JSA: Mixed Signals

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2005-2006 (original material), 2006 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns, Keith Champagne
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Dale Eaglesham, Jim Fern, David Lopez, Keith Champagne, Art Thibert, Mick Gray, Fernando Blanco
Collects: JSA 76-81
JSA 76: In Search of...
Al turned himself in and pleaded guilty to all charges. The JSA was attacked by an OMAC - Al saw this while being transported and saved them by smashing the thing. He was taken to Belle Reve and put in contact with Amanda Waller.
Hourman went in search of Dr. Fate in hopes he could free Jakeem from the pen. Fire and Metamorpho visited to tell Power Girl that Blue Beetle was dead.
JSA 77: Mixed Signals
Airwave crashed into JSA HQ. He was going mad unable to block all the transmissions he was hearing. Alan called his cousin, Hal Jordan. Once he arrived, Air Wave had another episode. The two GLs followed him into space. They found New Chronos and a once-again alive Donna Troy.
Hector woke up on a snow covered mountain with Lyta.
JSA 78: Lost and Found part one
The Society found Fate's Tower and entered. His helmet and cloak were inside. Sand, being that he was not a normal life form, put it on. Nabu opened them a portal to the Fifth Dimension. Stargirl, Hourman, and Mr. Terrific went in.
Shazam sent Captain Marvel after the Spectre. Mordru attacked the Wizard and escaped while the Spectre entered the Rock of Eternity with a little boy.
Mordru then attacked Fate's Tower before the others could enter the portal.
JSA 79: Lost and Found part two
The Thunderbolt showed his friends that Jakeem had taken control of their dimension.
Mordru crushed the helmet of Fate. Sand poured out of his costume. The group attacked Mordru. Nabu stood over him.
Hector fought off some attackers and passed out near his wife. Lyta woke up after a dream.
JSA 80: Lost and Found part three
Nabu and Mordru fought from world to world. Jakeem was freed of the imp who was controlling him. With the battle over, they were wished back home. Jakeem and the Thunderbolt attacked Mordru and vanquished him. Nabu spoke about a crisis and vanished.
Lyta gave into her dream and accepted its offer. She walked through a gate carrying her husband while their bodies stayed behind.
JSA 81: My Heroes
Stargirl and STRIPE went into battle. Liberty Belle was connected to the actual Liberty Bell and could not remove herself. Her powers were going berserk. Stargirl was able to free her and get her back to her daughter. Shade appeared and told her that her father had died.


  • Issue 76 ties in to the OMAC Project.
  • Status of team during issue 77: Atom Smasher (Belle Reve Penitentiary), Captain Marvel (hunting the Spectre), Power Girl (unknown - left after recent physical), Hawkman / Hawkgirl (on Rann with Adam Strange), Dr. Fate & Jakeem (missing), Flash (recovering from fight with Zoom).
  • Hector and Lyta Hall died.
  • Courtney Whitmire's birth father died.