Justice volume one

Date: 2005-06 (original material), 2007 (collection)
Writer(s): Jim Krueger
Artists(s): Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite
Collects: Justice 1-4 (of 12)
Storyline: The Justice League began having nightmares that the Earth was exploding around them and they were helpless to save anyone.
Black Manta captured Aquaman and delivered him to Lex Luthor.

Using computers inside Wayne Industries, the Riddler and his men hacked Batman's systems. Batman later captured him and he was returned to Arkham. The Riddler left some clues - an eyeball and an ear.
Flash found where Captain Cold and Poison Ivy had teamed up to create a small paradise in what once was a desert.
The villains were having the same dreams as the heroes.
Brainiac prepared Aquaman for surgery.

Martian Manhunter was mentally attacked by Grodd while searching for Aquaman.
Across the globe, "super-villains" continued making strides for the betterment of humanity. Even the press was picking up on it.
Luthor broke Edward Nigma free of Arkham; the Joker vowed "I can leave here whenever I want. You know that! I only stay here for as long as I think its funny!"
Brainiac prepared to do surgery on Aquaman.
Red Tornado was attacked while on monitor duty in the JLA's satellite.
The League's civilian identities were compromised.

As Luthor broadcast his propaganda to the public, Bizarro, Metallo, Solomon Grundy, and Parasite attacked Clark Kent; Sinestro captured Hal Jordan; Scarecrow and Clayface attacked Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen; Cheetah attacked Diana Prince; Toyman attacked Carter and Shayera Hall; Ray Palmer was hit by a sniper's bullet; Flash lost the ability to control his power.

Justice volume two

Date: 2006 (original material), 2007 (collection)
Writer(s): Jim Krueger
Artists(s): Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite
Collects: Justice 5-8 (of 12)
Storyline: The JLA's reserve team was called in when none of the charter members could be found.
Martian Manhunter escaped and found Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
Captain Marvel saved Superman and took him to the Batcave. There, Superman realized Batman was under mind control - microscopic worms were throughout his body. He had Bruce and Alfred tied up.
Dinah and Ollie survived their attack and put their attackers on the run.
Green Lantern's ring could not tell him where he was or get him home, only that he'd been transported by a boom tube.

Captain Marvel threw Superman through the sun (per his request) in hopes of destroying the mind control worms in his body. After they headed to the JLA satellite and saw it explode.
Ray Palmer was attacked by his nurse, who was actually the sniper who shot him - Giganta. Palmer shrunk and escaped.
Hal Jordan placed himself inside his ring, which would allow him to live indefinitely - unless someone found the ring and used it. John Stewart visited Ferris Aircraft looking for him.
Martian Manhunter led Hawkman and Hawkwoman to Toyman.
Grodd fed the dream to Black Adam since Captain Marvel had complicated the situation.
Wonder Woman found Batman in the cave - he was under Poison Ivy's spell, but her lasso brought him back.
Zatanna took Red Tornado to Doc Magnus.

Zatanna and Martian Manhunter found Aquaman and got him to the Doom Patrol.
Solomon Grundy captured Dick Grayson (Robin) and Wally West (Kid Flash).
The League met at Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
Hawkman and Hawkwoman destroyed Toyman's facility, including several Brainiac robots.
Superman and Captain Marvel were able to break Flash's mind control.
Black Adam captured Freddie and Mary.
Aqualad, controlled by Black Manta, kidnapped Aquaman's son.

Superman realized Brainiac was behind everything.
Flash captured Captain Cold and brought him to the Fortress. Batman interrogated him; Superman found that he was being controlled by the same mechanical worms that had infected the League.
Zatanna brought Aquaman and the Doom Patrol to the Fortress. Mera told him that Arthur, Jr. had been abducted.
The Phantom Stranger found and saved Green Lantern. Hal was able to destroy all the mind control devices inside his teammates.
Red Tornado informed the group that all their loved ones had been abducted.

Justice volume three

Date: (original material), (collection)
Writer(s): Jim Krueger
Artists(s): Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite
Collects: Justice 9-12 (of 12)
Storyline: The League used Captain Cold to track Grodd. They attacked, but he was prepared. Grodd had one of Sinestro's yellow power rings. Metamorpho was able to grab the ring, but Sinestro and Grodd escaped.
Captain Marvel was betrayed by his sister and came under the influence of Grodd and Brainiac. Green Lantern freed him of their mind control. He and Marvel visited Dr. Sivana in Arkham.
Bruce took Clark to Dr. Thompkins' clinic, where he discovered that Brainiac was not "curing" people, but turning them into beings more like himself.
The League, wearing armor designed by Dr. Will Magnus, regrouped and went on attack.

The Justice League attacked the villains as a diversion in order to get their loved ones to safety.
Atom was able to disrupt Luthor's personal force field.
Green Arrow got a Lantern ring to John Stewart.
Joker, not a part of either group, detonated several nearby buildings.

The Justice League deceived their enemies - their armor betrayed their true identities.
John Stewart nuked all the mind control worms from the sky. This also removed the knowledge of the heroes' true identities.
After the battle, Brainiac's duplicates confused Aquaman and the group - dozens of his robots concealed his true location.
Scarecrow used his fear to turn citizens against the heroes.
Brainiac had taken control of all weapons of mass destruction on Earth.

Superman stopped Toyman.
Superman, Red Tornado, and Zatanna followed Brainiac as he hopped from one robot body to another.
All the villains were defeated and the citizens of their flying cities returned to Earth.
Aquaman saved his son from Black Manta.
Batman convinced Grodd and Luthor to help them stop the bombs. The Green Lantern Corps diverted all of them into the sun.
Brainiac was frozen in his ship and placed inside Kandor.
Diana's body was reborn - reshaped from the clay it from which it came.

wrap-around covers


  • Arthur and Mera have a son named Arthur.
  • "He's (Aquaman) been missing for weeks now." (Martian Manhunter, internal, issue 3).
  • Though this was not advertised as "in continuity," I see no reason that it can't be - the inclusion of the Captain Marvel family can be explained by this taking place after Earth-S was first visited in continuity.
  • Each volume contains sketches, bios, and notes on various characters.

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