JSA: Fair Play

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 1999-2001 (original material), 2002 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Rags Morales, Stephen Sadowski, Peter Snejbjerg, Javier Saltares, Derec Aucoin, Michael Bair, Keith Champagne, Ray Kryssing, David Meikis, Christian Alamy
Collects: JSA 26-31, SFO 2
JSA SFO 2: Breaking Storms
Black Canary and Wildcat went in search of the Ultra-Humanite at Nemesis' father's cloning lab. They found a body, but it's brain was missing.
Carter warned his son, Hector, about the power of Dr. Fate.
Mordru made a pact with someone inside Fate's amulet.
The Star-Spangled Kid tried out Starman's staff and goggles for the first time.
The Grey Man visited Sand. He took him to all the fallen JSA members, each had a message for him.
The Garricks had Jakeem Thunder over for dinner.
Michael Hold visited the site of his wife's accident. It had been a year.
JSA #26: Who do you Trust?
Atom Smasher, still skeptical of Black Adam, challenged him to a match of arm wrestling and lost. Captain Marvel showed up when the two got a little too competitive.
Sand introduced everyone to Alex Montez (cousin of Yolanda, a previous Wildcat), the museum's new curator. He then offered Hawkman back the chairmanship, but he refused.
Mr. Terrific told Alan that he believed his entire make-up was green flame. He only bled because he thought he should. More tests were needed.
While Courtney and Kendra were looking at baby pictures of Patricia Dougan, Hawkman arrived and gave her flowers. She asked him to leave after he asked her to dinner. Carter returned later to apologize and found Kendra kissing Sand.
JSA SFO 2: Upping the Ante
A woman named Roulette looked for new attractions to her underground superhero fights. While she spoke on the phone, Checkmate defeated Firebrand.
JSA #27: Thunderstruck
Kendra confessed that she was trying not to be with Hawkman and apologized to Sand. Atom Smasher suckerpunched Black Adam through the aviary glass. Captain Marvel went out to try and calm him, but a melee ensued.
After Hawkman mediated the situation, Sand again offered him chairmanship. The group brought it to a vote and a new chairman was named: Mr. Terrific.
Several spheres like Terrific's appeared and captured the team. All but Wildcat and Star Spangled Kid were captured.
JSA #28: Face-Off
Roulette's games began:
Atom Smasher and Black Adam were put against each other in a death match. Power dampeners were in place.
A friendly game of chess between Mid-Nite and Terrific. The loser would die.
Sand and Hawkman were poisoned. Hawkgirl was tied in a cave with enough antidote to cure one of them.
JSA #29: Kids
Flash, Sentinel, and Wildcat left Star Spangled Kid and Jakeem Thunder with Alex on Halloween night. A Jokerized Solomon Grundy attacked. The junior members worked together with the Thunderbolt sending the zombie to his doom once again.
Thunder wished he could make the original Johnny Thunder better; elsewhere, he made a complete recovery and left his retirement home.
JSA #30: Fair Play
Hawkman found a cave full of Man-Bats. The "aggressor" drugs wore off Black Adam and Atom Smasher. An Apokoliptian warhound was unleashed on them. Their powers returned.
Mid-Nite and Terrific's chess match ended in stalemate and they escaped while the board was resetting.
Sand freed Hawkgirl and instructed her to use the antidote on Hawkman. He was fine as long as he was in his sand form. As they found Roulette, they were transported back to HQ. Mid-Nite took Sand in for treatment of the toxins.
JSA #31: Making Waves
The JSA was called in to investigate the death of small-time metacriminal Shakedown. He was drowned, but no excess water was found in him. One of his former teammates had water powers. They found Batman lurking in the alley where the body was found. He was working the case, too, and told the JSA he would take the case.
The group reminded him the dead's infant daughter was missing and they were also working the case. Together, Batman and the JSA found the girl, who had been kidnapped by New Wave.
Black Canary kissed Dr. Mid-Nite goodbye - she had things in her personal life to deal with. She brought in Power Girl to take her roster spot.


  • Issue 29 is a Joker: Last Laugh cross-over.
  • Star-Spangled Kid accused Jakeem of lying about his age - she claimed he was really 15.
  • Roulette is the granddaughter of the original Mr. Terrific, Terry Sloan.
  • Black Canary left the team (due to Oliver Queen returning from the dead). Power Girl replaced her.