The Shadow War of Hawkman

Issue #1

Cover Date: May 1985
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Tony Isabella
Artists(s): Richard Howell, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: Henry "Mousey" Mason, a small time catburglar, plotted to break into the home owned (and rented out) by the former Commissioner Emmett. Costumed men in his home attacked him. They wanted him to steal the antigravity belts of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, who lived in the home as their secret identities.
The Hawks took down some muggers who preyed on their elders. The police arrived to pick up the perpetrators, and they were introduced to Captain Stewart Frazier - the man who'd been promoted after Commissioner Emmett retired.
As Carter and Shiera prepared for their jobs at the museum, one of their alarms fired off. Carter got into costume to investigate. Inside his own home, he found Mousey fumbling through his stuff. The burglar seemed thrilled to be caught, muttering about the people who put him up to the job. They then appeared. Mousey was destroyed in a blinding light, which left a silhouette of his figure on a wall. The men used sonics to disrupt Hawkman, then made their escape.
Realizing they were after the antigravity belts, Hawkman headed to the museum and his wife. He was too late - police were on the scene and a silhouette of Shayera was cast on a wall - they'd killed her just like they killed Mousey.

Issue #2

Cover Date: June 1985
Subtitle: Fallen Angels
Writer(s): Tony Isabella
Artists(s): Richard Howell, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: The group who'd killed Hawkwoman killed a young boy in Kansas who'd acquired the power of flight.
Hawkman took Frazier into his office and revealed himself as Carter Hall. The invaders had been after their alien technology - not something the museum had on display. He packaged all their gear up and destroyed it (teleported it to their orbiting ship?). He asked the Captain not to have his men engage the invaders directly - their technology was much better than anything on Earth.
The invader who killed Hawkwoman was brought before his leaders - his orders had been to capture her. Their lack of information going into the case saved him - he was placed on permanent "monitor" duty.
Hawkman returned home and picked up some radiation from the silhouette of Mason. He traced it back to a bluff the invaders were using as a base. He was able to get into their stronghold and to their leader. There, he realized they were Thanagarians, and their plot was revealed - Thanagar was to take over the universe, starting with Earth. Because of the plague, they needed the technology only Hawkman and Hawkwoman possessed.
Hawkman was blasted from behind.

Issue #3

Cover Date: July 1985
Subtitle: My Worlds Opposed
Writer(s): Tony Isabella
Artists(s): Richard Howell, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: The Thanagarians scanned Aquaman and found the coordinates of the Hawks' ship. As they gained the advantage in their battle with Hawkman, his wife appeared firing a blaster. She rescued her husband; the invaders cut off pursuit when they got word they'd found the Hawks' ship.
During a long embrace, Shayera told Katar the person killed was Mavis Trent - the woman who'd been after Carter the entire time they'd been at the museum. She'd taken the woman's identity in order to trick the invaders. Later, she teleported to their ship, got into a spare uniform, and picked up a device to trace her husband.
They headed to JLA headquarters in Detroit - they had to erase any Thanagarian technology information from the computers before the invaders could get to it. Hoping to take it unawares (so their friends couldn't be accessed by the telepathic devices already in the hands of the invaders), they hit Aquaman with a knockout ray. Elongated Man saw them and attacked. They eventually got him taken care of and made it to the computers. There, they received a transmission from their own ship - it was the invaders, they were on their way.

Issue #4

Cover Date: August 1985
Subtitle: No Sound of Clashing Wars
Writer(s): Tony Isabella
Artists(s): Richard Howell, Alfredo Alcala
Storyline: The Thanagarian invaders began acquiring pawns on Earth to help further their plans. The Hawks headed out to regain their ship. Using a teleportation device, they beamed onto it and attacked the invaders. They soon learned that the data was being dumped back to Thanagar, and that the ship was on a collision course with Detroit.
The Hawks self-destructed their ship as they teleported back to Earth. In the caverns which were the base for the invaders, they found the absorbascon and one of the Thanagarians fused to it. As another attacked them (he'd teleported off the ship with them), the "monitor" killed himself and his comrade in order to end his own misery.
Within the next few weeks, the Halls hired a replacement for Mavis. After being hired, she reported back to her Thanagarian network that she was in place.


  • Thanagarians do not age like humans: "In Earth terms, I am twice as old as some of the senior citizens those thugs terrorized. These frail Earthlings burn so brightly for so short a time." (issue 1)
  • The flashback sequences in the first issue mirror the events of the old The Brave and the Bold appearances.
  • Per the above flashback, at some point while Katar and Shayera were on Earth, a plague hit Thanagar, rendering everyone there equal in intelligence and ability. They gave the rulership of their planet up to a dictator who promised to fix things.

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