JSA: Ghost Stories

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2006 (original material), 2006 (collection)
Writer(s): Paul Levitz
Artists(s): George Perez, Rags Morales, Luke Ross, Jerry Ordway, Bob Wiacek, Dave Meikis
Collects: JSA 82-87
JSA 82: Ghost in the House
Power Girl returned to JSA HQ and gave Ma Hunkel a notebook written by Lois Lane. A Lois Lane from another Earth. It detailed a past where the JSA disbanded in 1951, but Superman and Batman continued on. This confused Ma, as Superman and Batman came much later on her (this) world.
They went into JSA HQ to save what they could - the Gentleman Ghost was inside. He stole some gems, then stole a book from Wayne Manor. After thwarting both Superman and Batman, he escaped Wonder Woman (Hippolyta) and Jay Garrick (no longer the Flash) by taking a statue.
JSA 83: Who's Afraid of Ghosts?
The JSA members and family all experienced ghostly visits: Joan Garrick saw her father, Jakeem saw his brother, Michael saw his wife, Pieter saw those who'd died at his clinic. They met for the first time in a while and were visited by the Gentleman Ghost.
JSA 84: When the Dead Call
The Gentleman Ghost disappeared - the Thunderbolt told the team he was a real ghost. Later, the Thunderbolt showed him his family - his mother, grandmother, and brother he never knew he had.
Flash and GL encountered GL's college roommate, who he'd accidentally killed while installing an antenna years prior. The Gentleman Ghost was there, too. He later appeared to Ma Hunkel and Power Girl.
JSA 85: ...The Living Must Answer!
Gentleman Ghost attacked Courtney while her mother was giving her a driving lesson. Power Girl, for a second time, was able to hit him.
Dr. Mid-Nite tended to GL while Flash brought his wife to the HQ.
Jakeem had T-Bolt send them to the ghost realm. Gentleman Ghost attacked them there, but T-Bolt's ghost friends saved them: Batman, Jade, the Atom, Mr. Terrific and Sandman. Jakeem asked Batman how to stop the Ghost. He told the boy to go to the place he was born. Jade saw her father and visited him. Alan woke up.
JSA 86: Where Highwaymen Rode
GL, guided by his daughter's spirit, took the group to London. Pieter, Michael, Courtney, and Jay stayed behind.
They were attacked by the group of highwaymen who'd trained Craddock in life. He'd been told he would return to life if those he hated the most died by his hand.
JSA 87: Ghost in the Castle
The ghost Batman's words were true - a JSA member did have royal blood. Wildcat was a descendant of a 17th century nobleman. The state-side group sent Stargirl to get GL - they were being overrun by ghosts under Craddock's command. In England, Wildcat got the message that he was the one and took care of the Gentleman Ghost by giving him a second death.
Back at home, the JSA headquarters was once again destroyed. Jay pondered retirement and the dissolving of the group, but his wife threatened his life if he did so.


  • One Year Later occurs between issues 82 and 83.
  • Michael mentioned his wife's accident was four years ago.
  • This story is intertwined with flashbacks of Jim Craddock's life.