Deadman: The Collection

Date: 1967-1970, 1972, 1985 (original material), 2001 (collection)
Writer(s): Arnold Drake, Jack Miller, Neal Adams, Bob Haney, Robert Kanigher
Artists(s): Carmine Infantino, George Roussos, Neal Adams, George Tuska
Collects: Strange Adventures 205-216; The Brave and the Bold 79, 86, 104; Aquaman 50-52, Challengers of the Unknown 74
Aquaman 50-52 (backup stories)
Deadman headed out from Nanda Parbat and found himself in Orm's (the Oceanmaster) ship. He was planting a device that would destroy his brother, Aquaman. Orm reported to aliens who were planning on taking over the world by reducing humanity's brain capabilities by 25%. Deadman got into Orm and helped him realize he was killing his own brother. He attempted to enter one of the aliens, but was thwarted - they brought out a small animal to deal with the "non-entity."
Deadman now found himself in another dimension. The creature who transported him showed her true form - a beautiful humanoid woman. She confided that she'd been a captive of the aliens and could only return to her home "riding" someone else. Deadman was introduced to her society and ended up saving her life. In return, she took him back to Earth.
Deadman again entered Orm to infiltrate the aliens. When he tried to enter one of them, they all froze. He headed out to destroy the devices the aliens had planted and save Aquaman. After his job was complete, he returned to the alien ship to find Tatsinda (the interdimensional creature) had turned the alien plan against them.

Challengers of the Unknown #74 Deadman's path crossed with the Challengers when he chased a man who'd stolen a magic item from Vashnu. The man used the small box to trap a young girl's soul. He held it for ransom in order to get some jewels from her father.
Deadman found that the man could some how remove himself from his physical body. Brand got into it before his astral form, then was able to access his astral form to save the girl.


  • This contains the above material in addition to the 1985 reprint miniseries.
  • For the first time, Deadman accesses the bodies of several non-human animals. His attempts at entering aliens were thwarted.