 years old at the time of this story.
  • Atom Smasher and Black Adam left the JSA.