Emerald Dawn

Issue #1

Cover Date: December 1989
Subtitle: The Sign
Writer(s): Jim Owlsey
Artists(s): MD Bright, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Years after watching his father, a Ferris Aircraft test pilot, die in a crash, Hal Jordan was demoted at Ferris Aircraft. After having some drinks, he crashed his Jeep and was hospitalized. He snuck out of his room and back to the test simulator at Ferris. An outside force plucked the simulator up and carried it into the desert. A green light picked Jordan up and carried him into a space craft. Inside, a being - a Green Lantern - was dying. He told Jordan that he'd been picked as his successor. The alien died, and his power ring attached to Jordan, cloaking him in a green and black costume. The ring gave Jordan the power of his mind - he could fly. Hal called Ferris and learned about the other victims of his crash - two, including his brother were being released from the hospital, but Andy - another Ferris pilot, was paralyzed. Hal Jordan crashed himself through the sing which caused his wreck.

Issue #2

Cover Date: January 1990
Subtitle: The Trail
Writer(s): Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones
Artists(s): Keith Giffen, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Hal woke up in the desert and hitched a ride back to the hospital. He visited Andy, who told him the cops knew he was drunk when the wreck occurred. He flew off and scared a fellow Ferris pilot, then had to save him from crashing. A yellow being found the crashed ship of Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who'd died. He realized the ring had gone to anther and picked up its trail. Hal turned himself into the police and was jailed. The yellow being crashed the jail. Jordan got past him and grabbed his ring. He suited up and prepared for battle, but the ring had no power.

Issue #3

Cover Date: February 1990
Subtitle: The Ring
Writer(s): Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones
Artists(s): Keith Giffen, MD Bright, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The creature let Jordan go when he realized he had no power. It then destroyed the hospital and Ferris Aircraft. Hal went back to Abin Sur's wrecked ship and recharged the ring. It told him about the power and about Legion - the creature who'd killed four other Green Lanterns and was now after him. It showed him how Legion attacked Abin and caused him to crash to Earth. When Legion attacked him, Jordan exploded the nuclear engines of the crashed ship. Sinestro, who let loose Parallax, attacked Kyle and Oliver.

Issue #4

Cover Date: March 1990
Subtitle: The Corps
Writer(s): Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones
Artists(s): MD Bright, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Jordan realized the ring had protected him from the blast. He asked it to take him to another Green Lantern. It did - Tomar-Re. Legion followed. Tomar-Re took Jordan to Oa and the Central Power Battery. There, they met other Green Lanterns. Jordan learned of the Guardians and their book. Tomar got an instructor for Hal - Kilowog. Before he began his training, he projected himself to Andy's funeral. After a week of training, Legion arrived.

Issue #5

Cover Date: April 1990
Subtitle: The Test
Writer(s): Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones
Artists(s): MD Bright, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Legion got to the Guardians, killed Green Lanterns on the way. Legion was bound and Jordan took the bindings away from the slumbering Guardians. Since the being of yellow was unaffected by their rings, Jordan slammed it into mud and began pummeling it. Legion pleaded with Jordan - they were all that was left of the Tchk-Tchk race, who'd been imprisoned on their own planet by the Guardians. He refused to kill it, but he did knock Legion out of it's yellow armor. Released was a huge monstrosity which continued its attack.

Issue #6

Cover Date: May 1990
Subtitle: The Dawn
Writer(s): Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones
Artists(s): MD Bright, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The biomass attached itself to Oa, drawing from its power. The Guardians ordered the Green Lanterns to retreat, but Jordan stayed behind. Though no one had ever done it, he tapped into the Central Battery's power and defeated the Tchk Tchk. The Guardians, stunned, ordered the other Lanterns to return it to its home planet while they spoke with Jordan. They named him the official Green Lantern of Earth's sector (2814). He returned home, served his time, and was welcomed back to Ferris Aircraft.

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  • Hal Jordan was chosen to be the Green Lantern of space sector 2814.
  • The death of Abin Sur.
  • For details on Hal's prison sentence, see Emerald Dawn II.
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