Green Lantern / Green Arrow: Deluxe Reprint Seres

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #1

Cover Date: October 1983
Subtitle: No Evil Shall Escape my Sight // Journey to Desolation
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Neal Adams
Storyline: [1] Green Lantern was on his way to visit Green Arrow when he stopped to break up a fight. Some teenagers were attacking an older man outside an apartment building. GA stopped him from doing too much damage and showed him what was really going on - the old man was the building's owner who refused to do any repairs on the place. He was planning on destroying the building to put up a parking lot. After being a bit shook up by what happened, GL went to visit Jubal Slade, the landlord. He wouldn't budge. When Jordan pulled his fist back to punch him, he was called to Oa. There, he apologized for attacking an innocent man and was given a 'busy' assignment.
While Hal was near Saturn diverting an asteroid collision, GA visited Slade. He tried a protection racket on Slade's men, and the scum fell for it. No money changed hands, though, instead bullets. GA took down Slade's hitmen. With GL back on earth, he and GA worked together to take Slade down. With the local DA present, they faked him in to confessing to attempted murder.
Green Arrow went off on the Guardians, who tried to chastise their follower. After some deliberations, they sent one of their own to travel with Queen and Jordan as they journeyed across the country.
[2] As their truck entered a mountain town called Desolation, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and the Guardian realized their truck was being shot at. They were able to get free and capture the shooters. When questioned, they thought the truck carried hired guns coming to the town to stop the townspeople. The wealthy man in charge there, Slapper Soames, was going to hang one of their friends the next day for trying to get everyone's moral up. In actuality, they were hanging him because he had talent. They feared he would leave town and bring others in to see what was going on.
The townspeople prepared to raid Soames' fort and were besieged with landmines. GL was infuriated and set off all the mines so the attackers would not be hurt. While doing so, he got a message from the Guardian - his brothers had removed the ring's ability to save him from mortal harm since he was not doing their bidding. Green Arrow was captured; Green Lantern was dazed. He wandered into the jail and found the doomed man about to shoot GA. He used his ring to disable the man, and they took down the rest of them, too. They learned the would-be-hanging victim was working for Soames the whole time - they were rallying up the men to squash their egos. GL and GA made sure they were convicted before heading to their next stop.

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #2

Cover Date: November 1983
Subtitle: A Kind of Loving, A Way of Death // Ulysses Star is Still Alive
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Frank Giacoia, Dan Adkins
Storyline: [1] In Washington State, Black Canary was knocked unconscious and left for dead by a motorcycle gang called the Demons. An unknown local found her and picked her up. Two weeks later, the same group began making trouble at a local diner where Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan were eating. After a quick change of clothes, the heroes mopped them up. Green Arrow recognized one of their motorcycles as Black Canary's.
They found her safe, but she appeared to be under some sort of hypnosis and refused to go with them. GA punched his companion and snuck around the camp to find the residents taking target practice. Their leader was planning on killing any non-redskinned person. GA was seen and shot. GL stopped the mob and disarmed them. Canary still had her gun and was told to shoot her lover. She wavered and dropped the pistol. Lantern used his ring to knock the brainwasher away; his gun went off and killed him. Canary regained her senses after the man was dead.
[2] GA and GL got into yet another squabble after breaking up a would-be shooting between some local land owners and Indians. It seemed they once had an agreement over the land, but all paperwork had been destroyed or lost.
Hal headed to the city and did some digging on the person who may have the deed. He found the man in a burning apartment building. He was able to save him, but the documentation was ashes. Hal headed to DC to visit a friend in Congress. Back in town where GA and Black Canary were, the ghost of Ulysses Star - the chief who'd owned the trees - began haunting. GL and his congressman arrived just in time - the Indians and white men were about to fight over the land. GL could not do anything with his ring against the ghost, so he pitched it away and went after him hand to hand. After a struggle, he realized he was fighting Oliver Queen.
The congressman vowed to stop all logging until the land dispute was settled. The white land owners were arrested for arson in the apartment building GL had seen burn.

