Crisis on Multiple Earths

Date: 1963-66 (original material), 2003 (collection)
Writer(s): Gardner Fox
Artists(s): Mike Sekowsky, Bernard Sachs, Sid Greene
Collects: Justice League of America 21-22, 29-30, 37-38, 46-47.
Storyline: Crisis on Earth-One
The JLA split up in three teams to take on a trio of villians. Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Atom went after Felix Faust. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern went after Cronos. Superman, Flash, and Green Arrow sought out Dr. Alchemy.
On another Earth, the JSA (Atom, Black Canary, Dr. Fate, Flash, Green Lantern, HawkMan, Hourman) gathered for the first time in 12 yars. They also split up into three teams to take on their villains.
The JLA's villains all simply vanished after grabbing their loot. Somewhere between Earth-1 and Earth-2, they met up with the JSA villains to boast about their victories. They planned on trading Earths so that the superheroes would not know them. The Fiddler had trapped by Flashes (Jay Garrick and Barry Allen).
The Earth-2 villains met up on Earth-1 and challenged the JLA (masquerading as their Earth-1 counterparts). They announced where they were to the League and defeated them and used magic to trap them in their own headquarters. Using a magic crystal ball given to them by Merlin, the JLA contacted their Flash and learned what had happeened. The JSA were then transported to Earth-1. They sent the JLA to Earth-2. Each team could now fight their own villains, but on the wrong Earth.
The two Green Lanterns teamed up to find the Flashes.

Crisis on Earth-2
On Earth-1, Hourman and Atom took down Fiddler; Dr. Fate grabbed Icicle; and Hawkman and Black Canary teamed up to stop the Wizard.
On Earth-2, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and the Atom stopped Felix Faust; Batman and Wonder Woman captured Dr. Alchemy; Aquaman and Superman nabbed Cronos.
The two GLs found the Flashes and attempted to free them. When they did, a trap was sprung, placing all the JLA and JSA members in magic cages in deep space. They were able to escape and get back to Earth-2 before the six villains could cause any more havoc. After a battle, the combined forces of the JLA and JSA were victorious.

Crisis on Earth-3
Earth-3, home of the Crime Syndicate of America (Johnny Quick, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring, and Ultraman), is much different than the two known Earths (1 & 2). Major events in history took place in reverse of, or with a much different outcome. Ultraman, after gaining a new power from being near Kryptonite, was able to see into Earth-1. He told the group about it and they planned to attack - their lives were getting dull with no one to stand in the way of their crimes.
The CSA began their assault on Earth-1. Flash encountered Ultraman. He attempted to use green Kryptonite on him, but through it, Ultraman gained heat vision. Batman moved in on Johnny Quick; Superman went at Power Ring; Wonder Woman and Superwoman battled; Green Lantern dealt with Owlman. Each of the JLA memebers seemed to be victorious, but the CSA all muttered the term "Volthoom" as they were being taken down.
The JLA awakened on Earth-3, defeated by the CSA. The CSA decided they wanted to fight them on neutral ground, so they bound them to Earth-3 with magic and prepo JLA and was able to break their magic bindings long enough to get a heads-up on the upcoming threat.

The Most Dangerous Earth of All
Hawkman defeated Johnny Quick; Dr. Fate defeated Power Ring; Dr. Mid-Nite defeated Owlman; Black Canary defeated Superwoman; and Starman defeated Ultraman. Instead of placing the word "volthoom" as their trigger back to Earth-3, Power Ring set it up so that when someone said that they'd won, they would be transported. The CSA stood above the JSA on Earth-3, victorious.
The JLA were sucked back to Earth-2 and used the CSA's own powers against them. By overloading their opponents with power, they emerged victorious.
Green Lanter broke their final booby-trap and placed them in limbo between Earth-2 and Earth-3. The JLA freed the JSA and the heroes returned to their homes.

Earth Without a Justice League
Earth-2's Johnny Thunder wanted to meet his Earth-1 counterpart. He commanded his Thunderbolt to take him there. The Earth-1 Johnny Thunder sucker punched him and took control of the being. It encountered the Flash after being told to rob a nearby business. The Thunderbolt escaped, and was then told to go back in time and prevent the JLA from becoming superheroes. The Thunderbolt altered the timeline and events that created the JLA members, thus creating another alternate Earth, Earth-A.
Dr. Fate sought out the JSA's missing member, Johnny Thunder. He found him on Earth-1 - knocked out. His Thunderbolt had been hijacked. Fate took the JSA to what he believed to be Earth-1, but once they got there, there was no JLA. They captured that Earth's Johnny Thunder's gang, but Johnny and the Thunderbolt escaped. They checked with the people who would have been the JLA, and none of them had acquired superpowers. The JSA changed costumes and masqueraded as Earth-1's JLA.
They found and attacked Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt. They again escaped. Thunder ordered the t-bolt to take his gang back in time and have them take the place of the men who would be the JLA. When the JSA found him, they were attacked by the new JLA.

Crisis on Earth-A
The JSA easily defeated the new gangster-JLA. Johnny Thunder commanded his Thunderbolt to create both a hurricane and earthquake. The JSA survived both. He then had the Thunderbolt wisk them both to the moon, and created air on it so he could still command the being.
The JSA went back in time, but failed to re-create the JLA members. As they neared the moon, Johnny Thunder had the Thunderbolt create him three superheroes of his own.
Thunder realized he was defeated and ordered his Thunderbolt to return everything to the way it was before they met. The JSA was returned to Earth-2, and the JLA had been created on Earth-1.

Crisis Between Earth-1 and Earth-2
Hawkman (of E-1) went after some fur robbers in a truck. A fog surrounded him and he found himself chasing an armored car. Sandman (of E-2) went after an armored car only to find it was a fur truck. Dr. Mid-Nite, after some bank robbers, found himself on E-1 facing off against the Flash. A similar fate was bestowed on Batman when he was displaced to E-2 to find Wildcat.
Others around the globe(s) began switching earths, including Black Canary, Solomon Grundy, and Blockbuster. The heroes on Earth-1 defeated Solomon Grundy. The Spectre encountered a being from the anti-matter universe in space.
The Spectre, after being defeated by the anti-matter creature, noticed Earth-1 and Earth-2 were about to collide. He placed himself between the two and held them apart. The heroes on Earth-2 defeated Blockbuster by having Batman unmask - Bruce Wayne had saved the brute's life once before.

The Bridge Between Earths
Grundy and Blockbuster were displaced when the Atom (Ray Palmer) turned off his assistant's new machine. He was also able to change size. Dr. Fate got a message from the Spectre. He coated his team with magic and headed them into battle.
The Atom was able to get himself to the Spectre. He shrank the being and expaneded him, putting both Earths back in their normal space. The two then headed to the anti-matter being.
The shockwaves from the explosion blasted the being. All the heroes returned to their own Earth along with their displaced foes.


  • The JSA had been inactive for 12 years (Crisis on Earth-1)
  • Snapper Carr is off taking his college entrance exams. (Crisis on Earth-1)
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