Green Arrow

Issue #1

Cover Date: May 1983
Subtitle: All My Sins Remembered
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Trevor von Eeden, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Green Arrow stopped some street thugs who were roughing up a butcher near his store. When he returned home, he heard a knock on his door. It was a lawyer presenting him with a summons. The scent of lavender on the papers took him back to when he was young and rich.
Oliver Queen met with a widow named Abby Horton about some plans for a new chemical refinery. Though there was a big age difference, the two hit it off famously. He also hit it off with her daughter, Cindy. They broke up and he took a cruise to get her off his mind. Modern-day pirates attacked the ship and threw him overboard. He drifted to an island where he had to work for the first time. He taught himself archery so he would not starve. Months later, he found the same pirates on the island and defeated them. When he returned home, he was broke, but he had a new purpose - as Green Arrow.
The lawyer snapped him out of his daze, and he read what he feared - Abby was dead, he was requested at the reading of her will. Much to his surprise, she'd left him $34million and controlling interest in her company. Though she hadn't seen him in over a year, she'd changed her will to include him two months before she died.
When everyone began griping and arguing with each other, Ollie blew up and left. He and Dinah went back to his apartment, and it was bombed as they opened the door. Both were OK, and Ollie got the fire put out. He quickly changed clothes and found his bomber. Green Arrow caught him, but he was electrocuted before he could talk.
Oliver decided to take the money. The next morning, he moved into his new office.

Issue #2

Cover Date: June 1983
Subtitle: A Slight Case of Vertigo
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Trevor von Eeden, Dick Giordano
Storyline: After his first day of "work," Oliver couldn't get Abby off his mind. He began to believe something more was at play than appeared. When he got home, his new gadget order was waiting for him. Dinah called while he was putting together new arrows.
He got into costume and went to investigate Abby's death. On the coroner's report, it was noted that she was clutching her wedding ring - not wearing it. He had to knock out a security guard to get out.
Max, Abby's brother, visited Oliver at work the next day. He also believed she'd been killed and warned Oliver that he may be next. Queen didn't know if it was a threat or not - Max had seemed to be the only levelheaded one in the family during the reading of the will. He bluffed him by saying he knew who the killer was. He made it a point to tell the entire family he knew who killed her. He was threatened by their lawyer to lay off the claims or be stripped of his job.
A contract was put out on Oliver Queen. Ted, Abby's son, took a shot at him that night. Green Arrow chased him, but he fell off a cliff to his death. GA began to feel strange - Count Vertigo was attacking him. GA was able to use one of his trick arrows to reverse the spell and affect the villain. After taking him down, he found Ted's body - before he died, he drew a hexagon in the sand, very similar to Abby's ring.

Issue #3

Cover Date: July 1983
Subtitle: Hexagon of Death
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Trevor von Eeden, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Green Arrow "questioned" Count Vertigo. He finally spilled the beans - he'd been imprisoned in Russian, and ordered to keep an eye on Horton Pharmaceuticals. He knocked his prisoner out and delivered him to the police.
The next day, a CIA named Jones met with Oliver in his office. In a board meeting, Queen attempted to get "in" on the situation, but everyone insisted they knew not of what he spoke. He quickly realized he was out of his element and must make some changes if he were going to get back on top of things.
Queen showed up at Ted's funeral and acted very aloof. He played it at the office, too. He also became very much the tabloid king - casinos, bar fights, the whole bit. For a second time, the Horton lawyer's assistant visited Queen and voiced her displeasure.
At the office, Ollie's assistant helped him with his "drawing" of a Benzene Ring - Oliver realized he'd struck gold. Using that as the password, he finally got to the computer files he was looking for. They were wanting to produce synthesized oil. Big oil companies were trying to keep them down.
Queen's computer was being monitored, and another contract was put out on him. The CIA agent stopped an attempt on his life that night. He got Queen to safety, but was shot. Green Arrow was quick to the scene. He ran off the shooters and talked with Jones. GA handed off the documentation on the oil substitute.

Issue #4

Cover Date: August 1983
Subtitle: Showdown at Sea
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Trevor von Eeden, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Terrorists boarded Abby's yacht. Expecting it, Green Arrow and Black Canary (along with some CIA agents) parachuted toward it. The formula was found inside a bust of Abby's late husband.
A man dressed as a pirate attacked Green Arrow. He used his whip to knock down all of his shots. During their struggle, the formula fell into the sea. The pirate talked.
Green Arrow stalked his prey - Sinclair - the son-in-law of Abby Horton. When he got to the man, he realized he was already dead. His killer and wife - Cindy - walked forward with the smoking gun. She knew GA was Oliver. Sinclair wasn't quite dead - he was able to shoot and kill his wife. GA left them.
Oliver Queen quit his job as president of Horton Pharmaceuticals and left Max to run it, also giving him the money he'd been willed.
Ollie drank to Abby one last time.


  • This entire series (excluding the flashbacks) took place over four days.

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