Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold

Issue #1

Cover Date: October 1999
Subtitle: Those who Worship Evil's Might
Writer(s): Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: Hoping to get along as well in "real life" as they did in the Justice League, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen got together without their costumes. At a party, Carol Ferris and her friend were attacked by a being. Flash and Green Lantern were there in no time. It appeared a shadow had taken over the man's body. Flash and GL separated it and attacked. They went through the shadow and ended up on another world. Before they knew it, they were taken to an alien (Science Minister Saraar of the Doragians) who was taking Earth's evil by sending the shadow beings. He needed the evil so that his people could battle and invading force. They were able to escape and get back to Earth.
The duo realized both reported victims of the shadows were on a recent flight together. As they got flight details and saved the other passengers, they were infected. Working together, they defeated the shadows.

Issue #2

Cover Date: November 1999
Subtitle: Lightspeed
Writer(s): Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: Hal visited Central City and met Barry's new nephew, Wally West. Barry found some trouble for them to get into (Wally was Kid Flash) on his way to join them. Mirror Master and Black Hand had teamed up on a bank robbery. In the confusion, they escaped after blasting Kid Flash. Wally lost his speed.
Green Lantern let Wally use some of his own power and gave him a new costume - Kid Lantern. Barry was miffed and believed Hal (who was no longer with Carol and working as an insurance adjuster) was trying to get excitement back in his life at his expense. While the two grown-ups were trapped, Wally was able to sneak in on the bad guys and get his speed back from Black Hand. GL and Flash were set loose; Black Hand and Mirror Master were captured. Wally was once again Kid Flash.

Issue #3

Cover Date: December 1999
Subtitle: A World of Hurt
Writer(s): Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: Barry and Hal decided to get to know their JSA counterparts. Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Flash, and Flash took an extraterrestrial camping trip. Hal couldn't find the planet he'd picked out, so Alan had his ring transport them to the nearest inhabitable world. After Barry stopped a yellow storm by using his arms as whirlwinds, they had some steaks. Their next obstacle was sleeping - the ground was some sort of quicksand. After that escape, it was wooden bugs. Hal realized everything on the planet involved one of their weaknesses, and voiced out against Alan, who was testing him as a person.

Issue #4

Cover Date: January 2000
Subtitle: How Many Times can a Man Turn his Head
Writer(s): Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: Hal and Oliver Queen were in the middle of their cross-country trip together when they were arrested for expired car tags. Barry found them in jail. He bailed them out and broke them into the impound lot so they could get their gear.
They had a heated discussion over dinner and got into their other clothes. GL, GA, and Flash found a protest outside City Hall, the police had been more and more forceful lately. They met with the mayor and were not impressed with the security he'd put in place for his regime or his future plans. They found some of the supervillains in an operating room waiting for lobotomies. When they were freed, the mayor sent his metahuman cops after them. They were able to get everything under control and get charges brought up on Mayor Phist.
GA rode off with Black Canary; GL stayed a while.

Issue #5

Cover Date: February 2000
Subtitle: The Man Without Fearlessness
Writer(s): Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: After a ninth Green Lantern was killed by a seemingly unstoppable force, the Flash was summoned to Oa by the Guardians. The rogue star seemed to amplify the strongest traits of its victims - Hal would think he was invincible if he heard about it.
Iris (Barry's wife) contacted Hal about her husbands disappearance. After hearing he left a green residue, Hal went straight to Oa. The Guardians told him to leave, but he found the Flash on his way off planet. Together, they attacked the planet. Sinestro broke loose from it and battled the duo. Flash was able to snatch his yellow power ring, and the empathistar engulfed him.

Issue #6

Cover Date: March 2000
Subtitle: Running on Empty
Writer(s): Mark Waid, Tom Peyer
Artists(s): Barry Kitson
Storyline: After his wife, Iris, was murdered, Barry went to stay with Hal (who was back at Ferris Aircraft). Something happened and Carol became Star Sapphire. She attacked the tower and two planes.
Flash saw something evil and went through a portal. He ended up on another world and found the source controlling Carol. He was approached by the original Star Sapphire. They fought back through the portal, and the original got her gem from Carol, reviving her powers. Flash lost control and began to think of Iris. Hal snapped him out of it and they survived. The original Star Sapphire was locked in the gem which gave her power, and Carol was restored.


  • This series takes place of an undisclosed time period.
  • Issue 1 mentions that Green Lantern and Flash know each other from the Justice League.
  • Issue 4 takes place during Hard Traveling Heroes (GL and GA are going across the country together).
  • Oliver mentions some of his arrows are "leftover from the days I had money".
  • Issue 5 shows Jordan with an "alien sidekick" named Itty.
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