The Green Arrow by Jack Kirby

Date: 1958-59 (original material), 2001 (collection)
Writer(s): Bill Finger, Jack Kirby, Dave Wood, Ed Herron, Robert Bernstein
Artists(s): Jack Kirby, Roz Kirby
Collects: Adventure Comics 250-256, World's Finest Comics 96-99
Storyline: Adventure 250: The Green Arrows of the World
Green Arrow and Speedy hosted a convention of masked archers from around the world. The British GA was trapped and stripped - "Counterfeit" Carson took his costume and prepared to settle a score with the American Green Arrow. Inside the convention, Carson was quickly noticed and made a break for it. The tires on the car he attempted to use were shot out. GA was able to capture him in a crowd using mirrors and a ricochet arrow.

Adventure 251: the Case of the Super-Arrows
Green Arrow and Speedy, on the anniversary of their debut, received a strange gift from the future (3000 AD) - magic arrows. One created rain in the sweltering heat, one could detect alarms, one froze its target. GA and Speedy used the latter two to find and stop some bank robbers. One of the magic arrows was dropped and activated, leaving GA and Speedy temporarily hypnotized. "Cougar" Cain and his gang stole the rest of the magic arrows and terrorized the town for days. Green Arrow was able to use a regular arrow to stop a paralysis arrow while Speedy shot them with mummy arrows, leaving them tied up. The duo decided the future arrows were too dangerous to use.

World's Finest 96: Five Clues to Danger
One of Oliver Queen's friends, Professor Anderson, was killed at sea. Anderson left five items to Queen in his will: a harmonica, a watch, some letters, an almanac, and an elephant statue. That night, burglars broke into the Queen home. GA and Speedy went after them. They shot out the getaway car's tires and recovered the loot (the willed items), but the crooks got away. GA realized the items must be some sort of clue. By arranging the first letters of each item - WHALE - GA and Speedy got a location, Whale Island. There, they found some criminals had Professor Anderson hostage trying to get the formula for synthetically made diamonds. GA and Speedy saved him and collared the bad guys.

Adventure 252: Mystery of the Giant Arrows
With their city being plagued with giant arrows dropping from the sky, GA and Speedy were called in by one of their scientist friends. He'd been able to decrypt an image of the giant archers firing. The two heroes investigated one of the giant arrows and were pulled into another dimension. [to be continued]

Adventure 253: Prisoners of Dimension Zero
Green Arrow and Speedy were thrust into another dimension of Earth. The people were giants and their hero was Xeen Arrow. After helping Xeen Arrow take down a crook, he helped them get back to their own dimension. The door was opened by a straying comet, and the heroes got home before it was too late.

World's Finest 97: The Menace of the Mechanical Octopus
GA and Speedy stopped a giant metal octopus that was plaguing their city.

Adventure 254: The Green Arrow's Last Stand
Oliver Queen and his ward, Roy Harper, were on vacation in the west. When they heard a radio broadcast about some men missing in a storm, they went to investigate. They found and recovered the men, but had to make an emergency landing in a storm. On the ground, they were attacked by Indians. GA and Speedy were able to trick them into thinking they were the archers of legend. Afterwards, GA warned their chief to get away before he told the rest of the tribe about the outside world.

Adventure 255: The War that Never Ended!
Oliver and Roy were taking a trip to Tokyo when their plane had engine trouble and crashed into the Pacific. The raft they got on did not have a paddle, and they drifted away from the other survivors. Soon afterwards, they washed up on an island inhabited by Japanese WWII holdouts thinking the war was still going on. Green Arrow was forced to cooperate with the Japanese, who believed they were scouts from the incoming war fleet (which appeared to be American ships on maneuvers). GA was able to get some shots off to the ships and let them know what was going on. All parties were rescued.

World's Finest 98: The Unmasked Archers!
Oliver found bad news in the morning papers - he and Roy had been outed as Green Arrow and Speedy. They went on their last mission and confronted the commissioner - he thought Oliver and Roy were playing and told them he had business to attend. They picked up some other papers on their way home and realized what they'd seen earlier must have been a joke. Later, Oliver showed up in costume (without his mask) at a crime site. The commissioner laughed when his shots were way off. Speeding (hiding) was able to take down the crooks and show that Oliver couldn't be Green Arrow.

Adventure 256: Green Arrow's First Case
After seeing Starfish Island on TV, Oliver had a flashback and realized he and Roy had to get there to protect his secret identity. On the way, he related his origin to his ward. He'd fallen from a boat years before and swam to that very island. While away from civilization, he had to learn archery to survive. Trick arrows were created to make his catches easier. One day, he saw a ship anchored and swam to it - some of the crew were taking over the ship. Using his trick arrows, Oliver saved the ship from mutiny. He introduced himself to the captain as Green Arrow (he was wearing leaves as camouflage). When GA and Speedy arrived, it was too late. The expedition was entering the cave in which he'd journaled his exploits years before. GA and Speedy shot trick Uranium arrows nearby, setting off their Geiger counters. The expedition left, not wanting to get radiated.

World's Finest 99: Crimes Under Glass
GA and Speedy were menaced by some crooks using lenses to commit their crimes. They'd used one to magnify the sun's rays to melt a safe, and escaped by using several on their helicopter to distort its image. Later, they used one to make themselves look like giants and rob an armored car. GA and Speedy shot the prism they were using with ink arrows so that it was useless. They were captured and the lens capers were through.


  • Obviously, this is pre-Crisis (written in the late 1950s), but it is a great collection of Green Arrow stories before the beard (as referenced in JLA: Year One) and before the Dennis O'Neil revamp.
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