JSA: Princes of Darkness

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2003-2004 (original material), 2005 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns, David Goyer
Artists(s): Leonard Kirk, Don Kramer, Sal Velluto, Keith Champagne, Bob Almond, Wade von Grawbadger
Collects: JSA 46-55
JSA 46: Into the Valley
Mordru attacked. He turned Sand into the creature he once was. He pulled the starheart out of Sentinel. Obsidian absorbed his father, Star Spangled Kid, and Captain Marvel. Jakeem's vocal cords were slashed. Flash returned to base to find Eclipso unleashed.
Dove explained to Flash that a concealment spell had made Dr. Fate believe she was his wife. Mordru had caused Hank Hall's downfall. When she and Hank conceived a child, the Lord of Chaos knew it was to be his new body. Instead, Dr. Fate's soul took it. Mordru was now in that body.
JSA 47: Eclipse
Flash got all the injured to safety at Dr. Mid-nite's lab in Washington. He then vanquished Eclipso with sunlight. Power Girl took on Mordru, but he escaped with Eclipso and Obsidian. From Dr. Fate's tower, they moved the moon into the path of the sun.
Inside Fate's amulet, Captain Marvel was cut off from his magic. Courtney was astonished that the world's mightiest mortal was her age. Hector was greeted by all the previous Fates.
JSA 48: Enlightenment
In the Shadowlands, Star Spangled Kid and Billy Batson were attacked by Thorn. Star realized she was a construct of Sentinel's as this would be the world of his worst fears. They destroyed her. Still taken aback that Marvel was just a kid, Courtney kissed Billy. They found Sentinel in the light of the Statue of Liberty. Shade was holding him and said he was dead.
The previous Fates told Hector that his wife wasn't coming back and he should no longer hold back. They were all constructs of a sort, as well. Only Nabu was really with him. Hector had to find the soul of Arian, the man who's body Mordru had been possessing.
JSA 49: Army of Darkness
The JSA's reserve members and the Freedom Fighters continued fighting the innocents brought into the battle by Obsidian and Eclipso. Earthquakes and volcanoes began striking across the planet due to the moon being out of place. Alex Montez wanted the black diamond - he had tattoos of binding across his body that should be able to stop Eclipso. He still held the vendetta against him for the death of his cousin.
Hector sent Dove to Gemworld to look for Arian. Power Girl and Hawkgirl went with her.
Billy had the idea of taking Sentinel to his daughter, hoping she could recharge him. Shade took them to her in Los Angeles.
Phantom Lady got the black diamond and gave it to Montez. Eclipso now had a new body.
JSA 50: The Last Light
Earth's heroes continued to be spread thin - Kobra seized the moment and began attacking. Alex used the black diamond to move the moon back in place. Eclipso was vanquished. Jade breathed life back into her father and they went after Obsidian. Captain Marvel and the Star Spangled Kid were also in on the fight.
Mr. Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite were able to implant something in Jakeem so that he could make wishes. Johnny Thunderbolt patched him up and they went after Mordru. Power Girl broke Arian's soul free. He told her he was not her grandfather and went to find his body. While his soul fought for ownership of the body Mordru was in, the Thunderbolt attacked. Jakeem captured them both in his pen. Flash saw the starheart fall and took it to Alan. As he threw it to his falling comrade, it formed into the shape of a ring. Green Lantern returned and blasted his son. Obsidian fell and Todd re-emerged.
Sand regained his sanity and fell into the earth in hopes of stopping all the seismic activity. After the earthquakes stopped, Wildcat feared they never see him again.
Mordru escaped from the pen; Dr. Fate appeared.
JSA 51: Justice Eternity
Fate and Mordru did battle; Fate showed him his future. With the help of Nabu and Shazam, Mordru was entombed within the Rock of Eternity.
Kobra went outside his lair to find Black Adam and Atom Smasher. They killed him.
JSA 52: Brand New Day
Flash showed Jesse Quick around the newly rebuilt headquarters. She would be the JSA's new business manager. Dove bid Dr. Fate farewell as she went in search of her new counterpart. Cave Carson took some samples where Sand went into the earth. He told Mid-Nite and Terrific that they'd found some seismic pulses that spelled JSA over and over in Morse code. Jennie and Alan visited Todd in the hospital.
Black Adam offered Alex a position on his team.
The Crimson Avenger appeared to take down Wildcat. She also got Power Girl when she stood in her way.
JSA 53: Blinded
Ted finally explained to the Crimson Avenger why he framed the man he did. He framed him for several other murders, so he was not innocent. The Avenger vanished and continued her curse.
Dr. Mid-Nite got Terrific back up and walking with the aid of a hydraulic harness. He then took in PG and Wildcat.
Black Adam welcomed Nemesis to his group. They'd already taken down her father and his "Council."
JSA 54: Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie
The JSA welcomed the JLA for Thanksgiving. Batman was paranoid throughout, though nothing out of the ordinary happened...
...until they sat down to eat. Kulak the Sorcerer and the Warlock of Ys appeared. They were easily defeated, but their food was ruined. Batman and Mr. Terrific ordered pizza for everyone.
JSA 55: Be Good for Goodness' Sake
Jay, Ted, Carter, and Alan visited Ma Hunkle for Christmas. She was posing as a department store Santa and had been in witness protection for years. They told her she no longer had to be in hiding - the last remaining member of the Yellow Mask Mob had died in prison. She accepted their offer and became the curator of their museum.


  • The JSA's new skyscraper is being built.
  • Courtney's placard listed her as Stargirl.