Green Arrow Annual #3

A Walk in the Wind

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1990
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Tom Artis, Bill Wray
Storyline: A drug lord in the Amazon tired of Green Arrow destroying his shipments. His dying mother (and his partner) suggested he hire the man, then kill him.
Ollie and Vic Sage, his houseguest, returned to Sherwood Florist. Dinah gave him a package that had arrived. In it was a video tape and a $1000. The man on the tape asked him to partake on a mission.
The group (Ollie, Dinah, Vic, and Jackie Fermin - Myra's child) arrived at their destination and spoke with their host, Mr. Lacquer. He told them that his dying mother was named for a very rare flower and she wanted to see one more before she died. He gave them directions on where they might come across this rare find.
Ollie and Dinah went out, Vic and Jackie stayed behind. They were captured by Lacquer's rivals. They were taken to the leader, Christopher. He told them the real story behind the Lacquers - they were drug dealers and slavers.
Lacquer had Vic beaten and taken outside, Jackie would be sold. Vic was able to escape and get back to his friends. They made a plan and headed back in to save Jackie. They were successful. Vic decided he would stay there with Jackie to make a new life while Ollie and Dinah returned to Seattle.
Lacquer killed himself and his overbearing mother using her oxygen tank as an explosive.


  • Vic Sage, the Question, had been staying in Seattle, but made a new home in the Amazon rain forest.