JSA: Last Days of the Justice Society

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1986
Writer(s): Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artists(s): David Ross, Mike Gustovich
Storyline: On Post-Crisis Earth, the JSA gathered at the grave sites of Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne, who'd died in the recent Crisis. As the group voted on retirement, the Spectre appeared and gave a vision to Dr. Fate. He shared it with the group:
At President Roosevelt's funeral in 1945, the sky split open. The JSA headed to Germany to stop Hitler from destroying the planet. Only Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Dr. Fate survived. When he finished his story, Dr. Fate showed the group that the sky in present time was splitting as it had in the vision of 1945.
The JSA disappeared back in time to fight the crisis. They found themselves at Ragnarok - the final battle of the Norse gods. In order to stop the end times from reach Earth, the JSA merged with the Norse gods in battle against their attackers. Dr. Fate held Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid out of the battle. Most of the others were killed, but they emerged victorious. Another creature appeared and the dead rose - battle continued.
Dr. Fate explained to PG and SSK that the battle would be perpetual to keep Earth from being destroyed. He took them back to present time where everything was explained to Infinity, Inc.


  • This takes place on "new" Earth (post COIE).
  • At this time, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor had gone to live on Mt. Olympus (Earth-2), so she was forgotten on "new" Earth.
  • Superman, Lois, and Superboy (Earth-Prime) had vanished.
  • Power Girl is mentioned as being "for so many years believed herself his (Superman's) fellow Kryptonian and his cousin" by Hawkman.
  • Wildcat is in a wheelchair.
  • Robin and Huntress (Dick Grayson and Helena Wayne) had their funerals - they'd died in COIE.
  • Power Girl and the Star-Spangled Kid join Infinity, Inc. after the rest of the JSA (save Dr. Fate) will spend the rest of eternity fighting Ragnarok.