JSA: All Stars

Format: tpb
Binding: tpb
Date: 2003 (original material), 2004 (collection)
Writer(s): David Goyer, Geoff Johns (unless otherwise noted)
Artists(s): as noted
Collects: JSA All Stars 1-8 of 8
Legacy (#1) [Velluto, Almond (a)]
Solomon Grundy broke Icicle out of a prison transport plane. Sand once again tried to reach out to the man, but he told him he already belonged to a team: the Injustice Society. The JSA arrived to help, but the founding members (Hawkman, Sentinel, Flash, and Wildcat) were hit with a medallion and disappeared. Sand was hit, too, but turned to glass instead.
Back at HQ, the Spectre appeared and told the group the sigil was of a demon named Legacy. They must face their personal demons before facing Legacy. When they were ready, the Spectre would take them to him.
Flying High (#2) [Winslade (a)]
Kendra visited with her grandfather, Speed Saunders. He took her to see a little girl named Mia. Kendra had given the girl up for adoption when she was sixteen.
The Same Thing Happens Every Night (#2) [Loeb (w); Sale (a)]
Hawkman helped police take down some criminals, making himself late for dinner with Shiera.
Challenging Fate (#3) [Kitson (a)]
Hector Hall visited with Nabu. He was taught the ability to see others' fates. He saw his own - to kill his mother and be killed by his father. He refused to believe this future was written in stone.
Untitled (#3) [Cooke (w, a)]
Dr. Fate, and his wife, Inza, saved survivors of a cruise ship they were a part of from a demon from the depths.
A Star is Born (#4) [McKone, Faucher (a)]
The Star Spangled Kid and STRIPE headed to Las Vegas to see her father. She'd only met him once since he walked out on her and her mother. STRIPE had located him running credit card frauds. When they arrived, they found him working as a thug for the Royal Flush Gang. They stopped their heist and saw him to jail.
On their way back, Pat reminded Courtney that she was carrying two legacies - that of the Star Spangled Kid and of Starman. She renamed herself Stargirl.
Starman: FBI Agent (#4) [Robinson (w); Harris (a)]
In 1941, Starman met with FBI agents and agreed to work with them to take down their #2 most wanted - a man who'd created a machine gun that would shoot acid. Once on the scene, he turned on the men. They were German spies posing as FBI. He then reported to his real FBI contact, Woodley Allen.
An Hour at a Time (#5) [DeKraker, Rollins (a)]
While visiting his mother, Rick had a flash-forward of a suicide jumper. He quickly found the building and headed in. The man had locked the elevators, so Hourman hit his Miraclo and spent the next hour heading up the 80 flights of stairs. By the time he reached the roof and the man, most of his hour was up. While talking to the man, he had the realization that he had been an addict. The man jumped as Rick's hour elapsed. They worked together to climb back up.
Conduct Unbecoming (#5) [Chaykin (w, a)]
In October of 1940, the original Hourman stopped a would-be saboteur of a wargame practice. Due to his intervention, Dwight Eisenhower lived.
Out of the Shadows (#6) [Sadowski, Von Grawbadger (a)]
Dr. Mid-nite appeared on the scene of a subway crash. He delivered the child of one of the victims and helped them both out. While the woman was in labor, she insisted he tell her his story. She named her baby Kathryn after the woman who'd been killed in his accident.
Blind Spot (#6) [Azzarello (w); Risso (a)]
Dr. Mid-Nite tended a woman in a car crash. She squealed on her abusive boyfriend, but split with the loot when the hero went after him.
Fair Enough (#7) [Ross, Rodriguez (a)]
Mr. Terrific realized he was being followed. After dropping the two guys, he found out they were DEO. He decided to visit Director Bones. Bones informed him he had a file on everyone and had every right to watch the leader of the most powerful team on the planet. He also told Holt that his wife had been six weeks pregnant when she died.
Michael found comfort that she was not alone.
The Strange Case of Mr. Terrific and Doctor Nil (#7) [Chabon (w); Lark (a)]
Terry Sloan's brother, Ned, visited him drunk (again). He'd pawned his coat and needed money (again). A few nights later, Ned showed up at one of Terry's costume parties in a getup styled like Mr. Terrific, but instead of "Fair Play," his placard read "Who Cares." Ned talked a man out of killing his brother.
And Justice for All (#8) [Velluto, Almond (a)]
The Justice Society members returned to their headquarters. The Spectre soon appeared and readied them to go save their friends. Dr. Fate saw through his disguise - the Spectre was actually Legacy. Legacy transported them to the place where he had their teammates (including the real Spectre). Fate had Hawkgirl give his helmet to the Spectre. This released him; he released the others.
Legacy was revealed to be The Wizard when Legacy was met with his own inner demons. The Spectre expelled him to Purgatory.


  • Issue 1 and 8 are single stories; the others have backup features. The backup features are set in the past at various times.
  • The Star Spangled Kid mentions working with the JSA for a year in issue 1.
  • Hawkgirl - Kendra Saunders - gave up her baby for adoption at age sixteen.
  • The Star Spangled Kid renamed herself Stargirl.