America vs. The Justice Society

America vs. the Justice Society #1

Cover Date: January 1985
Subtitle: I Accuse
Writer(s): Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artists(s): Rafael Kayanan, Alfredo Alcala, Bill Collins, Rich Buckler, Jerry Ordrway
Storyline: Chapter One:
The Daily Star's Editor, Clark Kent, received a document from Batman's lawyer. It was his journal. Superman immediately knew it was Batman's handwriting (Bruce wrote left-handed while in costume to help conceal his identity). After reading some of it, he handed it off to Jimmy Olsen to verify.
The next day, the Daily Star printed Batman's journal - it detailed the exploits of a JSA under Hitler's control. All but Superman and the younger, more recent, members were implicated. Batman stated that he later crossed sides again.
The army arrived at the JSA's headquarters and arrested them. Superman voluntarily gave himself up as well. Robin and Huntress prepared to investigate.
Chapter Two:
Helena chose to take the JSA's case, while Dick decided to take some time to clear his head. Helena met with the team and got their side of the story. They then learned Dick was taking the case against them.

America vs. the Justice Society #2

Cover Date: February 1985
Subtitle: Trial by Congress
Writer(s): Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artists(s): Mike Hernandez, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: The JSA (Hawkman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Dr. Fate, Starman, Sandman, Wildcat, Hourman, Atom, Johnny Thunder, and Wonder Woman) were brought before the Congressional hearing. All gave details on the questions asked about their whereabouts, etc. during the times in question (1. their first meeting with Hitler; 2. why they didn't stop the Pearl Harbor attack). The Shining Knight and Robot Man (in the body of Chuck Grayson) made appearances to help in the play-by-play. Wonder Woman asked to be excused, as her husband was ailing.
The Spectre appeared and offered to take the JSA to another Earth, etc. or to destroy Earth-2. They demanded he leave, this was their home.
The Wizard and his associate, O'Fallon (who blamed the JSA for the death of his father) watched and waited.

America vs. the Justice Society #3

Cover Date: March 1985
Subtitle: Hostile Witness
Writer(s): Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artists(s): Howard Bender, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: The JSA continued telling the Congressional Hearing their history. The Wizard was brought in as a witness against them. He spun a story of how he'd been in Germany when they allied themselves with Hitler. He, too, aided Hitler, but was never a part of the Nazi party.
The Wizard seemed to help their cause by attempting to escape - Dr. Fate stopped him.

America vs. the Justice Society #4

Cover Date: April 1985
Subtitle: D-Day for Degaton
Writer(s): Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
Artists(s): Howard Bender, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: With O'Fallon and Per Degaton watching on TV, the JSA finished their history lesson, which included an appearance by Power Girl catching the committee up on the last few years.
Dick headed outside and met Dr. Nichols of the "Time Trust." Grayson began putting things together - he had Nichols' driver take him to a location in DC. There, he found Per Degaton waiting in an abandoned warehouse. He planned to use his former boss's (Professor Zee) time machine to conquer the world. Zee had not disappeared years before - he'd planned to go into the future to his 100th birthday. Degaton shot him and he fell into the time portal.
In present time, Zee and his time machine appeared. He fell dead from the bullet wound inflicted years prior. The JSA and the committee arrived in time to witness it all. Degaton, realizing he'd never fulfill his destiny, killed himself.
The JSA was cleared - Batman's journal was a code to get them to solve Degaton's plot. Dick did it. Helena confided to him that Bruce was dying of cancer when he (Batman) was killed in 1979.


  • Takes place on Earth-2, it's year 1985.
  • This gives a really good overview of the entire Earth-2 JSA history.