JSA: Darkness Falls

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2000 (original material), 2002 (collection)
Writer(s): David Goyer, Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Stephen Sadowski, Buzz, Marcos Martin, Michael Bair, Keith Champagne
Collects: JSA 6-15
JSA 6: Justice, Like Lightening
On the day the new JSA headquarters / museum opened, Black Adam attacked the city. Hourman, Dr. Fate, and Hawkgirl went back to ancient Egypt while the others kept him occupied. There, they sent part of the lightening which created him into the present, turning him back into his human form.
Sentinel found he had a brain tumor. Agent Chase of the DEO took custody of him.
JSA 7: Darkness Falls
Sentinel got a call from his daughter, Jade. She believed her brother, Obsidian, was in trouble. Alan got the team together and they headed into Milwaukee, where it was reported that no shadows were being cast. They first hit Jim Rice's residence: he was Todd's (Obsidian) step-father and he'd been missing for several days.
There, they found a shadow in the shape of a man. It swallowed Sentinel and took him into the Shadowland where he encountered Ian Karkull, who'd been destroyed by the JSA in 1941 (due to this, Alan passed on his powers to Todd).
In the real world, Obsidian attacked the city. Black Canary escaped and was aided by a man calling himself Dr. Mid-Nite.
JSA 8: Shadowland
Dr. Mid-Nite (an actual doctor who'd studied under the original) patched up Black Canary. He used a light beam gun to return the shadow people possessed by Obsidian back to normal. They headed back to help the rest of the team, but Obsidian's power was increasing. He absorbed Karkull, who was thought to be pulling his strings.
JSA 9: Black Planet
With Obsidian's darkness covering the planet, Sentinel fought and defeated his son. After absorbing Jim Rice, Todd simply disappeared.
Back at HQ, Wildcat was attacked by a new Injustice Society
JSA 10: Wild Hunt
Wildcat got away from his attackers and into costume. One by one, he took them all down while Johnny Sorrow stole some things from their trophy room. Sorrow vanished as the rest of the team returned from Wisconsin.
JSA 11: Split
Terri Rothstein, Al's mother, was killed in a plane crash. Kobra took credit for the destruction. Director Bones met with the JSA along with the original Star-Spangled Kid. Extant was at work. The JSA called in the reserves and split into two teams to take on the time traveler and the terrorists.
Hourman took Flash, Hippolyta, Hawkgirl, Sentinel, Dr. Fate, and both Star-Spangled Kids into the time stream.
Starman, Sand, Atom-Smasher, Black Canary, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Wildcat went to Blackhawk Island after Kobra. They were joined by Mr. Terrific. Sand was captured and rendered helpless by Catalyst. Kobra had Airwave under control and had taken over satellites in orbit.
JSA 12: The Blood-Dimmed Tide
Kobra began blasting cities with the satellites he'd taken over. Mr. Terrific and Dr. Mid-Nite freed Airwave. Terrific fought Kobra to a standstill, but the bad guy momentarily escaped. He was captured again after attempting to jet away - Atom Smasher grabbed the plane. Jack was able to talk him out of killing the man responsible for his mother's death.
Airwave took down the satellites.
Back at HQ, Sand questioned Director Bones about the DEO label on the plane. Soon, Hourman's ship crashed into the roof. Metron of the New Gods emerged. Their teammates were dead.
JSA 13: Time's Assassin
Metron took the JSA into the time stream. Extant had his Mobius Chair and was attempting to use the Worlogog at Vanishing Point to recreate the universe. He attacked them, warping the timestream so that Jay never became the Flash. Dr. Fate could no longer hear the whisperings of Nabu. Hawkgirl was turned into her original self - an Egyptian mummy.
The group found the time wall and crossed into Extant's new universe.
JSA 14: Chaos Theory
The JSA quickly learned that their powers were either useless or worked differently in Extant's universe. Sand showed Metron he had the Amulet of Nabu. Inside were their "killed" allies. Dr. Fate went to Mordru - he was of the same chaos energy that powered Extant. The key to defeating him was the exploit in the Worlogog (Hourman kept a piece) and Dove - Hank Hall's dead partner.
JSA 15: Crime and Punishment
After Extant killed Dove, Hourman gave 1/15th of himself to each member so that they could be untouchable for 4 minutes at different times throughout the history fo Extant's universe.
Time healed itself. Atom Smasher had Metron use the Worlogog to replace his mother with Extant on the doomed plane. She appeared in his arms.
Hourman, Starman, Hippolyta, Atom Smasher, and Dr. Fate left the JSA. The original Star Spangled Kid disappeared.


  • The new Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt) and Dr. Mid-Nite (Pieter Anton Cross) joined the team as reserve members.
  • Injustice Society lineup: Johnny Sorrow, Count Vertigo, Icicle, Golden Wasp, Tigress, Blackbriar Thorn, Geomancer.
  • JSA lineup at this book's close: Sand, Sentinel, Hawkgirl, Wildcat, Star-Spangled Kid, Mr. Terrific, Dr. Mid-Nite, Black Canary, Flash.