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #3

Cover Date: December 1983
Subtitle: Even an Immortal can Die // Death be my Destiny
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Dick Giordano
Storyline: [1] The travelers' truck crashed off a bridge avoiding another vehicle. They were picked up by a barge carrying wastes to be disposed of. A fire broke loose on the boat and GL was badly injured. The Guardian took him to a nearby hospital and GA and the crew dumped the flammable waste into the water. The boat was saved, as was GL, but the water was polluted.
The Guardian was summoned to Gallo, where he was to be tried for his crimes against humanity for allowing the waste to be dumped (he chose to save Hal rather than save it). GA and GL accompanied him. Without so much as a real trial, the Guardian was sentenced to death. His company was to be held for a future trial on contempt. In their cell, GL and GA met the real tribunal - imprisoned by their head mechanic. They escaped and saved the Guardian from his fate. With the real judges reinstated, GL and GA returned to Earth while the Guardian awaited his real trial.
[2] Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Black Canary were brought to Oa to witness the trial of their companion. He was found guilty and stripped of his immortality. On Maltus, where he was sentenced to live his life, the heroes found an overpopulated world so crammed they could not even walk. Going through the archives, they learned of a comet which had passed closely to their planet leaving the inhabitants sterile. The entire race had become clones, only to learn they were now able to conceive children.
The group was able to find the lab which was turning out the clones and open it up for the people to destroy. Hal suggested they go back to Oa to appeal the Guardian's conviction, but he declined - he felt he could do more on Maltus in a decade than in a century as a Guardian.
GL dropped Oliver and Dinah off in Star City and returned home.

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #4

Cover Date: January 1984
Subtitle: How do you Fight a Nightmare // And a Child Shall Destroy Them
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Dick Giordano
Storyline: [1] Oliver brought Dinah flowers, and they were attacked by winged women. He sent a message to Hal for help. On his way their direction, Green Lantern ran into the same beasts. They were being controlled by a woman calling herself the Witch Queen. She imprisoned him in a jewel, which appeared in Dinah's flower box. GA and Black Canary headed out to see what was the hold up with GL.
As they checked out the florist Queen had bought the flowers, the were attacked by Amazons in armor. After Canary took two of them down, the third asked her to join them with the Witch Queen. She and GA escaped and found the Witch Queen and her brother, Sinestro. They learned that only one man may inhabit the world which they'd banished Green Lantern to, so Canary offered to go bring him back. She saved him from Medusa and they were sent back to Earth. Green Arrow had taken care of Sinestro and his sister.
[2] Green Arrow and Green Lantern dropped Dinah off at her new job - she was to be a PE teacher. The school's headmaster made the men leave after belittling costumed heroes (they were in costume because Dinah had a bad feeling about something). On their way out, GL saw Carol Ferris, now in a wheelchair. They gave her a ride. Not far down the road, their car literally fell apart. GL used his ring to save them. After the third attack on them (before dropping Dinah off, they were attacked by a flock of birds, then a branch almost fell on GA), they decided to get Dinah.
After being chastised by the school's cook, Dinah changed clothes and found the real story - he was using a girl with mind control powers to keep everyone in fear and in line. GL and GA made it back in time to save Dinah (after being attacked by the children). When the cook tried to make his pet attack GL, she turned on him, destroying the school. Everyone was able to get out except the girl and the cook.
Green Lantern took off his mask and told Carol he loved her.

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #5

Cover Date: February 1984
Subtitle: Peril in Plastic // Snowbirds Don't Fly
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Berni Wrightson
Storyline: [1] Three weeks after being reunited with Hal, Carol Ferris prepared to visit a doctor who may be able to cure her paralysis. Hal was visiting Oliver when he heard a dam was breaking in the city where Carol had her appointment. Green Lantern was able to fix the dam, but was horribly strained afterwards. The mayor of the town showed him around and gave him the key to the city. When he tried to leave, the mayor had his people capture the superhero. Green Lantern had just enough power to send his ring to Oliver. GL woke up a prisoner of Black Hand.
After a shortened date with Dinah, Oliver found GL's ring. He charged it up and went after his friend. Green Arrow got the ring back to Hal, who defeated Black Hand and escaped with Carol.
[2] After a fight with Dinah, Oliver was mugged walking home. He took a crossbow shot to the shoulder and drug himself to a hospital. After being diagnosed with a chipped bone, he called Hal - the arrow he'd been shot by was his own. After getting into costume, the two set out to find Speedy, who'd not been heard from in about a month. They bumped into a drug deal and took down the dealer.
They later found another den of druggies, including Speedy. GA assumed he was working undercover and sent him home. He and GL took the other druggies out to find their supplier. Once they arrived, their prisoners turned on them. Both heroes were knocked out and drugged. Roy got to them and was able to evade the police and get GL awake. He was able to ring them back to Oliver's. GL went home for the night; Roy admitted to Oliver that he was on drugs.

