Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Wildstorm [33]

Cover Date: November 2007
Subtitle: Running Wild
Writer(s): Ron Marz
Artists(s): Angel Unzueta, Oliver Nome, Richard Friend, Saleem Crawford, Trevor Scott
Storyline: The Ray Palmer searchers found themselves on Earth-50. They ran into Wetworks and the Authority but no Ray Palmer. A speedster who was killed by Midnighter had an Atom sigil on his palm. Before he died, he told the heroes Palmer had marked him.
Note: Earth-50 is the "Wildstorm" Universe - home to the Authority and Majestic.

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Crime Society [30]

Cover Date: December 2007
Subtitle: The Joker's Last Laugh
Writer(s): Sean McKeever
Artists(s): Jamal Igle, Rob Hunter
Storyline: While battling it out with the Palmer-searchers against the Crime Society, Jokester thought back on his past. His career as a comedian was all but dead when he refocused his act on Owlman. His girlfriend eventually disappeared, his manager was killed, and he was put into a coma by Owlman.
When he awakened, he took his act on the road and against Owlman. The two became bitter enemies. Eventually, Jokester teamed up with Riddler, Three-face (one of her personalities was his girl Eve), and Riddler's Daughter (who found out her real parentage and became Joker's Daughter).
After seeing Bob, the Monitor, Jokester remembered his daughter used to talk about bald men with weird facial hair. He leapt with the Palmer-searchers when they left his Earth.

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain [25]

Cover Date: January 2008
Subtitle: Red Robin
Writer(s): Peter Johnson
Artists(s): Kelley Jones, Eric Battle, Angel Unzueta
Storyline: The Palmer-searchers landed on Earth-43 in Gotham City, a place where Batman was a vampire. After splitting up, Donna found Barbara Gordon. She'd been stabbed through the heart by a wooden stake. She died before the others got back, but they found the Atom's sigil on her wrist.
The stake was tracked back to the store and the purchaser - Dick Grayson. They found Grayson, who'd tracked the Batman. Batman overcame him and turned him into a vampire, too. Dick Grayson became Batman's partner.

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Gotham by Gaslight [23]

Cover Date: January 2008
Subtitle: Night of the Bat
Writer(s): Brian Augustyn
Artists(s): Greg Tocchini, Jesse Delperdang, Derek Fridolfs, Paul Neary
Storyline: The Palmer-searchers found themselves on a Victorian-period Earth. They met up with the Bat-man and found he was hunting a huge bat creature. It turned out Kyle had been bitten on the Vampire world and the ring was manifesting the creatures. Blue Beetle's scarab was able to rid him of the infection.

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Son [21]

Cover Date: February 2008
Subtitle: Red Son
Writer(s): Alan Burnett
Artists(s): Travel Foreman, Lorenzo Ruggiero
Storyline: The searchers arrived on Earth-30, where Superman ruled the powerful Soviet Union. They soon found Ray Palmer, but it was the native, not their own. He'd been approached by their Palmer.
The searchers assisted Batman in an attempt at overthrowing Superman's rule.

Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer: Superwoman / Batwoman [19]

Cover Date: February 2008
Subtitle: Superwoman / Batwoman
Writer(s): Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists(s): Kalman Andrasofszky, Jeremy Haun, David Hahn, David Baldeon, Norm Rapnund, Alvaro Lopez, Rick Ketcham, Steve Bird
Storyline: The searchers found themselves on the gender-reversed Earth-11, where Wonder Man and his Amazons were attacking after he'd been ousted from the JLA for killing Maxine Lord.
After the battle, the Atom told the searchers Ray Palmer had been there, but he'd moved on.


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