Final Crisis

Final Crisis #1

Cover Date: July 2008
Subtitle: DOA: The God of War
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JG Jones
Storyline: Dan Turpin found Orion of the New Gods sizzling in a garbage dumpster. Orion was able to get off a few words before dying. The Black Racer watched from overhead. The skies turned red and Green Lantern John Stewart was summoned to the scene of the 1011 (deicide). He sealed off the scene and waited for his partner, Hal Jordan.
The Question (Renee Montoya) had a brief meeting with Turpin and gave him an initiation to the Dark Side Club.
Jordan arrived at the scene and notified Oa. Stewart notified the JLA. Earth was sealed and Alpha Lanterns were dispatched.
Dr. Light and Mirror Master continued capturing / defeating other villains for the Society. They collected Metron's Mobius chair for Libra. The Justice League busied itself by capturing villains marching against vigilante justice in the middle of a city.
Libra, now in possession of the Mobius Chair and a Crime Bible, showed the Society why he should be taken seriously by killing the Martian Manhunter with a flaming spear.
The Tattooed Man took Turpin to the Darkside Club. Darkside, now in human form, introduced him to the missing children he asked about - they were under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation.
The Justice League met about the death of Orion. The Monitors of the Multiverse also met - Nix Uotan was exiled to live as a mortal due to the destruction of his earth, Earth-51.
Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, appeared with Antro, the first boy during a time anomaly.
The Justice League found out about J'onn J'onnz.

Final Crisis #2

Cover Date: August 2008
Subtitle: Ticket to Bludhaven
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JG Jones
Storyline: Sonny Sumo was approached by Mister Miracle (Shilo Norman) - his Motherbox led him. He told Sumo of the war in heaven - evil won.
The reborn Monitor headed to work, thinking himself as a Monitor simply a dream, but trying nonetheless to find a magic word to get himself back there.
The JLA held a service for J'onn J'onzz. Batman continued investigating the Orion murder when GL Jordan arrived with Alpha Lantern Kraken. She dismissed the League as amateur and began checking out the body. Back at the original crime scene, GL Stewart found an anomaly in the concrete below where Orion was found. It appeared to be around 50 years old. He was attacked by another GL. Hal Jordan was arrested by the Alpha Lanterns for the murder of Orion and the attempted murder of Stewart.
Kraken had a breakdown when Batman questioned her. She rendered him unconscious and took him via Boom-Tube to Granny.
Luthor didn't buy the Libra-as-leader bit for the Society.
Turpin questioned / beat Mad Hatter about the missing children. Hatter gave up only a location - Bludhaven. There, he was contacted by Reverend Good (G. Gordon Godfrey) and taken to an underground bunker. They had Batman and others captive there.
At the Daily Planet, Clark Kent saw his pal Jimmy Olsen turn into Clayface just before the office exploded.
Two Flashes, Wally and Jay, found the Mobius Chair while looking for a time-traveling bullet hypothesized by Batman (which would explain how it had been in place 50 years after hitting Orion). Lightning burst through the chair, followed by another Flash - Barry Allen. He was being chased by the Black Racer.

Final Crisis #3

Cover Date: September 2008
Subtitle: Know Evil
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JG Jones
Storyline: Montoya found the body Darkseid had been using. It was mummified. Frankenstein and SHADE were right behind her. What appeared to be an alternate / German Supergirl crashed through a skyscraper. Montoya was taken.
Nix, the Monitor in human form, was fired for acting weird at his fast-food job. Markings looking like Metron began to pop up - in subways and in crop circles.
Jay told his family he saw Barry, but they were unable to stop the future bullet.
Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom, Libra gave the Human Flame a new costume. His helmet put him under the control of the Anti-Life Equation. Luthor and the rest were given a choice: wear a helmet or swear an oath on the Crime Bible. Luthor noted Superman had not been seen of late.
Clark stayed by Lois - his heat vision was the only thing keeping her heart beating. He was approached by a costumed woman who knew he was Superman.
The Alpha Lanterns took Jordan to Oa. He had not memories of the time periods when Orion was killed and when Stewart was attacked. Wonder Woman was told about Article X - the superhero draft - by Alan Scott. He enacted it. Oracle became their backbone / communications.
Shilo Norman's plane was attacked and destroyed. He, Sonny Sumo, and the Super Young Team escaped in the latter's flying car.
Wonder Woman toured Bludhaven and was attacked by Mary Marvel. She dosed the Amazon with Anti-Life.
Oracle and Mr. Terrific found a mass email carrying a virus. Oracle ordered the internet turned off.
Barry and Wally found themselves in the future being hunted by Giganta, Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman - the Female Furies. They were under the influence of Anti-Life and riding the Atomic Knight's ponydogs.