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #6

Cover Date: March 1984
Subtitle: They Say it'll Kill Me...but they Won't Say When // Earthquake Beware my Power // What Can One Man Do?
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil, Elliot Maggin
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Dick Giordano
Storyline: [1] Oliver slapped Roy around and kicked him out. He went out looking for more pushers. Roy's friends came over to see him and found his stash. One of them overdosed. Green Lantern returned and found the dead boy. He later found Speedy and got him to Dinah. Green Arrow fell into a trap set by the drug suppliers. Lantern got info from Roy and found GA (who'd escaped being thrown into the bay tied to an anchor). They followed a cruise ship out to sea and took down the drug lords.
Roy beat the habit and decked Oliver for turning his back on him.
[2] Guy Gardner, the man chosen to be Hal Jordan's successor, was injured during an earthquake. The Guardians sent Hal out to find another suitable ring-bearer: John Stewart. Hal had reservations about the man, but began training him nonetheless. He wore the outfit, but refused to wear a mask.
The two GLs saved a senator from being killed by a runaway truck. Hal believed John set up the senator up to be sprayed by oil and assigned him to protect the man. He did so, and uncovered an assassination plot set up to get the senator in the White House. The two Green Lanterns took him and the gunmen down.
[3] Star City's mayor and party leader chose Oliver Queen to be the next candidate for mayor. He talked to Dinah, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent about it - all tried to dissuade him from running. Green Arrow realized they were right and went to see Dinah. On his way, he encountered a riot. A small boy was shot and died in his arms.
Queen decided to run for mayor - he wanted to make a difference.

Green Lantern / Green Arrow #7

Cover Date: April 1984
Subtitle: And Through Him Save a World // The Killing of an Archer // Green Arrow is Dead // The Fate of an Archer
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Dick Giordano
Storyline: [1] Hal stopped by to see if Ollie wanted to accompany him and Carol on a bit of a vacation. Queen accepted - he needed to get some practice in now that his shoulder had healed. No sooner than they arrived at Ferris Aircraft, Green Arrow met some trouble. A security guard and his dog mistook the archer for a local who'd been causing them problems. GA took them both down and explained he was a guest of the owner.
After the guard and dog were on their way, Oliver encountered Isaac, the vandal. The two realized they had a lot in common until GL arrived - he suspected Isaac of sabotaging some equipment, which almost killed him, Carol, and some engineers. Isaac confessed; GL cuffed him. GA took offense and used knockout gas on his partner. Isaac accused him of unleashing dangerous chemicals into the air and split. The security guard returned with friends and grabbed both GA and GL. They found Isaac - he'd hung himself behind the engine of one of their test planes. They strung the two heroes up to other planes. By morning, GA had loosed himself, GL, and Isaac - who'd died.
Carol Ferris returned GL his ring and apologized for her staff. Green Lantern destroyed all three of the planes.
[2] Green Arrow was jumped. Blinded by a spotlight, he shot at a sniper. He missed the gunman's weapon and accidentally killed him. Oliver called Dinah and told her good-bye. She called Hal. In Queen's apartment, GL found his friends tools of the trade - costume, bows, and arrows - all destroyed. He heard a scuffle outside and took a look. Some kids had planted a bomb. An explosion rang out.
[3] Green Lantern was able to save himself and the bombers with his ring. He deposited them and held the fires down until the authorities arrived. Black Canary found him and learned what he'd seen in Oliver's apartment. They split up to search for their missing friend. Canary wasn't at the meeting place when their agreed time had come. GL found her in the clutches of Josua's sister, who was now running their gang. They were out against foreigners, but GL took them down.
Queen crashed his jet - the last remnant of his lost fortune - into a mountain and parachuted out. He wandered into a nearby monastery.
[4] Dinah was struck by a car. Hal knew that Oliver may be the only person who could save her - they shared a very rare blood type. They'd heard rumors about remains of the Arrow Plane, so GL checked it out. He found his friend in a monastery and told him about what had happened with Dinah. As they left, they were ambushed. Oliver woke up to find GL sinking in yellow mud, his ring was already immersed. He escaped and saved Green Lantern. Back in the city, his blood transfusion saved Black Canary.


  • Reprints stories from: Green Lantern / Green Arrow 76-87, 89; Flash 217-219
  • These stories have also been reprinted in the various GL / GA tpbs, including the "Hard Traveling Heroes" set.
  • Black Canary thinks back on her past in issue 78: the death of her husband, her move from Earth-2 to Earth-1, "for long months, she struggled with her affection for him (Green Arrow)..."
  • Hal in #79 to the Guardian: "You've been on Earth for four months..."