The Justice Society Returns

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 1999-2001 (original material), 2003 (collection)
Writer(s): as noted
Artists(s): as noted
Collects: All-Star Comics 1-2, Adventure Comics 1, All-American Comics 1, National Comics 1, Sensation Comics 1, Smash Comics 1, Star Spangled Comics 1, Thrilling Comics 1, Golden Age Secret Files 1, JSA Secret Files 1
All-Star 1 [James Robinson, Dave Goyer (w); Michael Lark, Wade Von Grawbadger, Doug Hazelwood (a)]
Rex Tyler was working on an alternative for his Miraclo pills when one of his associates stole several vials of a truth serum. Hourman gave chase. The associate, Jenson, was into black magic. He and his men had captured Dr. Occult. Hourman burst in with backup. Merlin and Tor were killed; the others disappeared. Hourman was left alone with the cult and no time left with his powers. They were attempting to raise a demon named Koth, but got the Stalker instead.
Hourman escaped with Dr. Occult and called a meeting of the JSA. With the help of Green Lantern's ring, Dr. Occult told them about the Stalker - he'd sold his soul and the only way to get it back was to end all war. To do this, he realized the only thing he could do would be to eradicate humans. The JSA faced him and defeated him. The Stalker then raised the cult members he killed and vanished with them.
The team split up to search out the mystic warriors.
All-American Comics 1 [Ron Marz (w); Eduardo Baretto (a)]
Green Lantern and Johnny Thunder arrived in Russia, where the mystical energy led them. They ordered Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin be taken to a safe place. One of the Stalker's disciples, an ice demon, struck. GL and the T-Bolt stopped the demon; Johnny shielded the President from a blast.
Dr. Occult arrived to call them elsewhere.
Adventure Comics 1 [James Robinson, David Goyer (w); Peter Snejbjerg, Keith Champagne (a)]
The trail Starman and Atom followed led them to the desert home of the Manhattan Project. The disciple had attacked, stolen their isotopes, and started a radioactive sandstorm.
Ted and his colleagues devised a way for his rod to shoot an isotope into the disciple and set off the Uranium he'd taken. Starman went out, but fell. Atom went after him and found him alive. He took the rod himself and destroyed the disciple. He believed the radiation he'd taken from Cyclotron years previous saved him from certain death.
Dr. Occult appeared to them and took them away.
National Comics 1 [Mark Waid (w); Aaron Lopresti (a)]
Flash and Mr. Terrific found their disciple in Dresden. Bombs were falling on the city, allegedly full of munitions factories. Flash took down the creature (who could absorb and reapply blasts) while Mr. Terrific got civilians to safety. He learned there was no munitions in Dresden and ordered Flash to take him to Command Central. There, he learned that war was not fair.
Dr. Occult appeared again to the JSA that they were needed.
Sensation Comics 1 [James Robinson, David Goyer (w); Scott Benefiel, Mark Propst (a)]
Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman found their disciple, a water elemental, near Iwo Jima. They were able to destroy it using Poseidon's Trident. Speed Saunders, Shiera's cousin, lended a hand.
Dr. Occult appeared and pulled them back into the fold.
Smash Comics 1 [Tom Peyer (w); Stephen Sadowski, Michael Bair (a)]
Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite chased their disciple to a small island near Scotland where the Allies were stockpiling anthrax to use as a last resort. The disciple (Tyler's associate) was absorbing the anthrax. He got a shot off and hit Mid-Nite's owl, Hootie. Hourman offered Mid-Nite a Miraclo pill, but he instead gave it to his owl. Hootie reacted well to it and flew through the disciple, destroying it.
Dr. Occult arrived and brought them back to the group.
Star-Spangled Comics 1 [Geoff Johns (w); Chris Weston (a)]
Sandman, Sandy, Star-Spangled Kid, and Stripesy went up against a behemoth in New York City. It stole the citizens' sanity as it grew. Star Spangled Kid took a hit from him and turned insane. Sandman was knocked out. Stripesy set his flying car up to be a bomb and crashed it into the demon. A master of disguise calling himself "King" helped distract the creature. As soon as it was destroyed, the New Yorkers regained their sanity.
Dr. Occult gathered the JSAers.
Thrilling Comics 1 [Chuck Dixon (w); Russ Heath (a)]
Hawkman and Wildcat arrived in Angola to find their disciple. After taking down a small troop, Hawkman scouted ahead. He was ambushed and captured by the disciple, who was planning on exploding a oil reserve that should destroy Africa.
Wildcat, Manhunter, and Tigress (he bumped into them along the way) arrived later and helped destroy the oil rig and the disciple.
Dr. Occult gathered more troops.
All-Star Comics 2 [James Robinson, David Goyer (w); William Rosado, John Dell, Ray Kryssing (a)]
The JSA were taken to Antarctica for their final battle with the Stalker. Dinosaur skeletons emerged from the ice to attack them before they could get to his base. Starman and Hawkman attempted to divert the beam shooting into the sun. Mr. Terrific broke the machine as the rest of the team went after Stalker.
Dr. Occult, with the help of T-Bold, merged his soul into Stalker's body - he hoped having a soul would stop him. Hourman remembered himself giving himself the hourglass he wore around his neck many years ago and smashed it into the demon, symbolizing order begetting chaos. Stalker was destroyed.
Fifty years later, during Zero Hour, Rex Tyler once again visited himself as he was about to die from Extant's increased aging. He told him he was an artificial being from the future who held the collected memories of the Tyler family. The JSA would live on.


  • The weird numbering of this series is meant to mirror the structure of the original JSA stories: "the team would come together at the beginning of each story to face a common menace, and the chapters featuring the individual team members then followed...with the entire team reuniting to defeat the menace at the end."" (from the introduction)
  • The story takes place in February 1945.
  • Rex Tyler was born in 1913. He became Hourman in 1939.
  • The last two stories are shorts from Secret Files & Origins issues. They are simply filler.