Final Crisis #4

Cover Date: November 2008
Subtitle: Darkseid Says
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino
Storyline: The Ray arrived at the hall of Justice and helped the Tattooed Man in. A force field around the building kept Justifiers out. TM told the group (Green Arrow, Black Canary, Oracle, the "Flash widows," and the West kids) about Black Lightning.
The Reverend Good prepared Turpin's body for Darkseid.
Ray was able to connect the Hall to the Unternet - the secret internet created by the Society. All of Checkmate's watchtowers came online. Tattooed Man showed the group what Black Lightning gave him - part of the Anti-Life equation. He'd placed it on his skin. The Hall's force field failed - Ray transformed into particles of teleportation and got them to the Satellite. Green Arrow stayed behind. He was soon made into a Justifier.
Blood began raining. After a battle with the Female Furies, the Flashes got to their families, but Iris was overcome with Anti-Life. Barry kissed her and cured it. Mr. Miracle was shot. Darkseid's transformation was complete.

Final Crisis #5

Cover Date: December 2008
Subtitle: Into Oblivion
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Marco Rudy, Jesus Merino
Storyline: Jordan arrived on Oa for his trial. Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner realized it was Kraken who'd been compromised - by Granny Goodness. She was attempting to put Darkseid's will into the power battery. Krona Protocol was initiated and the battery disappeared. Jordan was given back his ring. The Earth GLs headed home to help.
Renee Montoya - the Question - was given a tour of Checkmate and told about the Multiverse.
Darkseid sent his Female Furies out to "end it all." As battles raged on, Mr. Miracle escaped death - he was wearing an impact suit. He showed Mr. Terrific and his group their face markings which were able to deter anti-life.
Kalibak and his group battled a group of superheroes. Mary Marvel, who served new gods now, attacked her "family."
More that could not be corrupted by anti-life were placed in one of the Command-D bunkers. The exiled Monitor remembered his lover's name. When he said it, Justifiers were destroyed.
The Society prepared to execute Calculator for giving the heroes the Unternet.
Darkseid absorbed all his minions. Time and space became more corrupted.

Final Crisis #6

Cover Date: January 2009
Subtitle: How to Murder the Earth
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): JG Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Doug Mahnke, Marco Rudy, Christian Alamy, Jesus Merino
Storyline: In the 31st century, Brainiac 5 showed Superman the Miracle Machine. It was built in the year 2960 by the Controllers, who refined the Guardians will-power technology. It could turn wishes into reality.
Justifiers, led by Black Lightning and Green Arrow, breached the JLA Satellite. Shazam intervened in the fight between Mary Marvel and Supergirl. He grabbed Mary and said his magic word - they both returned to their mortal forms. Tawky Tawny defeated Kalibak and all his minions bowed to the Marvel pet.
Tattooed Man, who'd been made an honorary member of the League by Black Canary, was overcome and a Justifier helmet was placed on him - it didn't work. He was able to fight it due to the sigil Black Lightning gave him.
At Checkmate the two Atoms (Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi) prepared to find another universe for the survivors of theirs. Renee Montoya would be the leader of their global peace agency.
Luthor, who betrayed the Society's Unternet to the heroes, blasted Libra, though it appeared he teleported away. Calculator was spared.
The three Flashes all met and prepared for battle. Jay was staying behind while Barry and Wally went after the Black Racer.
Batman freed himself of the cloning device and went for Darkseid. He shot him with the bullet that killed Orion, but was also hit by Darkseid's Omega Sanction - the death that is life.
Nix Uotan, the exiled Monitor, appeared before Metron. Metron told him his arrival "inaugurates the Fifth World. The age of Men as Gods."
Superman appeared and began blasting everything with his eye beams. He found Batman's body.

Final Crisis #7

Cover Date: March 2009
Subtitle: New Heaven, New Earth
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen, Drew Geraci, Christian Alamy, Norm Rapmund, Rodney Ramos, Walden Wong
Storyline: Renee Montoya gathered the Supermen of each Earth for another final battle. The Daily Planet published what they believed would be their final paper and sent it into space as a sort of time capsule. Luthor and Sivana used their tech to help against Darkseid's forces. Superman went up against Darkseid himself. He fired a bullet into time and the Flashes appeared - the bullet he'd fired killed both Orion and himself.
Superman began building the Miracle Machine he'd seen in the future. When it was complete, he sang into it and wished everyone a happy ending. Ray created a Metron sigil on the Earth itself. Mandrakk was destroyed by the combined powers of the Superman and Green Lanterns.
The Monitors left the multiverseral orrery to itself.

#1 Director's Cut edition

#6 second print

hardcover edition


  • Each issue had two covers: one as above with panels, the other a full image.
  • The hardcover also includes Grant Morrison's other FC issues: Superman Beyond 1-2 (without the 3d elements), and Submit.
  • The Director's Cut of #1 has the art (inked, but uncolored and unlettered) and script separated. It also contains commentary by Morrison and Jones. These are not in the hardcover edition.
  • Batman 682-683, also penned by Morrison, occur between issues 5-6.
  • Martian Manhunter, Batman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Darkseid and the evil New Gods were all killed.
  • Go here for the companion issues and tie-ins. Each companion miniseries (Revelations, Rogue's Revenge, Legion of Three Worlds) will have it's own page.