Crisis on Multiple Earths volume 4

Date: 1975-77 (original material), 2006 (collection)
Writer(s): Cary Bates, E. Nelson Bridwell, Paul Levitz, Elliot S. Maggin, Martin Pasko
Artists(s): Dick Dillin, Frank McLaughlin
Collects: Justice League of America 123-124, 135-137, 147-148
Storyline: Where on Earth am I?
On Earth-Prime, the Justice League of America writers searched for a plot. They pulled out the treadmill that the Flash once used to get back to his Earth. Cary Bates got on it and vanished from E-Prime only to find himself on Earth-2 in the midst of a robbery. He saw Johnny Thunder and Robin stop the crooks, then mentally turned their getaway car into a getaway plane.
Cary Bates realized he could alter the "reality" of E-2.
Elliot S! Maggin, his writing partner, got on the treadmill in hopes of finding him. He was transported to Earth-1, where he was saved by Aquaman. Aquaman took him to the JLA satellite, where Maggin tried to convince the rest of the members he was telling the truth. The Flash verified his story.
Bates, setting himself up as a supervillain, captured the JSA. The JLA realized Bates must be on Earth-2 and transported themselves to the alternate world. When they arrived, they faced off against several supervillains. Once they were defeated, they realized the "villains" were actually the JSA made to look like villains. They were all dead.

Avenging Ghosts of the Justice Society
The JLA buried their would-be counterparts and set out to find those responsible for setting them up. Elsewhere on Earth-2, Cary Bates robbed a train and stole dozens of gold bars. He delivered them to the Injustice Society and referred to them as "masters."
The Justice League battled fallout at a nuclear plant; Bates captured Maggin. The Spectre appeared and watched the Injustice Society attack the JLA. He was granted permission to revive the dead JSA members who were haunting the Justice League. The Injustice Society was defeated and the Wizard's spell over Cary Bates was broken. The T-Bolt sent the writers back to Earth-Prime.

Crisis in Eternity
King Kull somehow got himself a rocket / time machine and transported himself to the Rock of Eternity. The gods were trapped in a time stoppage, but the wizard Shazam got a message out to Mercury about Kull's plan - genocide against humankind. Mercury enlisted the JLA: Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkman, and Hawkwoman to help stop Kull. On Earth-2, he grabbed Batman (out of retirement), Robin, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Johnny Thunder; from Earth-S, Spy Smasher, Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Mr. Scarlet, and Pinky. They were all gathered and told of Kull. Mercury split them up and sent them all back to their own Earths in order to combat the coming crisis.
On Earth-2, Wonder Woman (e2) and Superman (e1) encountered a rogue Amazon who'd enslaved some supervillains. Superman was captured. Wonder Woman rescued him and defeated Queen Clea. Green Arrow (e1) and Spy Smasher (eS) defeated Penguin and Ibac. Superman, with his telescopic vision, saw a strange pink cloud over Atlantis (which on e2 had returned to the surface). It rained down on the continent, causing it to sink. Superman used his super breath to crystallize the cloud, and then punched it into space.
Kull's plan for Earth-2 had been stopped.

Crisis on Earths
Nature was completed turned inside-out on Earths Batman and Robin of Earth-2, Bulletman and Bulletgirl of Earths, Hawkman and Hawkwoman of Earth-1, and Mr. Scarlett and Pinky of Earths battled the craziness which seemed to follow Dr. Light, Shade, Joker, and the Weeper. The heroes emerged victorious by forcing the two satellites which were causing the natural (and unnatural) disasters to collide and destroy one another.

Crisis in Tomorrow
Mr. Atom, a nuclear powered robot, attacked Earth-1. The god Mercury, Ibis (of Earths), the two Flashes (Earths-1 and 2) and two Green Lanterns (e1, e2) focused on it. Brainiac joined Mr. Atom from his space ship above the Earth (1). Ibis almost single-handedly defeated both Brainiac and Mr. Atom while the GLs and Flashes saved bystanders. Once they were victorious, all three Earths' heroes headed to the Rock of Eternity.
The Marvel Family was transformed by Johnny Thunder's thunderbolt (since Shazam was still trapped in time); they joined the heroes on the Rock. Captain Marvel used his magic to break the spell over Superman (he'd been maddened by red Kryptonite), and the heroes defeated Kull.

Crisis in the 30th Century
The JLA and JSA were gathered on the JLA satellite orbiting Earth-1. They'd just captured the Psycho Pirate. As the JSA prepared to go to their own Earth, two giant hands reached in and grabbed up ten of them: Earth-1's Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Black Canary; and Earth-2's Dr. Fate, Power Girl, Flash, Green Lantern, and Hawkman. When they were released, Superman realized they'd been transported into the 30th Century. The hands belonged to the evil sorcerer Mordru. He'd attempted to grab three mystical objects, but the heroes stood in his way.
They all attacked, but were no match for the mighty wizard. Dr. Fate cast a spell of suggestion and Mordru tasked the ten with fetching his items in return for their own lives. He held Canary and GA as hostages to insure they would all return. Dinah realized Dr. Fate's suggestion had sent the others to the same places where Legionnaires had been lost on the same quest.
Dr. Fate, Superman, and Hawkman soon arrived where Sun Boy and Wildfire had been trapped. They secured the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath for Mordru.
The two Green Lanterns and Batman went after the Bell of Uthool. Brainiac 5 and Princess Projectra were there pleading with the natives for the bell. It was keeping dragons away from their land and they would not let it go. Batman devised a plan - a scarecrow. Projectra showed them an image of the dragons' natural predators, and the GLs carved an uninhabited planet to look like one. The natives gave the heroes the magic bell.
Flash (e2) and Power Girl went after the Red Jar of Calythos. In no time, it was in their possession. Mordru received the magical items and conjured their corresponding demons. The demons defeated Mordru and moved to destroy the objects which were used to imprison them.

Crisis in Triplicate
The JSA and JLA hurdled back in time while Green Arrow and Black Canary remained imprisoned in the 30th Century. The demons destroyed their avatars; the Legion attempted to get Mordru's physical form reunited with his spirit.
The demons could not decide on what to do - all wanted a different fate for Earth (leave it as it is, rule it, destroy it). They summoned the JLA and JSA back; each chose a team to pit against each other (the third being the Legion). As they battled, the teams (secretly) began to break free of their mind control. Two of the demons began fighting each other, and they were both destroyed. Dr. Fate absorbed the released magics then defeated the third.
As Superman carried his comrades back through the time barrier, Green Lantern (Hal) used his ring to cause everyone to forget their experiences in the 30th Century.


  • "This Earth (2) rotates at a slower speed - time passes less quickly than on our Earth (1) ... The idea is that Earth-2 is about twenty years behind because some time flux." (Batman, #123)
  • Six of Earth-2's heroes, Robin, Wildcat, Wonder Woman, Johnny Thunder, Hourman, and Dr. Mid-Nite are accidentally killed by the JLA. They are later resurrected by the Spectre. (123-124)
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