Justice Society volume 1

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 1976-77 (original material), 2006 (collection)
Writer(s): Paul Levitz, Gerry Conway
Artists(s): Joe Staton, Keith Giffen, Wally Wood, Ric Estrada, Bob Layton
Collects: All Star Comics 58-67, DC Special 29
All Star Comics 58: The All Star Super Squad
The JSA got an alert - three cities were targeted. Dr. Mid-Nite feared that if all went through, life on Earth would cease. They split into three teams and went into action.
Hawkman and Dr. Mid-Nite arrived in Seattle to find the Star-Spangled Kid on the scene. The time-displaced youngster wielded the Cosmic Rod in Ted Knight's place (Knight was out with a broken leg) and helped survivors of an earthquake. In hopes of him gaining some self confidence, the JSAers let SSK take care of things on his own.
Dr. Fate and Green Lantern headed to South Africa, where they found Robin in action. GL capped a gas leak which had disabled the former Boy Wonder, but when the cap failed, the two JSA members were knocked out.
Flash and WildCat headed to China where they worked to stop a volcano from erupting. They were joined by Superman's cousin, Power Girl, who told them Brain Wave was behind the attacks.
All Star Comics 59: Brain Wave Blows Up
Flash, Power Girl, and Wild Cat headed back to JSA headquarters. There, they monitored the other teams. Robin sealed off the gas leak; Star-Spangled Kid stopped the earthquake.
The first three blasted off from JSA HQ and took on Brain Wave and his new partner, Degaton. The rest of the team showed up via GL's power ring. They easily defeated the duo and headed back home.
All Star Comics 60: Vulcan: Son of Fire
An armored man calling himself Vulcan, Son of Fire, attacked JSA Headquarters. Power Girl, Wild Cat, Flash, and the Star-Spangled Kid were on duty, but could not stop him.
Elsewhere, Dr. Fate and Green Lantern visited a military facility and were told about Christopher Pike, an astronaut who'd flipped out and killed his crew. The ship they were on flew into the sun and skipped off back toward Earth. It melded onto Pike. After he was recovered, he was found to still be unstable. He soon escaped.
GL and Fate met up with Vulcan - Pike - in Gotham City.
All Star Comics 61: Hellfire and Holocaust
Green Lantern helped nearby civilians while Dr. Fate did battle with Vulcan. Fate was defeated. Vulcan flew off, but was knocked down when he got above the cloud cover.
Elsewhere, Carter Hall displayed what he believed to be a "survivor" (encased in amber) from the lost continent of Lemuria.
The JSA watched as firefighters tried to save their headquarters. The Flash left with his wife. Power Girl heard something and vanished. She found an alien who'd given Vulcan his power. He was there to help him fix a vulnerability - sunlight. The Star-Spangled Kid easily defeated the monster after he killed his benefactor.
Dr. McNider (Mid-Nite) had bad news - Dr. Fate was dying.
All Star Comics 62: When Fall the Mighty
Reserve members Hourman and Superman rejoined their team. Hawkman learned his wife, Shiera, had been captured by the Lemurian who'd awakened. He, Superman, Power Girl, and Wild Cat went after the creature. At the scene, Wild Cat attacked Hawkman.
Hourman stayed behind with the Star-spangled Kid and Dr. Fate. Green Lantern and Flash headed to Egypt to look for something that might save Fate.
All Star Comics 63: The Death of Doctor Fate
Wildcat broke free of Fiddler's spell and pummelled him. Power Girl and Superman broke free of Zanadu's trap and dropped Soloman Grundy (who was working with Fiddler) in a volcano.
Dr. Fate flat-lined. Zanadu emerged in near JSA headquarters. Hourman and the Star-Spangled Kid went after him. The Lord of Chaos' appearance brought Dr. Fate back, who was able to put him back in his amber prison.
In Egypt, Flash and GL saw a winged horse.
Superman formally retired from the JSA, recommending Power Girl as his replacement.
All Star Comics 64: Yesterday Begins Today
Flash and Green Lantern returned with Shining Knight. He told the group that Merlin had contacted him through time and that Romans were attacking Camelot. Using a copy of the cosmic treadmill from Earth-1, Flash sent the group (minus Hourman, who would stay behind to operate the machine, and Green Lantern, who headed back to his normal life) back in time. As they left, Icicle disabled Hourman and took over JSA headquarters.
The JSA realized the Romans were robots - they were being played by Vandal Savage. He captured the entire group.
All Star Comics 65: The Master Plan of Vandal Savage
Superman and Power Girl escaped their imprisonment to find they were no longer on Earth. Savage had Superman taken to an arena and began battling him. Power Girl was restrained in a lab. Merlin freed Hawkman, who freed the Star-Spangled Kid.
Kid helped Hawkman by creating him new wings and Superman by making an apparatus that would filter away the kryptonite poisoning. He then freed Power Girl. Savage escaped.
In current time, Wildcat was blasted by Hourman (under the control of Icicle).
All Star Comics 66: Injustice Strikes Twice
The group made it back to headquarters in their own time to find that it had been overrun by the Injustice Society. They escaped after telling them they had Wildcat and Hourman.
Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl rescued Wildcat from Brainwave and the Wizard in Alaska. Flash and Hawkman, joined by Dr. Fate, saved Hourman in South Africa. Dr. Fate got him to SA's ambassador, Dick Grayson. Robin assured him he would get good care and his identity would be safe. Grayson contacted Gotham City's police commissioner, Bruce Wayne.
Under the control of Psycho Pirate, Green Lantern went on a rampage after losing his broadcasting company.
All Star Comics 67: The Attack of the Underlord
Power Girl, Star-Spangled Kid, and Wild Cat allowed themselves to be captured by a group of subterranean creatures, then called the rest of the team for help.
Commissioner Wayne investigated the site of Green Lantern's destructive outburst. He stayed in contact with Grayson and suspected something was wrong with the JSA. After speaking with Dr. Fate, he called for the arrest of all their members.
The JSA defeated the creatures from "middle earth."
DC Special 29:
A spy reached President Roosevelt with news of the Nazi war machine's plans to attack England. Roosevelt had promised the American people not to join the war unless attacked, so he suggested the new masked vigilantes that had been appearing of late.
Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash answered the call and joined the war. They were soon captured, but Dr. Fate brought along Hourman and set them free. Hitler used the Spear of Destiny to call down Valkyries. As they fought the Americans, Hitler ordered the attack on England, along with a bomber strike on Washington, DC.
Fate then called upon Sandman, Hawkman, and the Atom. The next piece in the group, the Spectre, proved to be the turning point. He stopped the German ships, while the Atom and Superman saved DC. The Valkyries were defeated and disappeared.


  • This takes place on Earth-2 during its years 1976-77.
  • JSA membership: Flash, Green Lantern, Wild Cat, Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Fate, Hawkman. Star Spangled Kid, Robin (temporarily), and Power Girl join them. Superman temporarily retired from duty.
  • The final story here is set in 1940 before the US entered World War II. It depicts the first meeting of what would become the Justice Society of America.