JSA: Lost

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2004-2005 (original material), 2005 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Dave Gibbons, Don Kramer, Tom Mandrake, Jerry Ordway, Sean Phillips, Keith Champagne, Wayne Faucher, James Hodgkins, Prentis Rollins
Collects: JSA 59-67
JSA 59: Time and Time and Time Again
Per Degaton, finally realizing that he could not stop the JSA, spent his time watching their harshest moments throughout the timestream. Rick Tyler was able to punch him due to the hourglass. No one else could touch him.
He saw: Dr. Mid-Nite working with patients and having to make decisions; Flash ask Captain Marvel to stop seeing Stargirl due to their age difference; Hawkgirl and Green Lantern tell the Montez family about Alex (he referred to Hawkgirl as Mrs. Hall); Hector and Lyta spending time together; Billy break up with Courtney.
JSA 60: Redemption Lost part I
October 30, 1953: The Spectre passed judgment on the Spirit King.
GL and Flash attempted to stop Rick from overdoing things. He still refused to visit his widow. Dr. Mid-Nite's assistant, Ice Sickle, was killed. The Spectre appeared to him and Terrific. The Spirit King had escaped his wrath and brought down Hal Jordan.
JSA 61: Redemption Lost part II
The Spirit King now commanded all the souls the Spectre had damned. The Flash left the fight early and was re-possessed by the Spirit King.
JSA 62: Redemption Lost part III
The Society continued battling the Spectre's reanimated kills. A priest who'd been a confident of Jim Corrigan spoke with Hal Jordan. He eventually gave in and returned to his original roll - the spirit of vengeance. He removed the Spirit King from Flash's body and once again defeated the villain.
Michael Holt had a near-death experience where he saw his wife and child. After, he went to church with Pieter.
JSA 63: Waking the Sandman, part one: Insomnia
The JSA, all suffering from insomnia, felt an earthquake. Outside, they found "JSA" carved into the street. Believing it was Sand, both due to the dreams and the seismic activity, they split into two groups: Dr. Fate led one into the dreamworld to find his mind; Cave Carson led the others into the earth to find his physical form.
JSA 64: Waking the Sandman, part two: Night Terrors
The underground team found Sand's body. It was molten, only Power Girl could get him to the surface. By the time she did, the dream team had freed his mind from the goblins Glob and Brute. Dr. Fate banished them back into the world of childrens' dreams.
Rex went to see his wife.
JSA 65: Out of Time part I
Rex told Wendi about what was happening. As they embraced, the android Hourman arrived. He'd been found by a t-sphere. After taking down Grundy once more, the android took a team into the time stream to save Rick.
Dr. Mid-Nite finished the surgery and the android fast-forwarded Rick's healing. The hour inside finished, but instead of Rex going back to die in the battle against Extant, his son jumped through.
JSA 66: Out of Time part II
Jakeem was grounded by his aunt for not getting his grades up. In his bedroom, he was visited by a time-master who insisted he join him.
The android Hourman's time ship was damaged in the time stream. He took Rex's place in the battle against Extant. Back in real time, both Tylers went home to Wendi. Rex began working on an android using parts he was given by the one who saved their lives.
JSA 67: The Autopsy
Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific performed the autopsy on Sue Dibney while the rest of the superhero community either looked for the murderer or visited their families. The man who killed Terrific's wife was paroled.


  • Captain Marvel to Flash: "Wildcat, Green Lantern and you are in your eighties." (issue 59)
  • Per issue 61, this story takes place 7 years after the death of the original Mr. Terrific.
  • Jim Corrigan became the human host of the Spectre on February 3, 1940. (issue 62)
  • The Android Hourman sacrificed itself in the fight against Extant (Zero Hour) so that both Rick and Rex Tyler would life.
  • The final issue here crosses over with Identity Crisis.