Green Arrow: Night Olympics

Date: April - May 1985
Writer(s): Alan Moore
Artists(s): Klaus Janson
Collects: Detective 549-550 (backup stories)
Storyline: Detective 549
Green Arrow stopped a looter, but when he went to capture the man, he flipped out and began banging his head on the ground. GA called a hospital.
Black Canary went after some, but they gave up not wanting to get beaten up by a woman. She met up with Ollie and they discussed criminals' behaviors. As they walked away, a mohawked archer took aim on them.

Detective 550
Black Canary was hit with an arrow. The shooter yelled down to Green Arrow that he didn't have a supervillain name or a costume, but he'd just killed a superhero. They exchanged shots. GA ordered Canary to stay still and leave the arrow in while he took down the shooter and got an ambulance. The archer was easily taken.
Ollie took Dinah some flowers while she was in the hospital.


  • Black Canary is hospitalized after taking an arrow to the chest / shoulder area.

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