JSA: Black Vengeance

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2005 (original material), 2006 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Keith Champagne, Leonard Kirk, Stephen Sadowski, Keith Champagne, Michael Bair
Collects: JSA 66-75
Prologue (from JSA 66-67)
Rip Hunter grabbed Atom Smasher from Kahndaq and brought him into the time stream.
In 1951, Per Degaton smiles when he sees a wanted poster featuring the JSA's members.
JSA 68: JSA / JSA chapter I: Making History
Stargirl returned home after the Solomon Grundy fight. The next morning, a group appeared in her kitchen and killed her entire family. Rip Hunter took her into her time sphere and told her what Degaton was doing - he would be framing the JSA in 1951, negating future generations of heroes. He left her in 1951 with other members of the current JSA while he went back for more.
JSA 69: JSA / JSA chapter II Guardian Angels
The current JSA went to visit their predecessors: Stargirl visited Ted Knight in a mental hospital. She was drugged and locked up. Terrific followed Terry Sloan onto a train where he was going to save his brother (again). Atom Smasher watched as Al Pratt got into a car with two other men. Jakeem met up with Johnny Thunder and told him he was his favorite JSA member. Sand watched as Wesley visited him while he was the monster. The two Dr. Mid-Nites met. Hourman watched his mother crying over his father even before they were married.
JSA 70: JSA / JSA chapter III: High Societies
Black Adam was invited to join a "new society."
Mr. Terrific learned he had a niece. His brother Ned had vanished again. Instead of giving money to the mother for the child to be raised in a casino, Terry grabbed her and ran. His escape was aided by Michael Holt.
Jakeem couldn't get Johnny to believe him, and the two got into a scuffle with a group of teenagers in a diner. Neither could call their thunderbolt.
Atom Smasher watched as Al Pratt was about to turn over Hawkman and Hawkgirl to the HUAC in order to save his fiance and her family from the same fate.
Sand told Sandman he didn't feel anything while he was uncased as a monster.
Stargirl escaped (with help from an unknown) and grabbed Ted on her way out.
The two Dr. Mid-Nites discussed medicine and prepared to go into action.
JSA 71: JSA / JSA chapter IV: Past Mistakes
Atom Smasher was able to convince the Atom to join him. Hawkman and Hawkgirl were in, too. Mr. Terrific helped Mr. Terrific take down some Klansmen - he remembered the other from his previous visit to his time. Rick saved his father from Degaton's torment. The last two to arrive at HQ where the Hourmen: Degaton planned to assassinate the President.
JSA 72: JSA / JSA conclusion
The JSA and JSA arrived at the White House just before Degaton and his Red Morgue. He planned to use his time discs to make the Atom explode. Rick gave Atom Smasher his tachyon hourglass. He took down Degaton. Starwoman (from the future) told her sister how the Thunderbolt could be released. It freed the Atom. Rip Hunter arrived while battle raged to take the future team home. En route, in 1985, they hit a time storm. Power Girl felt a huge pain from it.
Back in the present, Courtney found her family to be fine.
JSA 73: Black Vengeance part 1
The JSA voted on Atom Smasher's request to rejoin the team.
Black Adam spoke with Luthor, then went to bring Atom Smasher back to Kahndaq.
The Spectre and Eclipso (in Jean Loring's body) visited the Crimson Avenger.
The Wizard Shazam told Captain Marvel about Eclipso. He and Hawkman went to the JSA.
JSA 74: Black Vengeance part 2
Black Adam and Atom Smasher returned to Kahndaq, where the Spectre was attacking their people. The JSA were right behind them. Captain Marvel told them how Eclipso was controlling the Spectre, who was still without a human host. She'd convinced him all magic was evil.
While fighting Black Adam, Power Girl hit him with some sort of optic blast, then fell blind. The Thunderbolt attempted to banish the Spectre to the Fifth Dimension, but was thrown back at Jakeem. The two were trapped in the pen.
Eclipso and Alex (in stone form) attacked Atom Smasher and Stargirl.
JSA 75: Black Vengeance conclusion
As Atom Smasher continued to battle with what was right, Black Adam crushed Eclipso's neck. Eclipso had told Al that he could stand up to the Spectre if his heart was clean. He grew exponentially and locked hands with the ghost. He offered himself in return for the Spectre leaving Kahndaq. The Spectre took the deal and stopped his heart. Eclipso regenerated and disappeared.
Black Adam, after seeing Al fall, rushed to him, calling the lightning over and over. Al coughed and the JSA took him home. They ordered Adam to stay away from him.


  • The last three issues tie in to Day of Vengeance, the Infinite Crisis prelude.
  • Power Girl shot eye blasts for the first time.