JSA: Black Reign

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2003-2004 (original material), 2005 (collection)
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Rags Morales, Don Kramer, Michael Bair, Keith Champagne
Collects: JSA 56-58; Hawkman 23-25
JSA #56
Black Adam and his group: Atom Smasher, Nemesis, Northwind, Eclipso, and Brainwave, invaded Kahndaq and killed its ruler. The oppressed people would now be free.
Hawkman #23
The JSA visited St. Roch as civilians to celebrate Carter's birthday. As they gathered, Hawkman returned from a quick hostage situation to show them the news: Black Adam had taken over Kahndaq. He insisted he take over chairmanship.
JSA #57
The JSA headed to Kahndaq. There, Atom Smasher began hearing voices. En route, they were warned by Brainwave to turn back. When they did not, Black Adam flew through their plane. Feitherans attacked along with the natives.
Hawkman #24
Dr. Fate temporarily turned the Feitherans into real hawks. Atom Smasher captured Mid-Nite and Terrific, then handed them over to the civilians. Nabu took over Dr. Fate, banishing Hector into the amulet. He sided with Black Adam. Brainwave got into Captain Marvel's mind and caused him to call the lightning. He told Adam of the connection between Billy and Stargirl. Adam ordered Atom Smasher to bring the girl to him alive.
Nemesis sliced Hourman open. He hit a button on his gauntlet and switched places with his father. Rex was now on the front lines.
JSA #58
Hector regained control of Dr. Fate. Eclipso gained control of Alex's body due to one of his tattoos being cut. He blasted out through his diamond, killing Nemesis. Alex got enough control of his body to jump off a rooftop. Two of Black Adam's team were now dead, another ineffective as Hawkman broke one of Northwind's wings.
The Atom had been riding on Atom Smasher (the voices he was hearing). He got into Brainwave, and with help from Dr. Mid-Nite, he wen into his brain. Brainwave snuck up on the JSA and stopped them. The Atom encountered what appeared to be a tiny bug that spoke English inside Brainwave's head.
Hawkman #25
With Atom Smasher's help, Stargirl freed Billy. Brainwave fell unconscious. The entire JSA went at Black Adam. Hector brought his wife, Lyta - Fury, out from the amulet. Captain Marvel, seeing that he was a hero to the people of Kahndaq, offered a truce. He would be left in place as ruler, but he would never be allowed to leave the country. All reluctantly agreed.
Atom Smasher stayed behind as the JSA left. He soon left Black Adam's side as well.
The JSA tended their wounds (Brainwave recovered) and Hawkman stepped down as a member. He and Kendra flew home hand in hand.


  • Each issue's subtitle is Black Reign.
  • Alex Montez and Nemesis (Soseh Mykros) were killed.
  • Black Adam defeated the dictator of Kahndaq, his homeland. He set himself up as their new ruler.