Crisis on Multiple Earths volume 2

Date: 1967-70 (original material), 2003 (collection)
Writer(s): Gardner Fox, Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Mike Sekowsky, Dick Dillin, Sid Greene, Joe Giella
Collects: Justice League of America 55-56, 64-65, 73-74, 82-83.
Storyline: The Super-Crisis that Struck Earth-Two
On Earth-2, strange black spheres were merging with people, turning them into super-criminals. The JSA welcomed a new member to their team - Robin (now grown and replacing the "semi-retired" Batman). They put together a plan to take on their new enemies. Robin and Wildcat were defeated by their prey - a former athlete bent on destroying all sporting events / facilities. "Gem Girl," a woman who appeared to gain powers from jewels, took down Wonder Woman.
Hawkman and Mr. Terrific failed to stop "Money Master." Hourman was buried by How Chu. Not even Johnny Thunder's T-Bolt could stop the new villains. When it returned, it was commanded to bring them some of the JLA heroes of Earth-One. Superman, Flash, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern appeared.
The T-Bolt told them what it'd found out: the black spheres were super intelligent life from another universe. When merged with humans, an evil reaction occurred. The "hosts" weren't necessarily bad - they were being controlled.

The Negative-Crisis on Earths One-Two
The combined JSA/JLA forces went out in search of the remains of the other spheres which had not been able to attach to humans. They were able to salvage some of the energy and use it for themselves. GL, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Hourman were blasted with the radiation. Each teamed up with some of the non-radiated members and went in search of their targets.
Hourman, like the others radiated with the black spheres, turned evil. Superman and Robin were able to get their fight under water, where he seemed to become human again. After he was neutralized, they went after their bad guy. Hawkman and GA found a weakness in the Flash when he turned evil - a plant to which he was allergic. Green Lantern, now also evil, was no longer vulnerable to yellow, but he did have the wood weakness that the Earth-2 GL had. Mr. Terrific and Wildcat got the best of him. Johnny Thunder somehow defeated Wonder Woman by telling her jokes. He used this "power" against the other sphere-keepers and the T-Bolt released the humans from their bindings.

The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado
The JSA met (on Earth-2) and were joined by the Red Tornado. Though he claimed to be the original, the original was a woman. Red Tornado knew everyone and everyone's civilian identity. They took his mask off and he had no face. They got the word that a museum was being attacked and went into action. They villains also had no faces. Black Canary went down, followed by Starman and Hourman. The Flash was vaporized by the criminals' energy weapons. Red Tornado began to think he may be under some sort of mind control, taking down his own team. Both he and Dr. Fate went down soon afterwards, and the criminals escaped with the loot.
Fate and Tornado fell into a lake, awakening them. Red Tornado flew away as if being called for. He arrived at the hideout of T.O. Morrow - a man who'd fought Green Lantern and Flash (of Earth-1) some time before. He could use technology to see into the future, and had created Red Tornado in order to defeat the JSA. T.O. blasted him with the same type of energy weapon used to "kill" the others.
With several of his team members dead, Dr. Fate called in the other members of the JSA to search out the new Red Tornado. They found him taking down T.O. Morrow and more of his faceless goons. When he told them how to bring the others back from the dead, they all went down. Morrow planned to return to Earth-1 and take on the JLA.

T.O. Morrow kills the Justice League - Today
T.O. Morrow created duplicates of the Justice League's significant others. They killed their lovers (Wonder Woman, Snapper, Atom, Hawkman, and Aquaman), leaving only Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and Superman alive. Morrow boasted his plans to them. He put them up against some monsters of his creation. After that test was through, he pitted them against some of their own foes - Dr. Light, Amazo, Super Duper, Diamond Creature, and Starro the Conqueror. The remainder of the JLA were killed. Morrow placed them in a trophy room of his own in their headquarters. His computer from the future told him he would succeed at anything as long as the Red Tornado did not interfere.
Tornado awakened and used his homing sense to travel to Earth-1. He found the JLA in the trophy room (though he did not know them), and a taped recording - a diary - of T.O. Morrow's plans. He gathered the real girl / boyfriends of the JLA and had their kisses reverse the deaths of half the members. He told them what had happened and they headed for Earth-2 to revive the JSA. En route, they found T.O. Morrow planning to have Earth-1 and Earth-2 go to war against each other. They defeated Morrow and had him revive the other "dead" members. He told Red Tornado that he was a machine and had no identity. Tornado left Morrow on Earth-1 with the JLA and returned "home."

