Green Arrow Year One Annual: From the Beginning

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): rick Burchett, Eduardo Barreto, Chris Renaud, Gerry Fernandez
Storyline: Green Arrow found himself aiming at a man who vowed to kill an innocent. While weighing his options, he thought back on how he was created...
Oliver Queen, drunk and on a ship back to America, fell overboard. He washed up on the shore of an unknown island. Meal after meal of bananas and crabs left him hungry for meat. Dazed, he chased a dear and was knocked unconscious by a tree limb. While out, he remembered receiving a toy bow and arrow set as a child. Once he awakened, he fashioned one of his own and hunted. After a bit of practice, he realized he was a natural archer. Oliver hunted down the man who'd been stealing his meals while he slept. The man's name was Steven Clothier. He'd been on the island around a year after he and some friends had a sailing accident.
The two decided to build some sort of boat and get to civilization. There was a wrecked ship on the island full of dead bodies. Looking inside for something to use as a sail, Oliver found out who "Steven" really was - a stowaway who'd killed the crew and crashed. He recognized the man's name as being that of a famed serial killer. Queen tied the man up and got away on their raft.
He later washed up on another island, this one inhabited. Queen, calling himself Green Arrow, attacked some drug traffickers and stole their boat. Six months after vanishing, he was home.
He reclaimed his family fortune and decided to become a costumed vigilante. One night, while taking a young lady home with him, he was attacked and tied up by Nicholas Kotero - the serial killer he'd left on the island. Kotero killed his girlfriend, and like Oliver had done him, he left the man tied up. They met again - Kotero held a hostage on a boat. Green Arrow was able to take him down without killing him, and save the girl.


  • This takes place mostly during a flashback, the bulk of the story telling Oliver Queen's transformation into Green Arrow.
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