JLA: Salvation Run

Salvation Run #1 [24]

Cover Date: January 2008
Subtitle: Hellish New World
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Sean Chen, Walden Wong
Storyline: Amanda Waller and Rick Flagg discussed their plans to send super-powered villains to another inhabitable planet. The first group (the Flash Rogues) were boom tubed in about two weeks before the second group. When the second arrived, the Rogues greeted them and let them know that they'd been lied to - the planet wasn't as safe as they'd been led to believe. They'd been attacked almost constantly since arriving.
Abra Kadabra was convince there was a "safe zone" after communicating with some small, yet semi-intelligent beings.
Darkseid and Desaad watched from afar - they'd made sure the planet looked safe when Checkmate evaluated it.

Salvation Run #2 [20]

Cover Date: February 2008
Subtitle: Take this World and Shove It
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Sean Chen, Walden Wong
Storyline: The villains began to get a better grip on their foes as they landed on their new home planet. Hellhound was injured in an attacked, his group used him as bait on the next attack.
Joker killed Psimon, who was attempting to turn everyone's attention to making a new civilization.
Lex Luthor arrived and called for everyone to help make a boom tube.

Salvation Run #3 [16]

Cover Date: March 2008
Subtitle: All you Need is Hate
Writer(s): Matthew Sturges
Artists(s): Sean Chen, Walden Wong
Storyline: A schism developed between Luthor and Joker. Two different camps emerged after a battle - Luthor and Sivana leading one, Joker and Grodd the other. Joker killed Iron Cross.
Martian Manhunter, masquerading as Blockbuster, contacted Earth.

Salvation Run #4 [11]

Cover Date: April 2008
Subtitle: Life is but a Nightmare
Writer(s): Matthew Sturges
Artists(s): Sean Chen, Walden Wong
Storyline: Catwoman saw Martian Manhunter, but kept silent.
Mallah and the Brain crossed camps to speak with Grodd. They wanted to team up. Grodd took offense and killed them both. Joker then pushed the injured Grodd off a cliff.
Vandal Savage took a group of ladies to what he claimed was the safe zone.

Salvation Run #5 [07]

Cover Date: May 2008
Subtitle: Through a Glass Deadly
Writer(s): Matthew Sturges
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Belardino Brabo
Storyline: Joker's group staged a raid on Luthor's. Catwoman was captured and fingered as a spy. To save herself, she fingered Blockbuster as being Martian Manhunter. He tried to explain to them that he stowed away to find out what the government was doing with them, but the villains defeated him. He destroyed the communication device he'd been using to contact Batman.
Desaad watched with approval and prepared to send the next group of parademons to their proving ground.

Salvation Run #6 [03]

Cover Date: June 2008
Subtitle: Burning down the World
Writer(s): Matthew Sturges
Artists(s): Sean Chen, Walden Wong
Storyline: Luthor ordered the Martian to be kept alive as a bargaining chip. Thunder and Lightning attempted to rescue him, but they were stopped by Bane. Luthor and Joker got into a fist fight, but it was interrupted by dozens of boom tubes. Parademons descended upon the hell planet by the hundreds.

Salvation Run #7 [--]

Cover Date: July 2008
Subtitle: We Gotta Get Out of this Planet
Writer(s): Matthew Sturges
Artists(s): Sean Chen, Walden Wong, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Warp teleported the device Luthor and Sivana were working on to the "safe zone" where Savage had made a camp. Grodd, who'd been working with Luthor telepathically, reemerged as the device neared completion.
Power was applied and the villains returned home. As Luthor passed through, he detonated it, killing the parademons.


  • The [bracketed] number indicates where it fits with Countdown.
  • The original issues did not mark this book as "JLA" - that header only appeared when it was collected.
  • Deaths: Hellhound, Psimon, Iron Cross, Monsieur Mallah, the Brain,
  • The storyline got way offline with Countdown by issue 5.