Star Light, Star Bright - Death Star I See Tonight
Red Tornado visited the JLA of Earth-1 to tell them about a situation on his Earth: Starman had encountered some rogue being in the sky above his observatory. Black Canary was nearby with her husband. She investigated and was attacked by Larry Lance. He had no clue as to why he'd done it. She called in the JSA - Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Fate, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern responded, but were met with oddities on their way in - raining fire, rampaging children, and sword-weilding neon signs. Once they arrived, they found a star creature with Starman's rod.
Dr. Midnight diagnosed "Aquarius" as manic-depressive and schizophrenic. Superman attacked the star and was knocked out. Aquarius defeated Wonder Woman, then destroyed Earth-2. Dr. Fate was able to create a barrier for himself and his friends. He also sent a telepathic message to Red Tornado to warn Earth-1.
The JLA prepared to go after Aquarius.

Where Death Fears to Tread
When the star saw the other beings approaching, he fled. The JSA were left with a hypnotic suggestion to attack. They battled it out with the JLA. The JSA were KO'ed, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) sought out Aquarius. Aquarius fought back and Dinah's husband, Larry Lance, was killed trying to save her. The spell over the Justice Society was broken and they all regained consciousness. Earth-2 returned to existence. Black Canary's husband was buried, but Aquarius crashed the funeral. Wonder Woman stayed with Canary as the other heroes chased their foe.
The two Green Lanterns (Hal and Alan Scott) were able to defeat and extinguish Aquarius. When they returned with their friends to Earth-2, Black Canary asked to join them and live on Earth-1. She feared it would be too hard on her to exist on E-2 without Larry.

Peril of the Paired Planets
When both Superman and Batman fell unconscious, the JLA called in Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern. They had been on leave traveling the country.
In space near Earth-2, Red Tornado was abducted by aliens planning to destroy both Earth-1 and Earth-2 by making them vibrate at the same speed. Tornado was sabotaged and sent back to his home. Aliens, after having studied the JSA and found their weaknesses, attacked. Superman and Dr. Mid-Nite were their first two victims. Due to the attack, both Earths were affected. With these two heroes down, their Earth-1 counterparts (Superman, Batman) shared their fate. The two Flashes were next to go down.
Red Tornado, unaware of his actions, continued to bring the Earths closer together.
GA, GL, and Canary arrived at the JLA headquarters just before the Atom realized what was happening. Green Lantern confirmed his fears. Black Canary believed she was the problem, having moved from Earth-2 to Earth-1.

Where Valor Fails, Will Magic Triumph?
The alien invaders staged a full-on attack of the JSA headquarters. Hourman and Hawkman went down. As the ghostlike apparitions began to become more tangible, Green Lantern sought a world to temporarily place Black Canary. He found Red Tornado between the two Earths and realized he was the disruption, not Canary.
Dr. Fate summoned the Spectre, who'd been watching the events. He took Fate and T-Bolt to the ship while he attempted to keep the Earths separated. Fate destroyed the ship, ending the crisis. Red Tornado's implant became null and the heroes awakened from their near-death states.
The Spectre's soul was disbursed throughout the cosmos as the Earths parted.


  • The Super-Crisis that Struck Earth-Two: Green Arrow is in his original costume (no beard).
  • Peril of the Paired Planets takes place during Hard Traveling Heroes - GL, GA, and Black Canary return temporarily from their leave of absence from the JLA.
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