Crisis on Multiple Earths volume 3

Date: 1971-74 (original material), 2004 (collection)
Writer(s): Mike Friedrich, Len Wein
Artists(s): Dick Dillin, Joe Giella, Dick Giordano
Collects: Justice League of America 91-92, 100-102, 107-108, 113.
Storyline: Earth - the Monster-Maker
On Earth-1, Batman arrived at the JLA headquarters with the Flash, who appeared to be dead. He came to for a short period and mentioned something about an alien. The JLA caught up with Robin, who was already working the case.
On Earth-2, Robin found Green Lantern. He'd been attacked by an alien child and had lost his ring. The JSA convened and temporarily joined with the JLA. Both Robins were injured by the child, and GL (Hal) sent them to the Batcave via his ring. On the other Earth, the alien's pet attacked and took down both Supermen and Flash (Jay). They regrouped and trapped the being.
The alien child escaped the heroes and bumped into Solomon Grundy. Together, they KO'ed the JLA / JSA team-up.

Solomon Grundy, the One and Only
The heroes were able to escape Grundy and the alien child, while the other aliens sought their missing companion. In the Earth-2 Batcave, its Robin gave the Earth-1 Robin a new costume - one he used to wear. They caught the trail of the alien child and contacted the JSA, who were tending their wounded. The two Hawkmen joined them and regained Green Lantern's (Alan) ring. Earth-1 Robin was able to calm the child. The Green Lanterns took down Solomon Grundy together. The Robins realized the alien child was dying and thought to put it with the other. They traveled to the other Earth, and the symbiotic alien duo revived each other. Their ship arrived and took them away.
Robin of Earth-1 kept the other's old costume as the heroes parted ways.

The Unknown Soldier of Victory
The JLA got together to celebrate their 100th meeting. As they were about to cut their "birthday" cake, they were teleported to the JSA headquarters on Earth-2. Dr. Fate and Hourman showed the group an evil hand that was set to crush the earth in 48 hours. The magicians (Fate, T-Bolt, and Zatanna) got together and summoned the Oracle. The Oracle told them the "Nebula Man" had been defeated once before, by the Seven Soldiers of Victory. The Seven no longer existed on either Earth-1 or Earth-2. He opened seven doors for the JSA / JLA to enter and search.
Dr. Fate, the Atom, and Elongated Man found the Crimson Avenger in ancient Mexico. He believed he was the sun god and ruled the Aztecs. Dr. Fate was able to destroy the piece of the Nebula Man and break it's spell. The Oracle brought them back to the present.

The Hand that Shook the World
Diana Prince, the powerless Wonder Woman of Earth-1, briefed Earth-2's Robin, Green Lantern, and Mr. Terrific when they arrived at JSA headquarters. Superman, Sandman, and Metamorpho found the Shining Knight in ancient China. He was Genghis Khan's secret weapon. They were able to nab him and get back to their time.
Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and Dr. Mid-Nite found themselves in the English countryside being attacked by archers. They convinced the "merry men" they were friendly and returned home with Green Arrow.
Batman, Starman, and Hourman found Stripesy in ancient Egypt. He had been enslaved and was helping build a great pyramid. The three heroes were captured. They escaped and freed Stripesy before returning to their own time.
Back at the JSA headquarters, the Iron Hand crept up behind Diana Prince.

And One of Us Must Die
Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Johnny Thunder rescued the Vigilante from a Native American tribe. Aquaman, Wildcat, and Green Lantern (Hal) nabbed the Star-Spangled Kid from a group of cavemen. Flash (Barry), Zatanna, and Red Tornado faced off against the witch Circe and won. They returned to the present with Speedy. All Seven were now accounted for. After Diana smashed Iron Hand's iron hand, the Seven were able to recreate the weapon they first used to destroy the Nebula Man. Red Tornado sacrificed himself and destroyed the menace as well.

Crisis on Earth-X
The JLA and JSA, on their respective Earths, built identical transmitter machines in hopes they could travel between the two more easily. Each tested on three members: the JLA sent Green Arrow, Batman, and Elongated Man. The JSA sent Sandman, Dr. Fate, and Superman. All six were lost. They arrived at the same location and were met by Red Tornado, who'd somehow survived his battle with the Nebula Man and stowed away in one of the transmitters. They were spotted by Nazi war tanks. As they were about to be defeated, costumed heroes calling themselves the Freedom Fighters arrived and saved them. Back at their headquarters, Uncle Sam explained to them that the US had lost WWII recently after the Nazis developed a mind control weapon. Only he, the Human Bomb, Doll Man, the Ray, the Black Condor, and the Phantom Lady had been immune to it.
Dr. Fate used his magic to locate the three mind control devices. They split up into teams to destroy them. Fate, Batman, the Ray, and Human Bomb took on Paris. They destroyed it atop the Eiffel Tower.

Thirteen Against the Earth
Superman, Doll Man, Green Arrow, and Phantom Lady were teleported to Mt. Fujiyama in Japan. Germany turned on Japan after winning the war and placed a mind control device atop the mountain. They destroyed the device, but like the first one, it seemed to have no affect on the people. Black Condor, Sandman, Uncle Sam, and Elongated Man went after the device near Mt. Rushmore. They destroyed it and were teleported back to the others. Back at the Freedom Fighters' base, they were accused by the JSA / JLA team of treason. Red Tornado realized the mind control was still working and flew to a satellite where he found a forth. His vibrations dropped the satellite from orbit, destroying the forth mind-control device. Once he made it back to the base, they used part of the master device to create a way home.

The Creature in the Velvet Cage
Some JLA members met on Earth-2 and helped the JSA take down the Horned Owl Gang. Abruptly, Sandman got in a car and left. They found him at his home, which had been partially destroyed. He told them the story of Sandy, his former sidekick: an experiment years before had gone wrong and he was horribly changed and disfigured. Sandman had kept the boy locked up below his home. He'd now escaped. The combined JLA / JSA went after him.
Superman, Elongated Man, and Hourman found him crashing a wedding. They subdued him, but he turned to sand and escaped. He also escaped Flash (Jay), Batman, and Wonder Woman (E2). Green Lantern (Hal) and Sandman were able to momentarily stop him while the rest of the team arrived. When they did, and earthquake occurred, and again, the monster escaped. Superman stopped the earthquake with Wonder Woman's lasso. After the threat cleared, Sandy appeared to them again - he had been out to stop the earthquake, as the vibrations had awakened him and caused him great pain. He then told the group he'd regained himself from the original madness from his transformation years ago. Sandman was destroyed and walked away. Wonder Woman believed Amazonian science could cure him.


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