Batman / Green Arrow / The Question: Fables

Detective Annual #1

Cover Date: 1988
Subtitle: The Monkey Trap
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Klaus Janson, Tony DeZuniga
Storyline: 1895: Two combatants, one Japanese, one Chinese faced off. The Japanese army killed the Chinese man. To recover his honor, the Japanese man killed the murderer and took his victim's place.
Two months ago: An old man and woman traveled down a mountain so that they may go to America.
Six weeks ago: The old man and the woman boarded a boat. After being threatened, the woman overtook three of the men, losing them overboard.
For weeks ago: Ra's al Ghul sent his daughter, Talia, to America to deal with Cobblepot - the Penguin.
Three days ago: Penguin told one of his men to be on the lookout for a man that would be bringing him a virus that would cause death to anyone with low testosterone levels (women and children - men would be unaffected).
Three nights ago: The Question encountered Lady Shiva after roughing up some men stealing from an orphanage. She wanted his help in finding the Batman. Sage posted on an internet message board for him.
Two days ago: Alfred brought Batman the message. Knowing it could be a trap, he went in anyway.
Two nights ago: At the meeting place, Batman found the woman and old man. The sensei, as she called him, stopped the woman from attacking Batman. He then told Batman a lesson about a monkey being trapped.
A man brought the virus to the Penguin. He asked for more money as his master, Ra's al Ghul, would certainly come for him. Penguin had the man killed and took the virus, which could easily be replicated.
In the morgue, Batman looked at the body and was approached by Talia. They agreed to cooperate in finding and stopping the virus. Batman went in after the Penguin, but Talia followed and was infected. Batman got her to a hospital and had her dosed with testosterone. After she was cured, she offered to forsake her father to be with him. He refused.
Batman had Alfred post a message thanking the old man for the lesson.

Green Arrow Annual #1

Cover Date: 1988
Subtitle: Lesson for a Crab
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Tom Artis, Tom Dzon
Storyline: An English archer wanted to take on Green Arrow to see if he was truly the best. He placed an ad in a Seattle newspaper inviting him to a challenge. He offered $1 million.
Two months and forty ads later, the man and his assistant headed to America. He would lure out the archer. His latest ad threatened the loss of life.
A woman and an old man arrived on a boat. She ordered its only remaining crew member to torch it. After, she took down some slavers. She and her sensei would find a way to America.
Innocents began dying by arrows in Seattle. The British man, Kalesque, was calling out GA. Ollie began losing faith in himself, causing his arrows to not be true.
Batman spoke with Alfred. The woman and her sensei were asking him to return the favor - they wanted Green Arrow. Bruce called Ollie, who agreed to meet them. He'd agreed to meet his foe in the mountains.
Shiva and her sensei met with Ollie and Dinah. The old man told the archer about a crab who left his shell to take on a raccoon. Shiva sparred with Dinah.
Green Arrow met his foe in the mountains. He did not take a bow, knowing the man would not kill him not knowing who was the best. He now owed Shiva and her sensei a favor.

The Question Annual #1

Cover Date: 1988
Subtitle: The Silent Parable
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Denys Cowan, Rob Magyar
Storyline: Manchuria 1900: The man who took his adversary's place told his wife that it was not yet time for him to return home. His family sent men to force him. He killed all but one when they attacked. He promised his wife their bones would rest together. The man became the sensei.
The house where Rodor and Sage lived was attacked. The men wanted The Question's help in finding Rev. Hatch's safe. Charlie reluctantly agreed so they wouldn't kill Tot. At the site, Shiva interveined. All of her former associates were killed and the money burned. She helped Tot heal, then took Vic to Batman, Green Arrow, and her sensei. He'd decided it was time for him to die. They all owed him a favor (aside from the Question, who would go out of curiosity) and he wanted them to take him to his dead wife.
Batman arranged transportation, but did not travel with the group as the Question requested. Once in Malaya, they were attacked, but won. They took a boat to the sensei's family's estate, but it capsized in the rough waters. All survived except the sensei.
Batman later sent the Question documentation that the sensei's wife's remains had also been lost in the same waters.

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  • These issues have not been printed as tpb / hc / etc.
  • "Jason's been sullen, withdrawn...but that's not the immediate problem." (Batman, Green Arrow Annual #1)
  • "Somewhere in the soutehrn United States. Two years earlier:" (narration to Vic's training with Richard Dragon, Question Annual #1)