Justice Society volume 2

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 1977-79 (original material), 2007 (collection)
Writer(s): Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Joe Staton, Bob Layton, Joe Giella, Dave Hunt
Collects: All Star Comics 68-74, Adventure 461-466
All-Star 68: Divided We Stand
Dr. Fate appeared and showed the team what Green Lantern was doing - destroying Gotham's airport. They went into action, diverting planes and attacking their teammate. Psycho Pirate appeared showing them GL was under his control. The two disappeared.
Dick Grayson and Hourman arrived in town and were met by Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne.
Flash flipped out at headquarters. Power Girl gave chase but could not find him. Dr. Fate transported them to Earth-One. Wildcat was able to take down Psycho Pirate and break his hold.
All-Star 69: United We Fall
The JSA returned to headquarters to find Bruce Wayne and the police there to arrest them. A trigger-happy cop opened fire and struck Power Girl. Dr. Fate got her to a secret medical facility as someone watched from the shadows. The rest of the JSA escaped.
Wayne used Robin's team signal device to call in Wonder Woman, Dr. Mid-Nite, and the original Star Man. The two teams battled until Superman arrived with Power Girl and showed them all Wayne was still under Psycho Pirate's control.
All-Star 70: A Parting of the Ways
The JSA split up to do things in their civilian identities. Star-Spangled Kid and Wildcat were left behind. Unbeknownst to them, a new group calling themselves the Strike Force were robbing a nearby bank. Kid and Cat went after them and were captured. A woman appeared as they woke calling herself the Huntress.
All-Star 71: The Deadliest Game in Town
Huntress helped Wildcat escape while SSK took fire. Wildcat signaled for help, but none answered. Huntress revealed that she was the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Together, they tracked the Strike Force and freed Kid. They took down the group, Kid decided he also needed a vacation to get his personal life in order.
All-Star 72: A Thorn by Any Other Name
The JSA (including newly introduced Huntress) were summoned to Keystone City where the Thorn was on a killing spree. She'd already taken down seven policemen. Wildcat was injured by a scratch - the doctors needed both Icicle's freeze gun and a sample of Thorn's poison to save him.
Thorn attacked the hospital after Huntress went for the gun. They drove her and Sportsmaster off while securing one of her thorns.
At headquarters, Huntress was attacked by the original, villainous Huntress.
All-Star 73: Be It Ever So Deadly
The original Huntress captured her new namesake; Green Lantern helped out when he learned what was going on at headquarters. They got Icicle's gun back in time to save Wildcat.
Flash and Power Girl saved Joan Garrick from Thorn and Sportsmaster.
Dr. Fate and Hawkman were taken to another dimension by unknown forces.
All-Star 74: World on the Edge of Ending
The Master Summoner brought Hawkman and Dr. Fate before him and warned of a catastrophe that would destroy the Earth. They got back home and told the JSA. The group split and began stopping battles, etc. at specific spots on the planet.
Fate ended up realizing their power was feeding the Summoner. He called everyone together and had them not act. The "critical time" passed, leaving the Summoner waiting another millennia to wait.
Adventure 461: Only Legends Live Forever pt1
The JSA was called when a man scaled a skyscraper and demanded to speak with Commissioner Wayne. He took down several policemen and most of the JSA before Wayne arrived. He claimed Wayne framed him for murder. Dr. Fate stopped his initial attack on the Commissioner, but the second one was more powerful. Wayne vanished, leaving several police officers and Dr. Fate behind.
Adventure 462: Only Legends Live Forever pt2
Bruce escaped into a museum where his hold costume was on display. He donned it one final time and headed to the roof. The man, Bill Jenson, demanded Batman bring him Wayne. The two fought until the realization came - Batman was Wayne. Jenson burned up in his anger, taking his enemy with him.
The JSA attended the funeral of their comrade. Dick and Helena vowed to keep up the fight - neither would take on the Batman mantle.
Adventure 463: The Night of the Soul Thief
Dr. Fate led the Justice Society to the location of the mystic energy which fed Batman's killer. Dick and Helena wore their costumes, but not their masks - their identities were now public along with the knowledge that Batman was Bruce Wayne.
Helena and Fate encountered a water elemental. To save her life, Kent took off his helmet. Flash and Power Girl encountered a fire elemental; Dick and Green Lantern were attacked by a tree (earth); and everyone was attacked by air.
The man behind it all, Frederic Vaux, called upon the lords of chaos who powered him. He demanded they remove memories of all the heroes from the public so that none would stand in their places after all were dead. Dr. Fate returned - he and GL were able to stop Vaux. Fate used the removed memories to erase the knowledge of Batman being Wayne, therefore returning Dick and Helena's secret identities to them.
Adventure 464: To Everything There is a Season
With everyone else out for the night, Ted went for a stroll. He bumped into a kid near his old gym and was asked if it was going to reopen. The kid jumped in with him later during a scrap as Wildcat. After the fight, Ted introduced himself and decided to move out of JSA headquarters.
Adventure 465: Countdown to Disaster
The team tracked down a pill which would burst at 5pm spewing toxic acid into the air. Dr. Fate got it off planet so that it would not harm anyone.
Mr. Terrific arrived in time for the annual meeting with the Justice League.
Adventure 466: The Defeat of the Justice Society
With the rest of the team at Mr. Terrific's funeral, Huntress told Power Girl of the JSA's disbanding in the 1950s:
They tracked a small satellite to another in orbit - the first's voice promised them a new headquarters. They were trapped, but escaped and found the man who'd been hired to stop them.
When they delivered him, they were given a subpoena for a congressional hearing the next day. They were accused of working with a foreign power's spy (the man who tried to kill them). After being ordered to reveal their faces, the JSA declined and disappeared.


  • This takes place on Earth-2 during it's years 1977-79.
  • JSA membership: Green Lantern, Hawkman, Power Girl, Wildcat, Flash, Star-Spangled Kid, Dr. Fate. Huntress joined, Robin worked with them for a few cases.
  • Bruce Wayne / Batman of Earth-2 was killed here. Mr. Terrific's death is mentioned, but took place off-page.