Date: 1961-62 (original material), 1989 (collection)
Writer(s): Gardner Fox
Artists(s): Joe Kubert
Collects: The Brave and the Bold 34-36, 42-44
Storyline: Creature of a Thousand Shapes
A man stopped his car to check on an injured dog. The dog somehow became a bear and attacked the man. A spaceship neared Earth's moon. The ship's occupants, husband and wife Katar and Shayera Hol, were Thanagarian law enforcers tracking the shape-shifting creature. The sent out probes to study Earth so that they could fit in. After learning what they could, the donned their uniforms (their costumes enabled them to fly using alien technology and exhibited large birdlike wings) and visited a Midway City police commissioner, George Emmett. Katar told Commissioner Emmett about their prey, a Thanagarian thief named Byth who'd stolen a formula which allowed him to morph into what ever creature he desired. Emmett set them up as museum coordinators in order for them to track Byth in disguise. They took the more Earthly sounding names Carter and Shiera Hall. Soon, they began communicating with the local birds asking them to help track Byth. Soon, a robin reported to them saying it had seen a magpie carrying a shiny stone. Byth had stolen a huge diamond as this bird. The robin led Hawkman and Hawkgirl to the location. They gave chase, but the criminal escaped them by turning into a fly and escaping their net. He then changed into a fish and swam off in a group of identical fish. The Hawks realized their task was now much more difficult with the man knowing they were after him. Byth was caught in a whirlpool and led through an underwater river into a strange land with unknown beasts. He studied them so that he could change into them and confuse the Hawks. One of the museum employees set up an exhibit featuring a bird native to Thanagar. Carter realized she'd seen Byth. That night, the two headed out to the area where the photograph had been taken. They spotted Byth as a strange animal blasting lightning at them. He again escaped, this time by turning into a termite and burrowing into the shaft of one of their arrows. Byth surfaced again, this time as a huge Thanagarian beast. The Hawks used more alien technology to accent earth weapons. Byth was captured and sent back to Thanagar. Katar and Shayera were allowed to stay on Earth for a study of it's local police techniques.

Menace of the Matter Master
Commissioner Emmett called in the Hawks when a costumed villain robbed an armored truck. The Matter Master made off with $500,000. Emmett also told them fireballs were now raining across the city. They investigated and found the meteorites were merging into creatures. The creatures then merged into a single form hundreds of feet tall. The Matter Master attacked them with his helicopter blades. The Matter Master's next strike was in their own museum. Katar's heightened senses were returning to him, and he was able to track the smell of flowers to the villain's lair. His trap was turned on him and the Matter Master was captured.

Valley of the Vanishing Men
Mavis, one of the museum employees, had gone missing. Only her camera was recovered. After the film was developed, Carter and Shiera headed for Tibet: Mavis had found the abominable snowman. Hawkman learned some details about the Yeti - when it raised its ax and showed down sparks, anyone witnessing would disappear. Carter was too late to save his wife from one. Shiera disappeared before his eyes. He spoke with an eagle, who told him that the "snowmen" were actually aliens who crash landed generations before. They'd been unable to repair their ship and had forgotten their purpose over the years, only knowing they must hide from Earthlings. When they caused people to disappear, they were actually teleported back to their camps. Hawkman, realizing the Yeti shielded themselves from their stones with wooden handles, attacked their base with a wooden staff. He was able to destroy the device keeping the humans in containment and free them. He then taught the locals how to defeat the creatures' attacks.

Strange Spells of the Sorcerer
Hawkman saved Mavis again, this time from a magical winged bull which appeared as she translated an ancient script. The Hawks went with a bird friend to Hawk Valley, where a strange bird had been attacking. They were met by a phoenix. Hawkman pelted it with a stone and it vanished much like the winged bull. One bird nest was raided. Back at the museum, Carter realized a sword had been stolen. The Hawks learned what was being created and informed Commissioner Emmett what he needed to look out for. On their way out, they encountered a fire-breathing dragon. Hawkman took it down with a boat anchor. Like the others, the creature disappeared on contact. Another theft was reported during the dragon situation. Mavis found Hawkman and asked him to recover her stolen ring as well. He realized it had to have been stolen while he and Shayera were speaking with a man about sorcery in the museum. On their way to his home, the encountered centaurs and a medusa. Inside, they took down the would-be sorcerer and recovered the stolen items. Once in custody, the items were all returned to their rightful owners.

