Green Lantern: Will World

Format: graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: 2001
Writer(s): JM DeMatteis
Artists(s): Seth Fisher
Storyline: Book One: The Land of Odd Hal Jordan found himself in what appeared to be an outer-space old west. He finally got a room. When he woke up, he was greeted by what he thought was an angel. The creature told him he must too be an angel, because he could see the differences in the beings that populated this place - everyone else only saw people like themselves. She hoped he could stop the bad things that were coming. Out and about with the two friends he'd picked up (a cab driver and barmaid), he saw some Green Lanterns floating through the sky. He felt a closeness to them, but didn't know why. He hopped in a crop duster after he realized he was a pilot. He also remembered his name was Hal. He crashed the plane and realized his father had been killed the same way, though Hal didn't die. He saw another person he thought he knew and followed.
Book Two: Assault on Head-Quarters Hal was given the means to get into "Headquarters" - he was turned into a giant floating head. His friends hopped into his mouth and they headed that way. Once inside, the head cheese wore off and the travelers were themselves again. The eraser heads tracked them soon after Hal got a message on where to find his friend. Hal was captured by the head head.
Book Three: Nowhere Land With the help of the angel, Hal escaped the machine works. Traveling through the desert, Hal fell into an oasis. He escaped by repeating his Green Lantern mantra. He emerged in uniform, though he still didn't know exactly who he was or what was going on. The angel was gone, too - possibly a construct of his own mind. Hal soon found himself in his childhood home.
Book Four: Before I Wake... Everything began to come together for Hal. He remembered himself and everything else around him. He knew he was in the Oa central battery - the Guardians were testing him. Hal passed the level one M'eelam Na'aquall ritual.


  • Hal: "It's only been a few months since I was recruited into the corps..."
  • Sinestro was still a Green Lantern. This fact places Will World during Emerald Dawn II, where Jordan is trained by Sinestro before he is banished to Qward.
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