JSA: All Star Comics Archives Volume 0

Format: archive edition
Binding: hc
Date: 1940 (content), 2006 (collection)
Writer(s): Gardner Fox, Jon L. Blummer (Don Shelby), Jerry Siegel, Albert Sulman, Evelyn Gaines, Ken Fitch, Bill Finger, John B. Wentworth
Artists(s): Creig Flessel, Sheldon Moldoff, Chad Grothkopf, Jon L. Blummer (Don Shelby), Everett Hibbard, Bernard Baily, Joseph Sulman, William Smith, Martin Nodell, Stan Aschmeier
Collects: All Star Comics 1-2
Hawkman: Sorcerer Trygg (issue 1)
Hawkman saved a pair of siblings who were being tormented by their uncle and his zombies. He was trying to get rid of them in order to take their inheritance.
The Sandman: The Twin Thieves (issue 1)
Wesley Dodds followed a robber out of a jewelry store to his home. He returned later as the Sandman. After a brief altercation with the man, another arrived - his twin. Sandman followed them to their next caper and tipped the cops. When the twins eluded them, Sandman took them down and placed them in the police car.
The Flash: The Murder of Widow Jones (issue 1)
The Flash happened upon a murder scene and got himself deputised to help in the investigation. He found a piece of a tie in the victim's room and traced it to the store and buyer. He had the suspects in custody before the officer at the scene could report the crime.
The Spectre: The Tenement Fires (issue 1)
The Spectre stopped a man who was buying old apartment buildings and burning them for insurance money. Dozens were killed in his blazes.
The Hour-Man: The Forest Fires (issue 1)
Hour-man stopped some real estate developers from forcing people out of their homes in order to take their land.
Hawkman: Sacrifice for Yum-Chac (issue 2)
Hawkman found a girl murdered. The clues led him to a colleague - his wife had been kidnapped. Hawkman followed the trail to Mexico, where Aztecs had taken the woman to be a sacrifice to Yum-Chac, their rain god. He saved the woman and returned her home.
The Green Lantern: The Robot Men (issue 2)
Green Lantern investigated the disappearances of dozens of vagrants and homeless in his area. They men had been drugged by Baron Von Zorn, who was using them as "robots" to overthrow the country. GL stole a body from the morgue and created an antidote. He got himself kidnapped by the group and was able to take them down from the inside.
The Spectre: The Curse of Kulak (issue 2)
An ancient scroll was stolen and a sorcerer named Kulak was freed. The Spectre did battle against Kulak as the sorcerer attempted to destroy Earth. The Spectre emerged victorious.
The Sandman: The Glowing Globe (issue 2)
The white ball of death was stolen from scientific vault by a man wearing a yellow concrete mask. He planned on using it to rob the treasury. The Sandman went to investigate. It turned out to be the brother of his dinner guest, Sir Basil Lorimer. Basil's brother ended up killing him during the caper, but Sandman eventually killed the perpetrator and securing his secret identity.
Johnny Thunderbolt: The Darling Apartment (issue 2)
Johnny and his magic thunderbolt helped move some gamblers out of a building so his girlfriend's father could develop the land into an apartment building.
The Hour-Man: Dr. Morte, Spiritualist (issue 2)
Hourman and his "Minute Men" took down a scam artist (Dr. Morte) posing as a medium hoping to steal his victim's money and jewels. The man got info on the victim's dead wife to convince him she was speaking from beyond the grave.
The Flash: The One-Man Newspaper (issue 2)
Jay Garrick went to visit a friend at the newspaper where he worked - the Daily Column. When he arrived, no one was there at all. He took things into his own hands and single-handedly finished the paper and got it delivered. After all that, he waited around the office to see if the kidnappers would return to find out what happened. They did, and he delivered them to the police after playing with them a bit. They wanted to take over the paper for political reasons.


  • These are solo stories featuring future members of the not-yet-formed Justice Society of America.
  • This book also contains the following non-JSA related stories: Gary Concord, The Ultra-Man: The European War of 2240; Biff Bronson: The Great Remembo; Exile to Jupiter; and Red, White and Blue: The Volcano Invasion (issue 1) and Red, White and Blue: Invisible Ink Glass; The Invisible Star (issue 2).