Shadow-thief of Midway City
The Hawks, preparing to return to Thanagar, were summoned by Commissioner Emmett - in the middle of the day, a "shadow" strolled into a bank, robbed it, and strolled out. No one could touch or shoot it. They reacted later to a police flare. The Shadow-Thief took in another score while the Hawks were baffled. Back at home, the man thought back on his interdimensional meeting with a being who gave him the device which enabled him to become a shadow. Using photos Shayera had taken, Katar was able to find a match in a police mug shot book. Together they captured the Shadow-Thief (Carl Sands) and destroyed his interdimensional device. The two prepared to return to Thanagar.

The Menace of the Dragonfly Raiders
After more than six months on Earth, Katar and Shayera returned to Thanagar. After a few days of R&R, a robbery was announced. Katar and Shayera went after the villains (small green creatures riding huge dragonflies). None of the Thanagarian weapons had an effect on them, and they got away. The Hawks went to police headquarters asking permission to use Earth methods should they strike again. Permission granted, Hawkman led a team of officers using a lasso. They captured all the thieves and placed them in custody. No sooner could they get the loot back to its rightful place than the dragonflies returned to steal it. Soon, it was learned that Byth had escaped. Also, the tiny people who'd been apprehended were androids - the dragonflies were the true thieves. Katar and Shayera took some time to think things over, then set a trap for Byth and his friends. The trap was sprung and the Hawks gave chase. Using radioactivity in the bait, a trail was left by the thieves. A fight was put up at their hide-out, but Hawkman and Hawkgirl took them down. Katar was given Honor Wings after the successful capture.

The Masked Marauders of Earth
Giant birds wearing human masked attacked the House of Jewels in Midway City. The building disappeared, then so did the creatures. Minutes later, the House returned, with two jewels missing. Someone who was inside told police one of the birds had mentioned "thanagar." Commissioner Emmett used a device left with him by Katar and Shayera to warn the planer. Meanwhile, the "manhawks" robbed a laboratory. As Hawkman and Hawkgirl rocket back to Earth, they reviewed details from ten years previous when the Manhawks attacked Thanagar. As a youth experimenting with his father's invention (the wings), Katar witnessed the first theft in Thanagarian history when the Manhawks stole a chariot. The stealing continued. Later, Katar was able to grab one of the masks so his father could analyze it. Wearing a hawk mask created by his father to counter act the manhawks' weapons, Katar went after the thieves. He neutralized the masks and the rest of his team captured and imprisoned the Manhawks. Their ship reached Earth and the Hawks met with Commissioner Emmett. The Manhawks had just staged another robbery in Pittsburgh and were heading north. Hawkman and Hawkgirl encountered them and fought them all the way to Niagra Falls. They were unable to grab one of their masks, and the giant birds got away. Carter and Shiera went back to the museum to think. They soon realized the Manhawks must have perfected Laser technology. The Hawks found the Manhawk spacecraft and attacked it. By creating "black rain," the Hawks nullified the eyes of the masks. All the Manhawks were captured. Their masks were given to both Earth and Thanagar to study and help against future attacks.

Earth's Impossible Day
Hawkman and Hawkgirl were enjoying a July 4 (which coincided with Thanagar's "Impossible Day") picnic when one of their bird friends warned them of a forest fire. They were able to fly fast enough to create an upwards water spout in a nearby river, putting out the flames. They realized two more "impossible" things and they'd have also celebrated Impossible Day as they would have on their home world. A second "impossible" was done when they threw "lightning" (petrified lightning) at a car stopping a high-speed chase after a prison break. A theft occurred at their museum. Carter realized the thief had first turned his loot invisible so he could simply walk out with it. He watched the man do it a second time. The Hawks pursued and dodged the bullets of the man's invisible gun. After taking the thief down, they told Commissioner Emmett that they'd created lenses to counter act the "invisibility" after studying the second stolen item. Shayera said it was the best Impossible Day ever.

The Men who Moved the World
The museum was attacked by three humanoid figures claiming to be centuries old. Hawkman went after the creatures: one had a cat's head, one a dog's, and one a goat's. He was able to grab a handful of one's tunic as they escaped. Later, at home, Shiera screamed as their belongings began to float into the air. Radio reported that the Earth had shifted in its orbit - closer to the sun. The Hawks got in costume and headed to the ancient city Petra, where the material from the tunic was from. The three creatures used what they'd stolen from the museum to alter the orbit in hopes of thawing out polar ice caps to reveal their ancient city. The ancient men attacked the Hawks in fighter planes, which were defeated by Katar and Shayera. Once captured, they told the Hawks their plan. Hawkman destroyed their gravitation machine and handed them over to the UN.


  • This chronicles the first appearance on Earth of Katar Hol and Shayera, Thanagarian police officers.
  • A flashback in the story "The Menace of the Dragonfly Raiders" describes how Katar and Shayera met.
  • "Ten years ago, Katar Hol was an 18-year-old youth..." (from The Masked Marauders of Earth)
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